Wellness Opatija
March – Wellness Open Days Month

Traditionally in March, Opatija hosts the Wellness Open Days event, offering a wide range of wellness packages and services, and also numerous special offers to make your wellness experience here even more interesting and more easily accessible.

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An extensive programme of events to mark the 600th anniversary

This year in Crikvenica will be dedicated to marking the 600th anniversary of the first time the town's name was mentioned in a written document. This will be an opportunity for the inhabitants of Crikvenica and their guests to learn many interesting facts about the town's history, while also creating something new and original: the Crikvenica Tourist Board invites all interested parties to create a new Pauline Cake…

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6th DORF Rijeka – Documentary Rock Film Festival
Discover the secret history of rock

The sixth Documentary Rock Film Festival, DORF 2012, which takes place in Rijeka from 15 to 18 March, will include the largest number of film screenings so far on this festival, and a rich accompanying programme, offering visitors a great chance to learn some secrets from the history of rock that have never been told before, and discover many interesting new things about their rock idols.

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Opatija's Coffee Festival
When the entire town smells of coffee …

From 30 March until 1 April, the top theme in Opatija will be the enjoyment of your favourite morning drink – coffee. The new Coffee Festival will offer visitors three days of coffee sampling and a great chance to savour a wide variety of desserts made of coffee with aromas that you may not have encountered before…

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We proudly present
Lovranske vile – healing programmes

There are not many wellness hotels boasting programmes like those offered by the Lovranske vile company. What makes its accommodation properties – the Villa Astra, Villa Adela and Casa Oraj – so unique are not just the superb programmes and services offered, but the way in which, every detail in the properties has been carefully designed to create a special atmosphere that helps heal your mind and body.

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Days of Tourism on the island of Lošinj
Two anniversaries –many reasons to celebrate!

The first official Tourism Society on the island of Lošinj was established in March 1887. Only five years later, the towns of Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj were declared climatic health resorts. This year, the island will mark the 120th and 125th anniversaries in a special way.

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Time for promotion
How familiar are you with Kvarner's heritage?

This April, Opatija's Slatina Beach will host two important exhibitions. The Kvarner Expo (from 4 to 7 April) and the Gast Expo (from 12 to 15 April) will provide an excellent opportunity for the local producers of souvenirs, wine and original products to present their offer to the public.

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Run and Enjoy
Are you getting ready for the Opatija Marathon?

If you enjoy running marathons, the one in Opatija will show you that this enjoyment can be even better. And there's still enough time to prepare for it, because this year the fifth "Run and Enjoy" international athletic and tourist event is scheduled for 22 July.

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MTB Učka Marathon – a World Championship race
Lovran and Učka to host the world's best cyclists

This year, the leaders of the World Cycling Federation have given a great boost to the traditional Kvarner MTB Učka Marathon by listing it among the 10 top UCI Mountain Bike Marathon Series races, which will also count towards the World Cycling Championship. Therefore we announce an important date – 29 July, the day of the Učka mountain bike race!


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New opening for Rijeka's Tourist Information Centre (TIC)
New design for the TIC and new brochure for Rijeka

Although Rijeka's Tourist Information Centre moved to a new address (Korzo 14) a few months ago, its new office has only recently been officially opened after careful refurbishment and the implementation of a new marketing design. In addition, a comprehensive new promotional brochure has been prepared for Rijeka's visitors.

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Rijeka – fairs in March
Five large international exhibitions

If you are interested in local gastronomic heritage, hunting and fishing, tourism trades, interior decoration, new technologies, or the motor car industry, we suggest visiting Rijeka's Dvorana mladosti hall from 22 until 25 March, when as many as five large international fairs will be taking place there.

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Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Embark on a space adventure

If you would like to learn more about space, what far-away planets look like, and many other interesting things, we suggest embarking on a true space adventure in the popular Rijeka Astronomy Centre. On 17 March, the centre will mark the International Day of Planetaria with an attractive programme.

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Easter Monday
Old timers in Opatija

For many visitors, Easter Monday is a perfect day for relaxation, taking a laid-back stroll and enjoying early spring. However, for the third year in a row, visitors to Opatija on Easter Monday will have the chance to admire beautiful classic cars. If you are planning a holiday on Kvarner, do not miss the chance to visit Opatija's Slatina Beach on Easter Monday.

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Rijeka Carnival
Be what you want to be!

At the start of every year, Rijeka traditionally lives for the carnival. Rijeka Carnival has begun in January and will culminate in February with the International Carnival Parade and other events to guarantee loads of fun for all participants and spectators, providing a chance to be whatever you want to be for a while. (more »)

Carnival spectacle in Mošćenička Draga
Instead of being burned, the Pust carnival puppet is launched into space

On Ash Wednesday, 22 February, the Pust carnival puppet is being set on fire across the Kvarner region. However, in the resort of Mošćenička Draga, located south of Lovran, for the 37th year in a row the Pust – locally known as Gobo – will instead be launched into space in a rocket.

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Carnival in Selce
Traditional customs deeply intertwined with everyday life

For almost a century and a half, Kvarner's tourist resort of Selce summons the end of winter with a series of carnival events that perfectly combine the traditions and modern way of life of local people. Over the years, the traditional customs here have survived in their original form, offering visitors an insight into local customs, and also a chance to have a great time and learn something more about the year that has already begun.

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Valentine's Day on Kvarner
A romantic escape from the daily routine

All lovers and those yet to be – regardless of whether we are talking about love for a person, some kind of experiences, or simply life – are invited to visit Kvarner as a perfect romantic Valentine's destination offering a wonderful ambience and some specially designed services.

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Seven interesting programmes to become better acquainted with the town and its surroundings

If you are planning to visit Rijeka and are looking for an interesting way to get to know this town better, the Atlas tourist agency has just the solution for you – seven different programmes lasting several days, created to meet the needs of individual, group and corporate clients, offering various experiences and tours of the town and its surroundings.

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Spring on the island of Lošinj
Unique experiences to remember

With the awakening of spring, visitors to the island of Lošinj will have the chance to benefit from 16 special programmes for the period until the beginning of the summer season. The programmes are designed to additionally enrich the offer of this island.

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Germanwings in Rijeka
Start of the Köln-Rijeka airline in March

From 27 March until 25 October 2012, the cities of Rijeka and Köln in Germany will be connected by the flights of the Germanwings low-cost company. Flights will be available three times a week, and the tickets can be bought at affordable rates already since mid-January.

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Official licence
Tribalj – Croatia's new paragliding paradise

The list of official paragliding runways on Kvarner has recently been enriched by the addition of yet another: Tribalj near Crikvenica. This is great news for all lovers of this sport, but also an extra reason for the local paragliding club and the Municipality of Vinodol Tourist Board to offer new services and facilities.

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Festival Kvarner 2012
A festival that returns Opatija to its former glory

Now in its third year, Festival Kvarner has reached its goal – Opatija is once again a meeting point of Europe's top musicians, as proved by this year's excellent programme of classical music concerts in June and September.

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The Roby Lakatos Ensemble in Sušak
Violin virtuosos in the tradition of Hungary's Gypsies

There are many violin virtuosos whose performances leave audiences breathless, but when the Roby Lakatos Ensemble mounts the stage and starts playing traditional Hungarian Gypsy tunes – this is definitely an atmosphere to remember. This is what the audience expects from their big concert on 7 February in the HKD Croatian House of Culture in Rijeka's Sušak.

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3rd Tango con las Estrellas Festival, Opatija
Perfect your tango skills with professional dancers

For the third year in a row, Opatija's Tango con las Estrellas Festival will be dominated by the renowned dancing couple of professional tango dancers and instructors, Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera. From 10 to 12 February, the pair will be conducting three-day workshops of tango, vals, and milonga.

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Veprinac near Opatija
New attractive arts venue – the Varuna gallery

This year, the small medieval hilltop town of Veprinac, located on the slopes of Mount Učka above Opatija, offers visitors a new attraction: the Varuna art gallery, which aims to present various works by local artists every month.

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Opatija Fight Night 4
Ladies showdown – match of the evening!

Opatija might be an old-style holiday resort, but this town is also open to some fairly untraditional events, such as the 4th Opatija Fight Night on 24 February. The highlight of the evening will be the fight for the title of the Women's World Champion – the King of the Ring.

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History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral – Rijeka
"The Golden Track" exhibition – from the past to the present

If you are interested in gold or in learning more about how goldsmithing developed in Kvarner over the centuries, we suggest a visit to Rijeka’s History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral, which until March 31 will be hosting an exhibition entitled "The Golden Track". (more »)

Country rebel comes to Rijeka
Do not miss the great Dale Watson

Dale Watson, one of the very last orthodox country musicians, is coming to Rijeka as part of his European tour. On January 21, he will give a concert in Stereo Dvorana to present several of his hits and promote his new album "The Sun Sessions". (more »)

Carnival Snowboard Session Rijeka 2012
Snowboarding by the sea

On January 28, the Gat Karoline Riječke pier will be hosting another interesting snowboarding event: the Carnival Snowboard Session, with some of Europe's leading snowboarders and a packed entertainment programme. A truly unique atmosphere is guaranteed, for where else in the world can you enjoy snowboarding right by the sea?! (more »)

Ideal companion for your spring vacation
Municipality of Čavle Bike Map

If you are not a fan of cycling in winter, this does not mean that you cannot plan some new cycling tours or an interesting holiday for next spring. This is why the Municipality of Čavle Tourist Board has prepared a new cycling map with suggestions for eight exciting tours in the immediate vicinity of the city of Rijeka. (more »)

New collection of Rijeka souvenirs
Gifts signed by the renowned painter Vojo Radoičić

Last December, the collection of original Rijeka souvenirs that can be found in several gift shops in the town and at the Rijeka Tourist Board website has been complemented with some new items signed by the renowned artist from Rijeka Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić. (more »)

"The World of Kupa" project
Programmes of spiritual and vital regeneration

Did you know that the River Kupa, which flows through Gorski kotar, forms an important part of a European energy axis that has a healing effect on the spiritual and material life around us? This idea underpins the creation of the latest tourist project in this area, aimed at encouraging visitors to explore its natural potential and do some good for their health... (more »)

2012 Rijeka Carnival
Loads of joy and carnival groups

Right when many towns around the world are enjoying a rest after their Christmas and New Year's festivities, Rijeka starts to liven up again: this year the Rijeka Carnival starts on January 17 and runs until February 22. During this period, the town will be visited by many fans of carnival events. (more »)

Night of Museums in Rijeka
When the arts turn day and night upside down

Although Rijeka's museums are always well visited throughout the year, the next Night of Museums, which takes place in the town on January 27, will surely bring even more science and art lovers to the town’s museums in the late hours, where they will enjoy various programmes designed to additionally liven up this traditional event. (more »)

Carnival celebrations on Kvarner
Recommended by UNESCO

Wherever they take place, carnival celebrations are always playful, fun and loud. Probably the loudest start on January 6 right here on Kvarner, with the main role being played by the traditional zvončari bell-ringers, a carnival group protected by UNESCO. (more »)

Winter in Delnice
Enjoy ice-skating, skiing, bowling...

If you are a fan of winter sports and snow landscapes, but are not one of those who enjoy spending your family holidays in crowded ski centres, we recommend visiting a similar yet quite different winter destination: the small town of Delnice, where you can go skiing, ice-skating, or bowling, and enjoy the traditionally warm welcome... (more »)

Skiing just a few steps away from the sea
Snow holidays in Gorski kotar

If you would like to spend your winter holidays in an idyllic landscape that remains covered by snow for at least three months of the year, and that also offers a wide range of activities, then Gorski kotar is the perfect choice for you.
Classic and touring skiing, ski jumps, modern sledding areas...all these await visitors who choose Gorski kotar for their most enjoyable activity holidays. (more »)

CNN's list
Rijeka's Kantrida among the world's most unusual football stadiums

Rijeka's Kantrida stadium is remarkable for its location between a natural cliff and the sea shore. This is why CNN has listed Kantrida among the world's most unusual football stadiums, and why, when you come to Rijeka, you must not miss the chance to visit this unique attraction! (more »)

The legendary Marina to be turned into a hotel ship

In addition to the many attractions in the city of Rijeka, from the next tourist season there will be a new one: a hotel on the water in the former oldest passenger ship in the world – the legendary Marina, which ceased operating in 2005. Now it will once again have a tourist function.

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Agritourism Manjon – a new destination for gourmets

Visitors to Kvarner now have an interesting new place to visit: the Agritourism Manjon will certainly become a popular destination among those wishing to sample snail dishes and other specialities of the local area. For the last ten years, the family which owns this agritourism has been successfully breeding snails, and six years ago started a production as the first in Croatia and third in Europe. Opening the restaurant was a logical continuation of this successful story.

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Winter Lights Opatija
Big festival of light and sound

Opatija's tourism offer continues to be very attractive even after the main season ends. This can be seen by the new project that will take place during two weekends in Advent – on the 17th and 24th of December. Winter Lights Opatija, the first VJ-ing and mapping festival in this area, is an opportunity to present some creators of this new art using light and music as the main media.

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The first club performance in Croatia
Stereo MCs in Rijeka!

After last year's performances in Zagreb and Pula, the legendary British dance group Stereo MCs comes to Rijeka. On the 3rd of December, the group will promote its new album "The Emperor's Nightingale" in the Stereo Dvorana on their first club performance in Croatia.

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Rijeka Fair – December dedicated to families
First Family Fest

This year, the eternal question of where to find the right Christmas and New Year's gifts for other family members is no longer an issue in Rijeka. For the first time, the Rijeka Fair will be organising the Family Fest, a big family fair from the 21st to the 24th of December, offering a wide choice of gifts and all the necessary Christmas accessories for house and family.

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New attraction in Lovran
Lovran Tower opens to the public

The Lovran Tower, which offers magnificent views of Kvarner Bay, the island of Cres, Učka Nature Park and the centre of the town, has recently been refurbished and opened to individual and group visitors. In addition to learning more about its history, visitors can buy original souvenirs here and enjoy the exhibition of old images and postcards of Lovran.

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Start of the winter season
Sledding in the Ravna Gora area!

This winter's sledding season in the village of Kupjak in the immediate vicinity of Gorski kotar's attractive resort of Ravna Gora starts on the 1st of December. All sledding and skiing fans, regardless of age, and all those who simply enjoy being in the snow are invited.

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Opatija's Chocolate Festival
The sweetest weekend in the hotels of the Milenij hoteli company

After the Chocolate Festival, which will take place in Opatija from the 2nd to the 4th of December, the renowned hotel company Milenij hoteli will continue its chocolate theme until the 12th of December with a special offer of holiday packages at very attractive rates.

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Art Cinema Croatia – Rijeka
42nd Kvarner Amateur Film Review

Kvarner Amateur Film Review, one of the oldest amateur film festivals in the world, this year takes place in Rijeka's Art Cinema Croatia on the 3rd of December. This will be the festival's 42nd year, with many feature-length and short films by film-makers from Croatia and abroad.

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Kastav Christmas Tale
Why not take part in decorating the town's Christmas tree?

In the weeks before Christmas, concerts and other seasonal events are all around. This year, however, we would like to offer you something very special indeed – for in addition to the particularly beautiful festive atmosphere in Kastav, made even better by the members of the Spinčići Musical Society who have carefully preserved the area's musical heritage, there is now a new tradition – anyone who wants can join in decorating the town's Christmas tree.

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Tourism awards
Kvarner – region with the most tourism awards

Of the many awards given out in Šibenik in mid-October during the Days of Croatian Tourism, most went to Kvarner's destinations. The 2011 Tourism Champion is the town of Rab, Opatija earned the title of most well-tended town with more than 10,000 inhabitants, while Krk is the most beautiful small town. These are just some of the awards…

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And the winners are…
Rab, Opatija and Krk absolute champions of Croatian tourism

In addition to the title of 2011 Croatian Tourism Champion, which was awarded to the town of Rab, this island has won several special awards. The towns of Opatija and Krk were named as the most well-tended Adriatic resorts in the categories of large and small towns respectively.

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Traditional Chinese medicine in Thalassotherapia

Opatija and its renowned health institution, Thalassotherapia, have long been known for the tradition of health tourism. Now there’s an additional reason to visit the town – Opatija is dedicating this November to traditional Chinese medicine.

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Gorski kotar
Your very own Christmas tale

For Christmas and New Year's holidays with a winter atmosphere, Gorski kotar is the perfect choice, offering idyllic landscapes, excellent gastronomy, a wide range of recreational and winter sport facilities, and the unique opportunity to celebrate the New Year twice!

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Chess Festival in Opatija
21st Veteran Chess World Championship

Fans of chess should not miss the chance to enjoy a true chess atmosphere in Opatija for two weeks from the 14th to the 27th of November during the Chess Festival and the 21st Veteran Chess World Championship.

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Lounge Hostel Carnevale
Rijeka's new hostel

Younger visitors to Rijeka, whose number is increasing every year, can now stay in the new Lounge Hostel Carnevale, open since last September and located on Rijeka's popular promenade, putting some of the town's best amenities within easy reach.

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Tourist Information Centre Rijeka
New location – same function

Visitors to Rijeka can now find all the information they need about this town's tourism offer at a new, even more attractive address – Korzo 14. The new Tourist Information Centre is now even better-equipped and more easily accessible.

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"Pasani tempi or times long gone by"
Exhibition of vistas of Rijeka in the past

Until the 12th of November, Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts will host an exhibition of the renowned artist Vojislav Vojo Radoičić entitled "Pasani tempi or times long gone by". The exhibition will present works from the period between 1958 and 1970, which, like most of this artist’s opus, depict Rijeka how it changed through history in a specific style of this famous artist.

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Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts – Rijeka
BQ 4 / Biennale Quadrilaterale 4

The fourth edition of Rijeka's BQ – Biennale Quadrilaterale is dedicated to a new subject: Out of left field. This phrase, taken from American baseball, meaning "out of the blue", describes the main concept of this year's festival: the element of surprise, allusion to political and ideological ideas that influenced art in the past and continue to do so. The biennale will take place from the 11th of November until the 23rd of December.

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Great fun for the entire family
16th International Puppet Theatre Festival

"Those that I take with me", "Small children, big people", "In search of monsters", "Small dinosaur", "Ivek the boy and Cvilek the dog", "Ghostly hat", "Our mum has become a dragon", "Tinder", "Tale of a singing tree", "Sheep with boots"…these are just some of the plays that will be staged at the 16th Puppet Theatre Festival in Rijeka from the 3rd to the 11th of November.

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Island of Lošinj
Relaxation for the soul, palate and health…

Is there a more romantic holiday than enjoying a stay for two, choosing from numerous holiday packages specially designed for autumn, with free transport from Zagreb? In the next period, Lošinj will be offering all of that!

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Opatija's Chocolate Festival
There is no sweeter holiday than this!

For several years now, at the beginning of December Opatija is traditionally dedicated to the sweet scent of chocolate. This sweet fantasy will once again become true in Opatija during the Chocolate Festival that will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of December.

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City guide on mobile devices

Visitors to Rijeka, a resort town that continues to surprise with its cultural programmes, beautiful architecture and busy nightlife, now have extra help when touring the town – the AdriaGUIDE application, which facilitates finding the town's most attractive sights, making visits to this town even more pleasant and enjoyable. (more »)

440th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto on the island of Krk
The story of the Cristo Ressussitato galley

To mark the 440th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, which played a significant role in the history of the Mediterranean, on the 6th and 7th October the town of Krk will host a varied programme designed to showcase the maritime and historical heritage of the town and the eastern Adriatic coast. (more »)

World Hiking Day on the island of Lošinj
Osoršćica is ready to welcome you!

If you decide to visit the island of Lošinj on the 23rd of October, World Hiking Day, you will have the opportunity to join a hiking trip to the peaks of the island's Osoršćica mountain. Which of the two routes up the mountain to choose depends primarily on your physical fitness... (more »)

November and December in the rhythm of the traditional potresujka dance

If you happen to be in Matulji or elsewhere on the Opatija Riviera in November or December, you may consider joining a very special dance school – the Matulji School of Potresujka, a traditional dance of the local area. This year, the dance school takes place for the seventh time in a row. (more »)

38th Marunada Sweet Chestnut Festival
How to resist them?!

Lovran's most popular event, the Marunada festival, which last year was recommended by the British newspaper The Guardian as one of Europe's top ten autumn food festivals, this year takes place from the 14th to the 30th of October, offering an original programme dedicated to the tastes of the sweet chestnuts. (more »)

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Rijeka
Group exhibition of painters from the Munich Circle, the Trojica, and the Earth groups

The exhibition of paintings entitled "From the Munich Circle to the Trojica and Earth groups (1910-1935)" will run from the end of September until the 3rd of November in Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts. (more »)

October on the island of Rab
Great choice for everyone

The island of Rab continues to offer many events and services to its visitors even after the end of the summer season. Many of these events are based on local tradition and some of the island's distinctive features. The events in October are dedicated to some of the island's authentic flavours, adventure and ecology... (more »)

Mystery shoppers on the island of Lošinj
Outstanding quality of services and facilities

After three visits to the island of Lošinj last summer, mystery shoppers from the Heraklea company rated their satisfaction with the island's tourism offer and services with 83 out of 100, which is well above average. Of course, those elements with which they were not entirely happy will certainly be improved in time for next season... (more »)

Olive Days in Punat on the island of Krk
Experience a part of the island's everyday life

Traditionally every October, the resort of Punat, located in the south of the island of Krk, receives many visitors from all across Europe interested in taking part in the olive harvest and enjoying the typical atmosphere of this island together with their hosts. (more »)

Rijeka Town Museum
Two large exhibitions in one place

"Emilio Ambrosini – architectural works in Rijeka and Opatija 1884-1912" and the retrospective exhibition "One Hundred Years of the Split Photo Club" are two large projects on display this October in the Rijeka Town Museum. (more »)

Bundevijada Pumpkin Festival in Vrbovsko
"How we used to live in the past..."

How would you like to swap urban stress and the daily routine for two days in an idyllic rural atmosphere? If yes, we recommend visiting the traditional Bundevijada Pumpkin Festival in Vrbovsko on the 8th and 9th of October, where you will encounter an entirely different world – the world of Gorski kotar's rich heritage and delicious pumpkin specialities... (more »)

Autumn in Mali Lošinj
Interesting, active and educational

Although the reason for visiting the islands of Cres and Lošinj may vary depending on the season, some things always remain the same: a packed calendar of events and the opportunity to enjoy the area's unspoilt nature and excellent wellness service will be there for you regardless of the time of the year. In addition, your hosts have prepared some interesting activities such as learning the Croatian language, visiting museums presenting the area's rich history, engaging in a variety of sports, or learning about this island's extraordinary natural heritage... (more »)

Dormouse Festival as overture to a unique experience

Every autumn, the areas of Tršće and Čabra in the north of Gorski kotar offer plenty of events and programmes to visitors interested in unforgettable action-packed holidays. The series of events dedicated to all those interested in nature, sport and local heritage starts with the Dormouse Festival on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October and continues with a number of other programmes. (more »)

Skål International
Opatija to play host to the Council Meeting

In April 2012, Opatija and the Kvarner region will play host to the Mid-year International Skål Council Meeting. This is a result of the presentation of the Kvarner County Tourism Office and Skål International Kvarner at the 72nd Skål World Congress in Finland. (more »)

Guided walk in nature
Meet the Trebišća – Perun history and mythology trail

The traditional September guided walking tour to Trebišća along the history and mythology trail that winds up the eastern slopes of Mount Učka above Mošćenička Draga takes visitors on an interesting historical adventure. To learn more, we recommend coming to Mošćenička Draga on the 11th of September. The tour starts at 10 a.m.! (more »)

Opatija's sweetest souvenir
Delicious taste of Opatija's Camellia cake

Since this July, visitors to Opatija can take home with them a very special memory of Kvarner and probably the sweetest souvenir of Opatija – the original cake called "Opatija's Camellia". The ingredients of this speciality are not only delicious, but also suitable for long-time preservation, so you can take this cake back home with you wherever you live… (more »)

Four-day Matejna Festival

After the long, hot August, Viškovo is now busy preparing for its central summer event – the Matejna Festival, which traditionally brings together the inhabitants of this area who all contribute to this unique event. This year's Matejna Festival is scheduled to run from the 21st to the 25th of September. Many visitors and lots of fun are guaranteed! (more »)

Jadranka Group
Quality and environmental management to the highest standards

Mali Lošinj's Jadranka Group, which includes the Jadranka Hotels Company, Jadranka Commerce Company, Jadranka Campsites Company, Slatina Campsite Company, and Jadranka Joint Stock Company, has successfully implemented the re-certification of its quality and environmental management system. After first being certified in 2008, this company now continues its businesses in full compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. (more »)

Rijeka's beaches
First dog beach and the new booklet "Rijeka's Beaches"

Visitors to Rijeka in September – a month many consider the best for swimming in the sea – will have at their disposal a new booklet for tourists entitled "Rijeka's Beaches". The publication is designed to help tourists choose the beach most suited to their needs. And the good news does not end here: dog owners too now have at their disposal a beach dedicated entirely to dogs!

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Excellent statistics for the island of Lošinj
1.5 million overnights by mid-August

At the end of July, a few days earlier than last year, the island of Lošinj celebrated its one-millionth tourist overnight stay with a large fireworks display. The number of visitors has increased by as much as 16 per cent, which confirms that this attractive all-year-round destination has found the perfect formula for fun and relaxation. Attractive programmes continue in September… (more »)

Hand-made Rab chocolate
Sweets that taste like the Mediterranean

In addition to the widely known Rab Cake, this island has recently become known for another original sweet souvenir – the hand-made Delicia Chocolate, which comes in five flavours – with carob, lavender, pine nut, red pepper, and orange – tastes to remind you of the finest Mediterranean aromas. (more »)

Viennese Week in Opatija
Week of the Viennese cuisine and the big Viennese Ball

On the 24th of September, Opatija will become the centre of a true Viennese fairy-tale. Evoking the Austro-Hungarian tradition, Opatija will again host the charity Viennese Ball. This will be the culmination of the Viennese Week that will take place from the 19th to the 25th of September. During the festival, visitors will have the chance to enjoy some of the finest specialities of Viennese cuisine. (more »)

Bikers welcome!
40th Grobnik Motohappening

All visitors who come to Kvarner by motorcycle – and there are quite a few of them –will this September have the chance to ride on the best racing track in Croatia – the one in Grobnik, which will host the 40th Grobnik Motohappening from the 9th until the 11th of September… (more »)

4th Kastav Rock Festival
By the young, for the young

For the fourth year in a row, Kastav is hosting its annual Rock Festival. On the 10th of September, this historic town will be hosting concerts by many rock bands. This well-attended festival is guaranteed to be an event full of positive energy. (more »)

Kraljevica Tourist Board
120 years of tourism

The small coastal town of Kraljevica, located next to Bakar Bay in the heart of Kvarner, celebrated 120 years of tourism on the 15th of July. The celebration of this great anniversary was attended by many visitors who have already promised to come here again next year to enjoy again the summer atmosphere of this attractive family destination. (more »)

Kantrida Swimming Pools – Rijeka
European Junior Water Polo Championship

This month, Rijeka will once again show why it is called "the town of sport ": from the 11th to the 18th of September, the Kantrida Swimming Pools will host the European Junior Water Polo Championship. Many teams from various countries have announced their participation. And since local fans expect the Croatian team to finish well, there is no doubt that the atmosphere around the competition will be fantastic! (more »)

New summer spectacle in Rab
"Gommoni Race" for inflatable boats

Under the motto summer-sea-speed-fun, the town of Rab presents a new attractive event: the "Gommoni Race" for inflatable boats, which will take place on the 13th of August in the waters off the Vela riva waterfront. (more »)

Vinodol Riviera
The Rose of Vinodol again to awaken memories

This year's Rose of Vinodol, the biggest and best-known tourist event on the Vinodol Riviera, will take place from the 12th to the 20th of August. As in previous years, this year's happening will again bring to life some of the most interesting stories from the past and those related to the area's rich tradition of vine-growing and wine-making. (more »)

Osor Musical Nights
Summer festival of classical music

The Osor Musical Nights festival of classical music, which has been taking place in Osor Cathedral since 1976, continues this summer until the end of August. The programme will include some of the highlights of the Croatian musical production – from well-known compositions to ca. twenty premieres! (more »)

Beach Club Santos – Rab
Among the best beach clubs in Europe

This year, the island of Rab seems to have become the favourite destination of the international media. Earlier this spring, it was declared a possible royal destination, then in May CNN described it as one of the world's most beautiful resorts for naturists, while these days it is being mentioned as the place with one of the best beach clubs in Europe.

(more »)

New offer from Rijeka Airport
Panoramic flights over the Adriatic

Since the beginning of July, Rijeka Airport on the island of Krk has been offering air excursions around the island of Krk and panoramic flights along the entire Adriatic coast. (more »)

All-day recreational programmes on the beach
Beach Balance on Dražica Beach on the island of Krk

If you want your days on the beach to be packed with recreational activities in a healthy and entertaining way, we recommend a visit to the Dražica beach in Krk. Until the 20th of August, this beach, the oldest in the town, will be offering excellent all-day programmes under the title Beach Balance. (more »)

14th Krk Sails
Regatta of traditional Kvarner sailboats

Noon on the dot on the Feast of the Assumption on the 15th of August is this year’s start of the popular Krk Sails regatta of traditional sailboats. The regatta, which takes place in the waters off the island of Krk, every year attracts an increasing number of participants, owners and lovers of this type of sailing vessel. (more »)

"Eat and Drink" in Vrbnik on the island of Krk
Festivals of wine and local specialities

From this year, three interesting summer food festivals on the island of Krk are being promoted under the name "Eat and Drink". Two of them have already taken place in July, while the third and last – the Krk Wine Festival – is scheduled for the 26th and 27th of August. (more »)

Family accommodation
Kvarner Family – a guarantee of additional quality

Kvarner's tourism professionals recently started a large project entitled "Kvarner Family", aimed at increasing the quality of private accommodation in this region and standardising its offer and recognisability. This new Kvarner brand will stand for the high quality of private apartments and holiday homes. The first quality labels have already been assigned…

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House party and summer games

If you are planning to spend your summer holidays in Nerezine on the island of Lošinj this August, we recommend you start packing soon, because great fun is guaranteed even on the first weekend. On Friday the 5th of August, you are invited to a big house party by the renowned Italian DJ Paolo Barbato, and on the 7th of August wake up the child inside you by participating in the Summer Games. (more »)

Kastav Blues Festival
Holiday to the rhythms of blues

The towns of Kastav, Viškovo, Matulji and Čavle will be the venues of the 4th Kastav Blues Festival, which will take place from the 4th to the 8th of August. In addition to several renowned Croatian musicians, the festival will include performances by some of the world's greatest blues artists – from Angela Brown to Larry Miller. Shortly afterwards, Kastav will play host to another artistic event – the traditional Art workshop dedicated to painting. (more »)

International art colony
Mošćenički pinel 2011

From the 20th to the 27th of August, the small hilltop town of Mošćenice, one of the best preserved medieval towns on Kvarner, will, for the third year in a row, be transformed into an open-air art gallery thanks to the large international art colony Mošćenički pinel 2011. (more »)

Rijeka's Hartera Festival
Starring James Holden and Petar Dundov

The Hartera Festival, one of the major musical events in Rijeka, this year takes place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of July. In addition to many renowned artists, the festival will include appearances by the internationally renowned DJ James Holden from Britain and by Petar Dundov, one of Croatia's leading DJs.

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A new hotel in Opatija
Hotel Villa Kapetanović

The new Hotel Villa Kapetanović opened at the beginning of June at the site of the former Villa Kapetanović. Located on a hill overlooking Opatija, the hotel offers magnificent views of the entire riviera. The new facility has been carefully fitted out to fully justify its ranking in the 4-star category.

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Summer in Lovran and Medveja
Let's dance!

To make visiting here even more pleasant and enjoyable, Lovran and Medveja have planned several attractive programmes and summer festivals entitled Summer in Lovran and Summer in Medveja.

(more »)

Rijeka Photo Festival
Enjoy first-class photography all summer long!

Until mid-September, the Rijeka Photo Festival this year again exhibits the works of renowned Croatian and European photographers such as Marcus Doyle, Ervin Debeuc, Sofia Silva and Chrystel Lebas. The festival will conclude with a large retrospective of the French photographer Walter Carone, an artist whose camera captured many Hollywood stars and prominent personalities from all over the world.

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Croatian Museum of Tourism
The first hotels on the Adriatic

Have you ever wondered what some of the first hotels on the Adriatic looked like one hundred or more years ago? While enjoying your holiday in some of the area's newer facilities, we recommend a visit to the Croatian Museum of Tourism in Opatija, which until the end of February 2012 will be hosting the exhibition entitled "The first hotels on the Adriatic".

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Opening of the high-diving pool

At the beginning of June Rijeka saw the opening of the high diving pool, officially marking completion of the large Kantrida Pool Complex, to the great joy of recreational swimmers and professional athletes alike…

(more »)

For Rijeka's visitors from abroad
Fun, arts and attractions

To make it easier for visitors from abroad to negotiate the town in their own languages, some of Rijeka's larger public organisations have created a joint programme designed to bring some of the town's attractions closer to its visitors.

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Town of Krk
Summer events for all age groups

From the 8th of July until the 25th of August, several of the most attractive historical sites in the town of Krk will host the 55th Summer Festival, a traditional event that includes a series of concerts and theatrical performances. However, this is just one part of what the town has to offer visitors this summer!

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Opatija ranks second among Croatia's tourist towns

According to Hotel.info, a global online reservations service, Opatija – thanks to its attractiveness and good infrastructure – ranks second among Croatia's tourist towns, after Poreč and ahead of Zagreb.

(more »)

Veli Lošinj
19th Dolphin Day

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the fascinating world of dolphins, we strongly recommend a visit to the island of Lošinj or, more precisely, to its resort town of Veli Lošinj. On the 1st of July, Veli Lošinj will be hosting its 19th Dolphin Day, an educational and entertainment event dedicated to these lovely mammals that live in the waters off Lošinj.

(more »)

Island of Lošinj
International meeting of capoeiristas

From the 1st to the 5th of July, more than 120 capoeiristas from Brazil and Europe will come to the island of Lošinj to demonstrate their skills in this traditional Brazilian art form that has been winning increasing attention around the world in recent years. The international meeting of capoeiristas will, among other interesting items, include performances by traditional musicians from Jamaica and Angola.

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Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
Quality at test – mystery shoppers are coming!

Despite Mali Lošinj having a reputation for being one of Croatia's best seaside destinations, the determination to keep this level of quality has inspired the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office to invite mystery shoppers to anonymously survey the quality of services offered in the town.

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Čabar Tourism Office
Festival of old customs of the Čabar area

If you would like to enhance your seaside holiday with a trip to Kvarner's wooded hinterland, to learn more about the traditional life of the Čabar area, or just to enjoy Gorski kotar's fresh climate, we recommend visiting the delightful festival of traditional customs in Čabar on the 5th of August.

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Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo, Selce
Packed programme of events in July

Summer in Crikvenica and its neighbouring resorts Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce will this year again feature many entertainment events designed to appeal to visitors of all ages. These events include art and folk festivals, concerts, evenings of dance and traditional sports, and recreational competitions.

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Unique festival on the island of Rab
Rabska fjera – Medieval Summer Festival

Among the many events taking place on Rab this summer, particularly worth visiting is the large medieval summer festival entitled Rabska fjera. This cultural and historical event will take place from the 25th until the 27th of July.

(more »)

2nd World Youth Bridge Championship

For the third year in a row, Opatija is to host a large international bridge competition. This time, it's the 2nd World Youth Championship, which will take place from the 21st to the 30th of August, attracting more than 450 bridge players from all over the world. Judging by the experience of previous years, after the championship is over, many of the players will remain around Kvarner to enjoy a good holiday.

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Baška on the island of Krk
Come to the Bašćanski pir – an old-fashioned wedding ceremony

With the aim of showing visitors some of their local tradition in a more interesting way, people from Baška on the island of Krk are organising an attractive old-fashioned wedding ceremony on the 23rd and 24th of July, the so-called Bašćanski pir. All who would like to be part of this classic, yet so very different ceremony are invited…

(more »)

The island of Cres
Those wonderful nights of summer…

As in previous years, summer on the island of Cres is all about music, theatre, fine local specialities, sporting competitions and many other events… All that's needed is to come to Cres and surrender to its charm.

(more »)

Family Fun Park Pepé
A warm welcome and range of amenities for the youngest visitors

Čikat Campsite in Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj, long known as a good venue for family holidays, has now proven its commitment towards its youngest visitors by opening a children's amusement park, making this campsite unique not only in Croatia, but also in Europe. Children and their parents now have an additional, very good reason to choose this venue for their holiday.

(more »)

For those with more skill and stamina
7th International Risnjak Mountain Trek

The international Risnjak Mountain Trek trekking race traditionally attracts hundreds of enthusiasts of adventure, sport and nature. This year it takes place on the 11th of June along a route that will be kept secret right up until the beginning of the race.

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Finger-licking good!
5th Polenta and Cheese Festival in Grobnik

For the fifth year in a row, the famous Grobnik cheese and potato polenta, traditional specialities of the Grobnik area, will be the main attractions of the Polenta and Cheese Festival that takes place on the 24th and 25th of June. The festival attracts many gourmets looking to savour traditional flavours, learn more about the area's traditions, and enjoy an interesting entertainment programme.

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CNN's flattering title
Island of Rab – paradise for nudists

You are a nudist and have not decided yet where to spend your summer holidays? CNN has now decided for you! We invite you to visit the cradle of modern nudism and a true nudists' paradise – the famous Kvarner island of Rab.

(more »)

Liburnia Jazz Festival
Opatija again a town of jazz

The beginning of July in Opatija is traditionally reserved for the Liburnia Jazz Festival – a three-day event that takes place from the 1st to the 3rd of July, transforming the whole of Opatija into one large musical stage. Jazz will be played on boats, on the streets, and on musical stages, and the scheduled performances of international stars will surely attract many jazz lovers from all over Europe to Opatija.

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Summer at Opatija's Open Air Theatre 2011
Musicals under the stars

From the 4th of June until the 3rd of August, the summer programme at Opatija's Open Air Theatre will turn this magnificent open-air stage into Broadway under the stars. Come to Opatija for this unique atmosphere and enjoy the excellent performances of some famous musicals.

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Gorski kotar's Fruits of the Mountains
Enjoyment of nature and its tasty fruits

In June and July, Gorski kotar's most original event, The Fruits of the Mountains, will continue to attract visitors interested in learning more about the region by sampling its delicious fruits that ripen at this time of the year. It's a good time for elderflowers, strawberries, blueberries and lavender…

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Kvarner on Facebook
Visit Kvarner

To improve promotion of the region, the Kvarner County Tourism Office will now inform visitors about upcoming events on the new Facebook page titled "Visit Kvarner".

(more »)

Road Show presentation in Hungary
Promotion of Kvarner in all its splendour

This year once again the residents of Hungary's capital have enjoyed the attractive road show presentation organised by the Kvarner County Tourism Office in one of Budapest's busiest market places. The event was well-attended, with visitors eager to learn more about the Kvarner region, which is easily reached from Hungary.

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Vrbnik on the island of Krk
Opening of the hotel, more amenities for visitors

In recent years, the small town of Vrbnik on the island of Krk has become one Kvarner's most popular destinations. This year, many new facilities and amenities have been prepared for visitors, including a newly refurbished hotel, at the moment the only hotel in this town.

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Festival Kvarner
Programme for June

Festival Kvarner continues in June with several classical music concerts in Opatija. After the opening ceremony in April with Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Dvořák's String Serenade in E major, the concerts in June will continue in a similar style.

(more »)

Cycling in Gorski kotar
Recreation and a get-together in nature

What better idea of an unforgettable day amid nature than cycling through the green landscapes of Gorski kotar? If this sounds appealing, make sure not to miss the big Gorski Kotar biking event on the 4th of June along the route Brod Moravice – Brod na Kupi – Skrad – Ravna gora.

(more »)

14th meeting of mountaineers from the Balkans
Climbing the peaks of Gorski kotar

From the 10th to the 12th of June, the area of Gorski kotar will host the 14th meeting of Balkan mountaineers. This event is open to all mountaineers interested in getting together and climbing the attractive Platak-Snježnik-Lazac-Risnjak-Platak route.

(more »)

Start of the 6th Summer on Trsat programme

Over the three months of summer, Rijeka's residents and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a fine variety of cultural and entertainment programmes. In the wonderful ambience of historic Trsat Castle, summer evenings become even more pleasant with a series of theatrical performances and concerts by renowned artists from Croatia and abroad.

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Kvarner County Tourism Office
Extensive database of digital photographs

More good news for business partners of the Kvarner County Tourism Office, Kvarner's visitors and all others who love this region – a database of digital photographs of the region is now available, sorted by themes and individual areas.

(more »)

Water wells – the source of life

"Water Wells – the Source of Life" is the event taking place on the 4th of June at several water wells across the municipality of Viškovo next to Rijeka aimed at bringing these wells back to life at least for a day.

(more »)

Margareta's Summer 2011
Simulation of a naval battle at Bakar

Visitors to the town of Bakar will again this summer have the opportunity to enjoy a packed programme of events entitled Margareta's Summer, which runs from the 18th of June until the 30th of July. As in previous years, lots of fun is guaranteed, and this year's special highlight is the big sea battle on the 17th of July.

(more »)

One hundred years of the coastal promenade

The 12-kilometre-long coastal promenade connecting the towns of the Opatija Riviera – Volosko, Opatija, Ičići, Ika and Lovran – this year celebrates its one-hundredth anniversary. Who can imagine how many people must have strolled along this path over its lifetime, how many destinies it has changed, or how many pictures have been taken here?

(more »)

Mali Lošinj
The past and the present – a gift for visitors

In May the island of Lošinj and its centre, the town of Mali Lošinj, will be dedicated to bidding farewell to Lošinj's seafarers, observing the rhythms of nature, and paying tribute to the great personalities who have – each in their own way and together – influenced the past and the present of this intriguing island. These events and the area's abundance of delicious fruits of nature provide a perfect setting for an eventful stay on this island.

(more »)

Exploring nature by bike

The resort of Matulji, set in the rolling green hills of Kvarner only two kilometres from Opatija, is a perfect place to start exploring the 130 kilometres of biking trails in this area. What a great way to learn more about this charming and interesting region!

(more »)

The city's most beautiful beach now ready for swimmers

Immediately after opening, the beach below the Kantrida Swimming Pool Complex was declared Rijeka's most beautiful beach, highlighting another attractive side of this most interesting town. (more »)

Love cherries?

How do you like cherries? For fans of this fruit, a visit in June to Lovran, a resort on the Opatija Riviera, is well worth making. This is because the cherries of Lovran are known to be particularly beautiful and tasty, so your hosts will be very imaginative in preparing the sweets and events dedicated to this fruit.

(more »)

18th International Small Scenes Theatre Festival

As one of the region's most prestigious theatre events, Rijeka's International Small Scene Theatre Festival will once again this year, for the 18th year in a row, be offering visitors a true theatrical delight from the 3rd to the 8th of May with a series of Croatian and international performances.

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12th Fiumanka International Sailing Event
Rijeka's sailing festival

From the 9th to the 12th of June, Rijeka will again host the biggest international sailing event on Kvarner, the popular Fiumanka, which every year attracts more and more sailors from Croatia and abroad. Also most encouraging is the fact that more and more international media representatives are taking part in the race.

(more »)

Lubenice beach, the island of Cres
Among the world's most beautiful beaches

Forget the exotic Seychelles or Bahamas: the world's most beautiful beaches are now to be found in places much closer to home, according to a survey of German holidaymakers. The survey's winning list of the world's 40 most beautiful beaches includes the beach below the quaint village of Lubenice on the island of Cres, where only the most able and most determined come to swim in summertime.

(more »)

Enjoying nature
Come to the 1st Grobnik Trekking

On Saturday the 14th of May, the 1st Grobnik Trekking race in nature takes place in the area around Grobnik and in the Grobnik Alps. Everyone is welcome and one thing is guaranteed – all participants will have terrific fun.

(more »)

Grobnik motorcycle racetrack
Adrenaline-fuelled month of May

Croatia's biggest and best-known motorcycle racetrack, the racetrack in Grobnik, is revving up to host as many as seven racing events throughout the month of May. For your next surge of adrenaline-fuelled motorcycle racing, this is the place to come – Grobnik is awaiting you!

(more »)

KreKo 2011
Eco Week in Omišalj and Njivice

From the 28th of April to the 7th of May, Omišalj and Njivice on the island of Krk will host numerous programmes dedicated to ecology and the promotion of a healthier social environment through the interaction of industry, tourism, nature and environmental protection.

(more »)

Island of Krk
Dive into May, toast with a glass of wine!

Following the exciting programme of events enjoyed in April, visitors to the town of Krk will have no shortage of interesting things to do in May as well: among the highlights scheduled for this month are Scuba Fest, for diving enthusiasts, and the Krk Wine Promenade, a three-day event dedicated to promoting the island's fine wines.

(more »)

Kastav Tourist Board
International Guitar Festival kicks off an action-packed Kastav Summer of Culture

The International Guitar Festival, one of the biggest such events in this part of Croatia, will bring numerous fans of this kind of music to Kastav from the 8th to the 11th of May. As in previous years, the festival begins the packed Kastav Summer of Culture programme, which runs until the end of August.

(more »)

Ravna Gora
2nd "From Granny's Old Chest" Antiques Festival

The traditional heritage of Gorski kotar will again be the main star of the 2nd Antiques Festival entitled "From Granny's Old Chest" which takes place on the 7th and 8th of May in Ravna Gora. For those interested in how people here lived in the past, in their customs, in what they ate, and how they enjoyed themselves, this event is not to be missed.

(more »)

Town of Krk and the Municipality of Evere-Bruxelles
Agreement on cooperation and friendship

After two years of preparation, the Town of Krk and the Municipality of Evere in Brussels have officially become partners, with many mutually useful projects already being planned for the future.

(more »)

Hostel Rijeka
Many reasons for celebration

Rijeka Youth Hostel has more than its fifth anniversary to celebrate this year – for this property has received the prestigious HI-Quality certificate as one of Europe's best 250 hostels. The number of visitors who have stayed in the hostel has already exceeded all expectations.

(more »)

Lošinj Hotels & Villas
Austrian media declare the island of Lošinj as the new top destination

After a recent presentation by Lošinj Hotels & Villas, the island's biggest hotel chain, approximately 50 journalists from the leading Austrian media concluded with enthusiasm – Lošinj is a new top destination.

(more »)

Festival Kvarner
Classical music for all the senses

The new Festival Kvarner concert season starts in Opatija on the 23rd of April and continues for the next seven months with performances by some of Europe's most respected young musicians.

(more »)

Kvarner Expo 2011 in Opatija
A central place for Croatian souvenirs

Each year before Easter, Opatija traditionally hosts Kvarner Expo, a large exhibition of Croatian souvenirs. Running from the 20th to the 23rd of April, Kvarner Expo 2011 gives visitors a superb opportunity to select from the wide range of original Croatian souvenirs.

(more »)

Just like the olden days…
Royal holiday on the island of Rab

Oscar-winning movie The King's Speech is not only focusing attention on Britain's famous history, but also on holiday destinations that were very popular among royal aristocracy of the period. One of these was the island of Rab, where King Edward courted his future wife Wallis Simpson.

(more »)

Kastav walking trails
Health, recreation, hiking experience

Did you know that the town of Kastav was once the most southerly point of the E-6 European walking trail that stretched all the way from Finland to Croatia? This route no longer leads to Kastav, but the philosophy of recreation in nature is more alive there today than ever before!

(more »)

Attention, philatelists!
Opatija is preparing for the biggest meeting of philatelists ever

From the 14th to the 17th of April, Opatija will host one of this year's largest philately events – the Alpe-AdriaPhila 2011 Opatija exhibition, with some of Europe's finest philately items on display as well as many accompanying events, meetings and workshops.

(more »)

Island of Krk
May Day adventure

The atmosphere of spring and International Labour Day – could there be a better invitation for some true adventure? If you are planning a visit to the island of Krk, be prepared for adventures that include a race across the island on quad bikes, an exhibition dedicated to political absurdities, and a big party.

(more »)

Roman heritage
New type of amphora discovered in Crikvenica

In addition to the many types of Roman amphorae that are already known about, a completely new type has recently been discovered in Crikvenica! It is distinctive for its flat bottom and for having been produced exclusively in the area of the present Crikvenica in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. This is why replicas of this amphora have become a new original souvenir of Crikvenica. (more »)

Diving locations in the immediate vicinity of the town

Compared with many famous diving destinations, Rijeka has another really unique advantage – all on the same day, divers can explore as many as nine attractive diving locations within easy reach of the town, at relatively low depths that are also considered suitable for amateurs. (more)

(more »)

April delicacies in Mali Lošinj
Go for a walk, enjoy some fine recipes, take a peek into the past…

Lošinj's famous events in April culminate with some very attractive programmes. Enjoy the festival of local cuisine, admire the Croatian Apoxyomenos statue, follow the new Trail of the Dolphins, and experience the full beauty of this unique island…

(more »)

Grobnik – Čavle
Bicycle marathon in Grobnik

Croatia's most famous motorcycle racetrack is located in Grobnik in the hinterland of Rijeka. On the 23rd of April, Grobnik is hosting a big cycling marathon. Everybody is invited to take part in this most enjoyable recreational and charity event. (more)

(more »)

Relaxation for both body and mind

If you are looking for some interesting holiday packages, the resort of Baška on the island of Krk is offering some packed programmes in May. A true holiday for both body and mind!

(more »)

Discover the wonderful world of birds

If you enjoy observing birds and learning more about their mysterious world, we cordially invite you to visit Matulji and Mount Učka, for this area now offers some new and very interesting bird-watching tours!

(more »)

TURS 2011
Enjoy your holiday safely and peacefully

For a truly enjoyable holiday, safety is very important. It is no wonder that entire teams of experts take care of personal safety of visitors to Kvarner, making sure that they experience no inconveniences whatsoever during their stay on Kvarner. The more invisible these safety experts are, the more successful the result of their work…

(more »)

Rijeka Airport
New airlines at Rijeka Airport

Joint advertising programme brings flights from five distant markets to Krk

(more »)

Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
Now a full member of the UNWTO Knowledge Network

Earlier this year the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, the main promoter of tourism on the island of Lošinj, became a member of the UNWTO Knowledge Network. The network aims to support the development of high-quality tourism projects across the world.

(more »)

Wellness Open Days Programme

March in Opatija is traditionally dedicated to the Open Days Programme in the town's wellness centres. This year's attractive programme has been designed to recall the time when Opatija was first declared a health resort back in 1889.

(more »)

Stimulate your emotions and life energy

To boost your self-confidence and energy before taking important life or business decisions, or if you are looking for a good place to recuperate in natural surroundings, we recommend visiting the island of Lošinj, deeply inhaling the spring air to feel the powerful effects of the fragrant plants that grow here in abundance – laurel, rosemary and eucalyptus. You will also have the opportunity to learn why March is regarded here as the month of forgiveness, tears and prayers. Past and present, man and nature have existed here in perfect harmony, creating the island's unique story.

(more »)

Lovranske vile
For health, enjoyment and personal change

Every stay amid nature offers a fresh chance to find peace within yourself. With the Lovranske vile company, which fosters the concept of truly comprehending the essence and aspiration for personal change, this journey can be even more pleasant and interesting. (more »)

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Wide-ranging programme to mark International Planetarium Day

In addition to the regular programme in the Rijeka Astronomy Centre, which runs throughout March every week from Tuesday to Saturday, particularly interesting will be the events organised for the second year in a row to mark International Planetarium Day on the 19th of March.

(more »)

Kvarner campsites
ADAC awards Yellow Plaques to campsites on the islands of Cres and Lošinj

Slatina campsite in Martinščica on the island of Cres, and Poljana campsite in Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj have again this year each won the Yellow Plaque, an ADAC award for improved quality of services and the overall good impression created in the previous season.

(more »)

Klaus Kobjoll in Opatija
Seminar by one of Europe's most-recognised hoteliers

Klaus Kobjoll, one of Europe's most respected hoteliers, will hold a one-day seminar at the end of March in Opatija, in which he will talk about his experiences and how he became one of Europe's top hoteliers.

(more »)

I love spring in the town of Krk

If you still haven't decided where to spend your Easter holidays, we would like to invite you to visit the town of Krk (on the island of the same name) for the event entitled "I love spring in Krk". On the 25th of April, visitors are invited to take a walk along the trails of the Golden Drops of Krk's Treasure and participate in the big Drobnica Fest olive festival. (more »)

11th Asparagus Festival
Tasty April in Lovran

At the 11th Asparagus Festival that traditionally takes place every year in Lovran, visitors will once again have the opportunity to sample some simple yet delicious dishes made with fresh asparagus. The festival starts on the 9th of April with the preparation of a large omelette made of 1000 eggs and 30 kilograms of asparagus, and continues until the 24th of April.

(more »)

Art Cinema Croatia, Rijeka
DORF Documentary Rock Film Festival

The DORF Documentary Rock Film Festival takes place from the 10th to the 13th of March in two Croatian towns simultaneously – Rijeka and Vinkovci. For movie and rock fans, this will be a great opportunity to enjoy some excellent films. Particularly worth emphasising is the premiere of one of the most awarded musical documentaries in 2010 – "We don't care about music anyway", by the French authors Cedric Dupire and Gaspard Kuentz.

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Which frog can jump the farthest?

Lokve, a small town in the heart of Gorski kotar, has become famous for – among other things – frogs, which have become a kind of a symbol of this town. To learn more about this, we suggest visiting Frog Night, which takes place on the 30th of April.

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Spring in Crikvenica
5th Flower Festival

From the 14th to the 17th of April, the town of Crikvenica will host the 5th Flower Festival. This colourful event takes place on the streets of the town, giving visitors the chance to buy flowers at favourable prices, learn how to grow and take care of plants, and identify the latest trends in interior and exterior floral arrangements

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Dance the tango with some of the world's best dancers!

If you are planning to visit Opatija at the end of February, do not miss this unique opportunity to learn how to tango in the company of the internationally acclaimed tango couple – Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera. They will be the mentors of this year's Tango Festival that takes place from the 25th to the 27th of February in Opatija's Hotel Bristol.

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2011 Rijeka Carnival
The best is yet to come!

All visitors to Kvarner in February and March will have the opportunity to take part in the numerous carnival parades and parties. But they will also be spoilt for choice in trying to decide which are the most attractive events. So to make it easier for you, here is the list of some of the most interesting carnival events in the days to come.

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Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral in Rijeka
Gabriele D'Annunzio's adventure in Rijeka: D'Annunzio – Christmas 1920

For those interested in history and its related thematic journeys, we would like to draw your attention to an exhibition being held in Rijeka. To shed light on historical events during the so-called 1920 Bloody Christmas in Rijeka, the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral is hosting the exhibition entitled "Gabriele D'Annunzio's adventure in Rijeka: D'Annunzio – Christmas 1920" until the 31st of March.

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Ravna Gora – Kupjak
Gorski kotar's new sledding area

Since the beginning of the year, Gorski kotar's winter offering has been enriched with another attractive facility – a 130-metre-long toboggan run, equipped with a 90-metre baby lift and accompanying accommodation and restaurant facilities. Once winter is over, an attractive Snow Tuby run for summer sledding will be installed on this slope, which is located in the vicinity of Ravna Gora.

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Adria Hunt
The first agency specialising in hunting tourism

Kvarner's first agency specialising in hunting tourism has recently opened in Punat on the island of Krk. The agency offers holiday packages and the necessary logistical support for hunting in numerous destinations all over Croatia and abroad.

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European FIS Slalom Cup finals
The best of the best will meet at Platak again

Some of the best European skiers have announced their participation in this year's Adriatic Slalom ski race, which takes place at Platak on the 8th of March. As part of the European FIS Slalom Cup, this event will surely attract many visitors once again to Platak.

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Gillette Carnival Snowboard Session 2011
Snowboarders move again to the sea

On the 5th of February, the Karolina Riječka Quay, Rijeka's popular seaside promenade located right in the city's harbour, is once again hosting an exciting snowboard competition under the title Gillette Carnival Snowboard Session 2011. Does it need emphasising that spectators will again have the chance to witness incredible stunts by some of Europe's best boarders in such a unique location?

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Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
2011: an even better offer

More than 250 events announced and a series of new projects, such as the new spiritual-energy walking trail, the promotion of the rich biodiversity in Punta Križe, etc. – these are just some of the activities happening in Mali Lošinj in 2011.

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Fragrant winter of Lošinj

The island of Lošinj is the ideal destination for those coming for a romantic weekend or to restore their energy in the winter months. We invite you to visit Lošinj to discover for yourself why it is called the Island of Vitality, and to enjoy the area's wonderful nature and professional services.

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Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Is the Universe far enough?

Do you know that numerous groups of visitors from Finland, India, and even Brazil have followed the route of the stars and the universe to visit the Rijeka Astronomy Centre? Their enthusiastic support is the best proof for the quality of this centre.

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Lošinj Hotels & Villas
12 million euros for the refurbishment of the Hotel Punta

The investment in refurbishing the hotels of the Lošinj Hotels & Villas group on the island of Lošinj continues in 2011: now it is the turn of the Hotel Punta, which will be upgraded to a 4-star category after the investment of ca. 12 million euros. (more »)

The City of Rijeka Museum
Rijeka's torpedo – the first in the world

The exhibition entitled "Rijeka's torpedo – the first in the world", which runs in Rijeka's City Museum until the beginning of September, presents for the first time ever this industrial and technical heritage, and its long journey from the first torpedoes to the modern devices. (more »)

Vlado Kristl's exhibition in Rijeka
Works of the renowned abstract artist on display for the first time

Until mid-February, Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts will be displaying numerous abstract paintings by one of the most versatile Croatian artists of the modern era, Vlado Kristl. These works have never been shown before. (more »)

A winter's tale in Delnice
For lovers of winter sports

With its wide choice of winter sports facilities, the town of Delnice continues to attract more and more visitors, coming in search of attractive winter activity holidays. Thanks to the quality of its venues, Delnice is also becoming increasingly popular among professional athletes. (more »)

Kastav – town of the arts
Three new artists' studios in Kastav

In 2010, the quaint old town of Kastav saw the arrival of three new artists' studios. Each of the town's four galleries offers something new, special and unique. (more »)

Ethno Hotel Balatura
Cultural sensation in the Municipality of Vinodol

A three-centuries-old family estate, refurbished as one of Croatia's few high-class "heritage hotels", offers its guests much more than just accommodation. The Ethno Hotel Balatura doesn't just look sensational – it is also the perfect place for exchanging cultural ideas with writers and poets. (more »)

PUT 2011
Prestigious awards for Rab and Krk

Three of the seven awards made at the 12th PUT 2011 tourism fair were given to Kvarner's destinations – one to the town of Krk on the eponymous island, and two to the "best tourist destination among the Adriatic islands" – the island of Rab. (more »)

On the trail of the traditional handicrafts
Following the route of old mills and blacksmiths

Exploring some of Kvarner's picturesque landscapes, following the rivers in the Gorski kotar area, you might come across an old mill. Some of these ancient structures have now been refurbished and are open to the public. (more »)

Kvarner's ski areas
From recreation to adventure

Kvarner's ski areas of Platak, Čelimbaša - Mrkopalj, Rudnik – Tršće, and the more distant Bjelolasica Olympic Centre, have much to offer visitors interested in true winter activity holidays: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding, or simply enjoying the snow. (more »)

Three months of carnival celebrations

In addition to Rijeka Carnival being one of the biggest, best-known and most visited carnivals in the world, one shouldn't forget that the whole Kvarner region lives for carnival at this time of the year. From the very beginning of the new year right through until March, many towns and villages across Kvarner will play host to various carnival parties and festivities. (more »)

2011 Rijeka Carnival
The fifth season is about to begin!

The 2011 Rijeka Carnival will begin on the 21st of January with the traditional selection of Miss Carnival and the ceremony of handing the keys of the town over to the temporary "carnival mayor". The celebrations will continue until the 9th of March, when the traditional figure that is blamed for everything that went wrong in the previous year – locally know as the "Pust" – will be burned. In the meantime – plenty of carnival parties and celebrations are waiting for you… (more »)

Vlado Miš wins the title of Croatia's Manager of the Year

Vlado Miš, long-time director of Imperial Rab, the island of Rab's most famous hotel and tourism company, was named the Manager of the Year in the public companies category in mid-November. He is the only tourism manager to receive this award in Croatia this year.

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Liburnia Riviera Hotels
Magical festive atmosphere

In December, visitors to the Opatija Riviera, especially the guests of Opatija's Liburnia Riviera Hotels, will have the chance to enjoy a variety of festive programmes, from food festivals to dancing evenings and concerts. The offer will also include promotional prices for accommodation packages with a series of additional festive surprises.

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Ivan pl. Zajc Theatre in Rijeka
Theatre building as a museum

In most cases, the value of a theatre depends mostly on the quality of the plays it stages. However, there is a different view: theatres are often located in buildings of special architectural, historical, and cultural value. One such is Rijeka's Ivan pl. Zajc Theatre, situated in an impressive building, a masterpiece of architecture, which will soon be open to visitors for guided tours.

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Island of Krk
On the trail of golden drops of the island's treasure

Even though the olive harvesting and processing are nearly finished, visitors to the island of Krk can still learn more about the island's tradition of olive growing, taste some of the best extra virgin olive oils, and follow the trails of these "golden drops of the island's treasure".

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Christmas atmosphere on the island of Rab
Enjoy some Old Croatian Christmas songs

Although the festive atmosphere and Christmas concerts can be enjoyed throughout December all over Croatia, some events truly stand out because of their uniqueness. One such event is the concert that will take place before Christmas holidays in the town of Rab.

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Buy Croatia
International tour operators in search of Kvarner's secrets

In mid-November, the Kvarner region was visited by 69 representatives of international tour operators from as many as 17 countries. During their 2-day stay, these representatives had a great opportunity to discover some of the secrets of this area's unique tourism offer. What they discovered, and what new package holidays they will be offering – we'll just have to wait and see what they put in their programmes for the next year.

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New Year's Party in Fužine
The most original way to say goodbye to 2010

On the very last day of December, the small town of Fužine, a pearl of the Gorski kotar area, continues to attract plenty of visitors bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming in the new in a really unique way.

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Mali Lošinj
New 2011 image catalogue

Feel, smell, see, taste, touch and hear – this is the message of the new 2011 catalogue from the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, inviting guests to visit this renowned health resort.

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Municipality of Vinodol
New look of Vinodol's parks

Following complete restoration of the municipal parks in several centres of the Vinodol region over the last few years, it's now the turn of the central park in Drivenik – a quaint place, and today a part of the On the Trails of the Frankopans tourist project

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2011 Rijeka Carnival
Get ready, the carnival is soon to begin!

The famed Rijeka Carnival, which has made Rijeka one of the world's leading carnival destinations, will again be attracting thousands of masked participants to the town in 2011. Don't miss this chance to experience the unique atmosphere of Rijeka Carnival, which starts in mid-January!

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Rijeka Astronomy Centre
New programme for visitors

After its successful summer cycle, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre has prepared several new programmes for visitors, including new films and presentations, and – for the first time – a special programme for the youngest ones. Some of the most interesting reprises remain on programme too.

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Valuable awards for tourism quality and development

At three events dedicated to tourism and supporting activities – the 17th INTERSTAS International Tourism Festival, the 13th International Tourism Film Festival, and the 9th presentation of Croatian towns and villages for the Entente Florale Europe Award – several individuals, companies and tourist boards from the Kvarner region won top awards. Here is an overview…

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Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka
First retrospective of the Split artist Dan Oki

"Works 1989 – 2000" is the title of the first retrospective of the renowned artist from Split, Dan Oki (Slobodan Jokić). The exhibition will display a selection of the artist's finest works from the fields of film and media and will run until the 12th of November in Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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The island of Unije
The 4th St. Andrew's Squid Fishing Cup

The 4th St. Andrew's Squid Fishing Cup will take place on the 27th of November on the island of Unije. This will be an opportunity for many to visit this island, learn more about the local tradition of fishing for/ squid, and enjoy the packed entertainment programme and a great choice of excellent food…

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Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
CBTour 2010 responsible tourism award

Mali Lošinj's tourism offer is based on sustainable development, involvement and protection of the area's natural and cultural landscape, and a responsible approach to tourism. This has been recognised on the national level – the Lošinj programme has recently been awarded as one of Croatia's best responsible business tourism programmes.

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We present: Kastav Walking Trails
Recreation in the forests of Loza and Lužina

The forests around Kastav, Loza and Lužina, feature many marked trails and paths ideal for shorter or longer walking tours in the fresh air, giving visitors wonderful opportunities to discover some of the area's landmarks and enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

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400th anniversary of the Capuchins in Croatia

In mid-October, Rijeka celebrated the 400th anniversary of Capuchin friars arriving in this area, an event confirmed by many historic documents and valuable books. Some of these documents and books were displayed to the public for the first time in the exhibition entitled "Fragments of Capuchin History".

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Grand Hotel Adriatic
Four decades of convention tradition

The 40-year-long tradition of hosting congresses makes Opatija's Grand Hotel Adriatic a leader on the Adriatic coast in this tourism sector. Next year, 2011, will be dedicated to this important anniversary.

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Sweet tastes of the festive month

December is regarded by many as the most beautiful month of the year. In Opatija, the festive atmosphere will be enriched with the 5th Chocolate Festival, which will take place at the beginning of December. A perfect occasion to enjoy a variety of chocolate sweets and the sweet festive atmosphere!

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Ravna Gora
Events in the rhythm of nature

The fruits of the mountains have been collected and stored. Many of them have been preserved for winter in the form of various products that will be presented at the Winter Food Festival, this year's final event within the traditional Fruits of the Mountains programme.

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Mali Lošinj
Olive, pine, dog rose – good reasons to visit the Island of Vitality

Mali Lošinj, the renowned tourist resort on the island of Lošinj, now widely promoted as the Island of Vitality, continues its dedication to the fruits of nature throughout the year. Olive, dog rose and quince in November, then pine, agave and prickly juniper in December – these fruits are characteristic of the autumn period, but their beneficial effects can be enjoyed all year long.

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The most important national tourism awards
Kvarner wins ca. twenty valuable awards

Among this year's winners of Croatia's most important tourism awards "The Tourism Flower – Quality for Croatia 2010", "The Blue Flower", "The Green Flower", and the "Employee of the Year", ca. twenty are individuals and companies from the Kvarner region.

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Kvarner's new visual branding
Listed among the world's best design achievements!

Since being presented on the international design scene, Kvarner's new visual identity has attracted many compliments: it has been published on the designboom.com website, highlighted in the Logolounge book, and displayed at the Brno 2010 International Biennial of Graphic Design. (more »)

The Guardian newspaper about Lovran's Marunada
Listed among Europe's top ten food festivals!

Could there be a better recommendation to visit Lovrans's Marunada than that recently published in one of the UK's leading newspapers, The Guardian? The newspaper lists this sweet chestnut festival as one of Europe's top ten food festivals this autumn. (more »)

The historic town of Grobnik
Grobnik Autumn Festival

Starting at the end of September, the historic Grobnik castle, located in the heart of today's Municipality of Čavle, will be hosting another Grobnik Autumn Festival – offering three months of rich cultural programmes, concerts, scientific conferences, presentations of the local tourism offer, and much more. The event will then end in mid-December with the traditional Grobnička Skala Festival. (more »)

Stancija Kovačići
The sea and the mountain have never been so close

Stancija Kovačići, located in the rural village of Rukavac above Opatija, offers a terrific opportunity to enjoy superb gastronomy and relaxation in verdant surroundings just moments from the sea and the enchanting atmosphere of the area's coastal towns. The azure sea and green of the mountain have never seemed so close… (more »)

Ivan pl. Zajc Theatre Rijeka
Promotion of Croatian composers at the 2010 Zajc Festival

From the 5th of October to the end of November, Rijeka's Ivan pl. Zajc Theatre will be hosting this year's Zajc's Days Festival – a large musical and theatre festival named after the great Croatian composer Ivan Zajc, aimed at promoting some of the greatest pieces by Croatia's composers. (more »)

Croatian Museum of Tourism in Opatija
Historical overview of the development of the wellness offer in Croatia

Until the end of January 2011, Opatija's Croatian Museum of Tourism will host the exhibition entitled "From mud baths to wellness – The development of health tourism in Croatia", giving an interesting and comprehensive overview of the development of Croatia's wellness and health tourism in general. There is definitely no better place to host this exhibition than Opatija – Croatia's most famous health resort. (more »)

Lovran's Marunada 2010
Hot sweet chestnuts

The rustling of early autumn leaves under foot, the pleasant ambience and intoxicating scents of chestnuts on the streets – these are just a part of the atmosphere of Lovran's famous Marunada sweet chestnut festival. This year, the event takes place from the 15th to the 31st of October, attracting a lot of visitors to Lovran and other places along the Opatija Riviera. (more »)

Fragrances of October on Lošinj
The tastes of myrtle, fruits of the strawberry tree, pomegranate and dandelion

Have you ever tried a dish spiced with myrtle, a dandelion liqueur, a marmalade made of strawberry tree fruits, or a jelly made of pomegranate? If not, don't miss the chance to visit Mali Lošinj this October for the Festival of Fine Scents – it takes place on the first Saturday of the month and is dedicated to specialities made from these aromatic fruits. (more »)

Marco Antonio de Dominis Festival on Rab
Under the patronage of UNESCO

To mark the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Marco Antonio de Dominis, a versatile scientist and one of the most famous people ever from the island of Rab, UNESCO has declared 2010 the Year of Marco Antonio de Dominis. From the 1st to the 3rd of October, the town of Rab will host a large three-day scientific conference. (more »)

Two-day Bundevijada Pumpkin Festival

Still not decided where to go on the second weekend of October? An easy choice would be to visit Vrbovsko and its two-day Bundevijada Pumpkin Festival – giving you the chance to learn more about making pumpkin masks and the traditional shepherd's games, to get more acquainted with some of the local products and customs, and of course to sample the wide range of pumpkin delicacies. (more »)

Bela nedeja: a tradition dating back more than six centuries

Bela nedeja, the traditional three-day fair dedicated to belica, the indigenous white wine of the Kastav area, takes place this year from the 1st to the 4th of October. Running from early in the morning through to late in the evening, the fair will offer visitors typical products of the region for purchase, new wine and entertainment programmes. (more »)

In anticipation of the World Spearfishing Championship
Millennium photography – a tribute to people and tradition

Nerezine tourist resort on the island of Lošinj has recently hosted the shooting of the 208th in the series of Millennium Photographs, and Danijel Gospić, a member of the Croatian national spearfishing team and European spearfishing champion has now joined the other great athletes whose figures were the motif of other millennium photographs by Šime Strikoman. Apart from this diver's sporting achievements, there are some additional reasons for that… (more »)

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Wednesday is tourist day

In addition to its regular programme in the Croatian language, during the summer the Rijeka Astronomy Centre offers programmes for tourists every Wednesday, with screening of films in English, Italian and French languages. The centre is also open on Saturdays, when starting at 11 p.m. visitors can enjoy looking at the stars. (more »)

Festival Kvarner Opatija
The symphony continues in October

The newest music festival in Opatija – the Festival Kvarner, offers a series of classical music concerts throughout the year. The festival started in April, continued in June, and will now enter its final phase with a concert on the 10th of October, with pieces by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Robert Schumann and Ludwig van Beethoven. (more »)

Museum of Crikvenica
A treasury of ice age fossils

The Museum of Crikvenica now hosts the attractive Lion Pit exhibition, named after the remnants of cave lions and numerous other fossils that were found in the nearby cave of Vrtara mala near Dramalj. The exhibition presents a series of fossil remnants of animals that became extinct during the Ice Age under the guidance of museum experts, offering visitors a chance to learn more about this interesting palaeontological topic. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Hotel Vespera receives award for family offer

In addition to already having hosted many satisfied guests, the Hotel Vespera in Mali Lošinj has received important recognition after its first year of business as a family hotel by winning the award in the category of the best tourism offer for families with children. (more »)

Opatija-Gorski kotar
World amateur radiogoniometry championship

From the 13th to the 18th of September, Opatija and the wooded areas of Gorski kotar will be the venue of two major international events – the 15th World amateur radiogoniometry championship and the 1st World radiogoniometry championship for blind persons. (more »)

Učka Nature Park
Učka Fair celebrates the area's protected heritage and local traditions

For the fourth year in a row, Učka Nature Park is holding the attractive Učka Fair – an exhibition dedicated to the area's traditional products, local heritage and old handicrafts. Based on the interest generated by the fair in previous years, more than 10,000 visitors are now expected on the 5th of September. (more »)

Discover the secrets of the island of Cres
Eco-programmes for a different kind of holiday

If you'd like to be an islander for a few days, to get better acquainted with the relaxed pace of life the island offers, to immerse yourself fully in nature and get stuck into some typical island activities, we invite you to visit the island of Cres! In addition to its varied tourism offer, Cres now offers 11 unique eco-programmes guaranteed to help you discover some of the secrets of this beautiful island. (more »)

Island of Lošinj: a great anniversary
125 years of health tourism

As autumn arrives, congress and health tourism gradually overtakes the summer offer. This will bring many new visitors to the island of Lošinj, which this year celebrates its 125th anniversary as a health resort. (more »)

Hundred years of tourism

Lopar on the island of Rab this year celebrates a great anniversary – 100 years of tourism. The biggest celebration to mark this important date is scheduled for mid-September, the month that will include a wide range of attractive programmes and events. (more »)

Brod Moravice
Autumn's fruits

To fully enjoy the whole Kvarner region and to experience it in all its diversity, make sure to visit the wooded hinterland of Gorski kotar for a day or more. This area hosts a series of interesting nature-related events throughout the year – and in September, you are invited to the Day of Plums, and to the event dedicated to preparing deer goulash. (more »)

The golden island of Krk
Activity holidays with wine, olives and figs

In addition to being the largest island on the Adriatic, the island of Krk can be described with many other epithets. Thanks to its wines, honey and olives, Krk is also known as the Golden Island. Late summer and early autumn is an ideal time for learning more about this "golden" offer. (more »)

35th Osor Musical Evenings
Musical enjoyment in a unique ambience

Ever since 1976, Osor on the island of Cres has hosted a unique musical event – the Osor Musical Evenings. Until the 22nd of August, this small town, characterised by a very special ambience, will offer a perfect destination for all lovers of classical music. (more »)

Kastav Blues Festival 2010
In memory of “Philadelphia” Jerry Ricks

The Kastav Blues Festival 2010 runs from the 6th to the 9th of August and will include a series of concerts and musical workshops for all lovers of blues. This year’s festival will include performances by several renowned blues musicians in and around Kastav. (more »)

Rab Summer Festival 2010
Weekend of dance on Rab

On the 13th and 14th of August, the town of Rab, the largest settlement on the island of the same name, will host another edition of the popular Rab Summer Festival. After dancing to the music by DJs from Croatia and abroad, the scene will, like every Assumption Day, be taken over by attractive mediaeval knights. (more »)

Vinodol Summer Festival and The Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola) – eight days of fun, beautiful young women and excellent wine

Following a tradition dating back to ancient times, the grape harvest on the Vinodol Riviera will turn into an 8-day party between the 14th and the 21st of August. Based on previous experience and the area’s unique story, loads of fun is guaranteed! (more »)

Gorski kotar’s Fruits of the Mountains
Take part in gathering indigenous plants and tasty raspberries

Programmes dedicated to gathering tasty berries in Gorski kotar continue in August: this time, visitors will take home bags full of wild-growing medicinal plants and tasty raspberries. Of course, this programme is accompanied by other events and the tasting of local specialities. (more »)

Summer on Trsat Gradina

Visitors to Rijeka, Kvarner’s largest town which continues to entice visitors with its dynamic entertainment programmes, can choose from several interesting events this year. In addition to the packed programme of the Rijeka Summer Nights Festival, the historic town of Trsat is hosting Summer on Trsat Gradina – a festival dedicated to all lovers of good movies, music and interesting theatrical plays. (more »)

Krk Fair
A fair of unforgettable experiences

If you choose to spend holidays on the island of Krk, rest assured that you will return home full of great impressions. An additional attraction is the Krk Fair, a big three-day event designed to re-enact the spirit of times long gone, taking place from the 8th to the 10th of August. (more »)

4th Rijeka Steps
Exclusive open-air fashion show

The town steps next to Rijeka’s popular Grand Hotel Bonavia will again be transformed into an attractive catwalk on the 27th of August. Some of Croatia’s leading fashion creators will be presenting high fashion – women’s evening dresses and men’s suits. (more »)

Bejahad in Opatija
Jewish cultural scene

The traditional week of Jewish culture, Bejahad, will run from the 24th to the 31st of August in Opatija. The programme is designed to highlight the richness of Jewish culture including movies, exhibitions of paintings, and book presentations. (more »)

Opatija’s Open Air Theatre
Three days dedicated to Đorđe Balašević

After taking a seven-year-break from big concerts and appearing in public only to promote his book, Croatian fans will once again have the chance to fully enjoy the complete opus of the great singer and songwriter from Vojvodina, Đorđe Balašević, in August in Opatija. For three days, from the 13th to the 15th of August, Balašević will be performing his evergreen repertoire, and also promoting his first film. (more »)

Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
Detailed maps of the island’s attractions

To provide visitors with better information about the island’s landmarks, the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office, in collaboration with other relevant tourism institutions, has prepared detailed tourist maps of the island that will serve as pocket guides for exploring the area’s rich offer. (more »)

Unique attraction near to Novi Vinodolski
The renovated glass chapel is ready for visitors

Soon after being discovered, the glass Chapel of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – a unique architectural structure hidden in the forest, and located near Novi Vinodolski – has already been renovated and is now part of the Vinodol region’s tourism offer. (more »)

Opening of the new Boutique Hotel Kukuriku

The new Boutique Hotel Kukuriku has recently been opened in Kastav, a historic town halfway between Rijeka and Opatija. Situated in the magnificent ambience of the historic old town, this hotel is another good reason for visitors to come to Kastav – just like the restaurant of the same name, which has long enjoyed an international reputation. For romantics and those happy to become so, this is the right place to visit… (more »)

Hotel Therapia Crikvenica
A heart for football outlaws

Croatia and Austria have always been strongly connected in terms of history, tourism and sports. Among other things, neither of these two countries is participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Sport fans are certainly not happy about that, but with some luck, they will still find comfort at the Hotel Therapia Crikvenica. (more »)

25th anniversary of the Bor Family Campsite

Bor Campsite, the oldest private campsite on Kvarner, has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over recent years, the capacity of the campsite has been increased six times. New facilities are being added regularly, and the owners still have some ambitious plans for the future. (more »)

QualityCoast awards ceremony

At the QualityCoast awards ceremony, which took place on the 24th of June in Rab, the president of the Coastal Marine Union, Mr. Albert Salman, handed over this prestigious award to the mayor of the Town of Rab, Mr. Zdenko Antešić. (more »)

Increasingly popular destination among cruise visitors

Windstar Cruises has announced several new visits to Opatija for this year: first in July, and then again in September and October. (more »)

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Rijeka Photo Festival for fans of photography

Fans of photography, amateur photographers, professionals, and all those yet to become so, are invited to visit Rijeka this summer. From mid-June to the end of August, the town will play host to a new event, organised in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art. (more »)

Krk Jazz Live 2010
2nd international jazz festival and summer school

From the 3rd to the 7th of July, the town of Krk on the island of the same name will host the 2nd International Krk Jazz Live 2010 jazz festival and summer school. Participants will have the chance to enjoy some superb jazz performances, learn a lot, and even play with top jazz musicians and lecturers from London and other renowned European academies. (more »)

Opatija's Open Air Theatre
Concert by the music diva Natalie Cole

On her first visit to Croatia, the great American music diva Natalie Cole will give a concert in Opatija on the 24th of July, as part of her 2010 European tour. Only in Croatia will she set a precedent and sing together with a local musician – the tenor Ivo Gamulin Gianni. (more »)

Summer on the historic roads of Lujzijana and Karolina
The history of these once important royal roads

"Summer on the roads of Lujzijana and Karolina" – a cultural event that is dedicated to the once important imperial and royal roads leading through the Gorski kotar area to the coast –started in mid-June at various locations along the respective roads. After a series of programmes in July, the event will come to an end with an invitation to visitors to come again next year. (more »)

Summer in Lovran and Medveja 2010
Daily programme – all summer long!

To make summer in Lovran and the nearby resort of Medveja as interesting as possible, the Lovran Tourist Board in collaboration with several cultural institutions and hotels has prepared a packed cultural and entertainment programme offering performances by numerous Croatian and international musicians and many other surprises. (more »)

Gorski kotar
Active, interesting, exciting!

Regardless of the season, a visit to Gorski kotar always means activity holidays. However, if you decide to visit this area at the end of July, be assured you will find even more activity than usual, thanks to a packed calendar of events that has been carefully designed to meet the needs of visitors of all age groups. (more »)

Invitation from Bakar
Visit the Margaretino leto festival

From mid-June to the 8th of August, the waterfront in Bakar, a traditional meeting place in this small Kvarner seaside town, will host a variety of interesting events within the Margaretino leto summer festival. (more »)

Island of Cres
Fun for young and old alike

This year's summer festival on the island of Cres starts on the 5th of July with an entertainment programme for children. The festival lasts until the end of August and includes a series of events offering lots of fun for visitors to this beautiful Kvarner island. (more »)

Summer on the Crikvenica Riviera
A packed calendar of events

After enjoying the sun and the sea by day, visitors to Crikvenica and the areas surrounding its Riviera can choose from a variety of exciting events taking place in the afternoons and evenings. Particularly worth mentioning is the European Basketball Championship for players up to 20 years of age, from the 8th to the 14th of July. (more »)

Lošinjska plovidba – Turizam d.o.o. shipping and tourism company
Significant investment for a better future

The Lošinjska plovidba – Turizam d.o.o shipping and tourism company from Mali Lošinj has invested significantly in improving its two campsites in Nerezine: AC Lopari and AC Rapoća. Further investments also include the elaboration of the development plan for the Y/C Marina in Mali Lošinj, and its refurbishment. (more »)

September in Mali Lošinj
27th Spear Fishing World Championship

After hosting the 1st Spear Fishing World Championship in 1957, Mali Lošinj will once again play host to this prestigious championship and a series of accompanying events from the 14th to the 19th of September. (more »)

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management
50th anniversary

At the beginning of May, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija held a ceremonial meeting under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Croatia to mark its first 50 years. Over those years, approximately ten thousand tourism professionals have been educated here. Bearing in mind the faculty's ambitious plans and great demand for the type of education it offers, there is no doubt that a very bright future lies ahead for this faculty. (more »)

Kastav Summer of Culture
For the lovers of music, tradition and romantics

From the beginning of July to the end of August, visitors to the historical town of Kastav will once again have the chance to enjoy a wide range of events based on music, tradition, culture, arts and drama. We are talking about the start of yet another Kastav Summer of Culture festival. (more »)

Island of Lošinj
Continuous communication with visitors

The importance of advertising and good PR in tourism is evident from the increasing number of visitors to the website of Lošinj's Tourism Office and Facebook fans. Accordingly, Lošinj's tourism professionals are expecting a significant increase in the number of visitors to the island this summer. (more »)

Rijeka Tourist Board
Town of Rijeka – winner of the Golden Tourist Heart award

Being one of the main organisers of the popular Rijeka Carnival, the Rijeka Tourist Board last April won the prestigious Golden Tourist Heart award, which for the last 18 years has been awarded by Sacen International – the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Development. (more »)

Island of Rab
Croatia's first winner of the QualityCoast award

The island of Rab has become the winner of the prestigious international QualityCoast award, assigned by the European Coastal and Marine Union. Rab is the first Croatian member of this union and the only seaside destination in this part of Europe to have won this highly prestigious award. (more »)

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Exhibition dedicated to pop-art icons

Visitors to the Rijeka Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art have the chance to enjoy the works of some of America's greatest pop-art icons such as Andy Warhol, John Chamberlain, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, James Rosenquist and Robert Rauschenberg. The exhibition will run until the 24th of June. (more »)

Festival Opatija
Summer under the stars

The renowned holiday resort of Opatija proudly presents its new summer brand – the Summer under the stars festival, which runs from the beginning of June until the end of August, offering a wide choice of superb concerts, stage performances and movies under the starry sky. (more »)

Try a different way
Get to know the largest Adriatic island – on foot!

The island of Krk – connected to the mainland by a bridge – now offers another attraction – almost 300 kilometres of well-tended and marked walking trails, which connect some of the most attractive vantage points, coves and wooded areas of this island. (more »)

2010 Rijeka Summer Nights
Packed calendar of cultural events

For the seventh year in a row, visitors to the town of Rijeka are invited to a series of attractive cultural and entertainment events throughout the month of July within the traditional Rijeka Summer Nights festival. (more »)

Holiday in Crikvenica
Surf for free in the centre of town!

Since May, Crikvenica's residents and visitors can now connect to the Internet free of charge anywhere around Crikvenica's busy waterfront. (more »)

Novi Vinodolski tourist board
Renewal of a unique glass chapel

Visitors exploring the hinterland of Novi Vinodolski will soon have the chance to visit a unique piece of sacred and architectural heritage – a glass chapel, one of the few of its kind in the world. (more »)

Ravna Gora
Activity holidays scented by the aroma of the healing elder flowers

Unspoiled nature, activity holidays, recreation in the fresh air, and – last but not least – the area's rich gastronomic offer based on delicious forest fruits, with known healing effects. Could there be a better invitation to visit Ravna Gora, a delightfully picturesque part of Gorski kotar, which in mid-June will host an event dedicated to the elder flowers and their produce? (more »)

Holiday in the company of fallow deer

If you're coming to Delnice to relax in the beautiful green landscapes typical of the Gorski kotar area, do not miss the chance to visit Japlenški vrh forest park. Here you will encounter its rather unusual inhabitants – a large herd of fallow deer that has become quite used to the everyday visits of curious tourists. (more »)

Water wells – the source of life. The story of an ancient tradition

While large urban centres attract visitors with their modern facilities, rural areas located away from city crowds have different advantages to offer: a pleasant atmosphere, rich traditions, eventful histories, and local customs. In June, visitors to the municipality of Viškovo will have an interesting chance to travel back in time and see what life was like here in years gone by. (more »)

Liburnia Jazz Festival

From the 4th to the 6th of July, visitors to Opatija who love jazz and similar musical genres will have a great chance to enjoy this year's Liburnia Jazz Festival. The list of artists scheduled to perform at this festival includes many renowned names, such as Kyle Eastwood, son of Clint Eastwood, and composer of many of the soundtracks to his father's films. (more »)

New charter flights
From Innsbruck to Mali Lošinj faster than ever

Visitors from Austria, or more precisely from the town of Innsbruck and its surroundings, can now reach the island of Lošinj by new charter flights. From May to the end of September, these two destinations will be connected by regular flights each Sunday. (more »)

Taste some sweet Lovran cherries

If you are a lover of cherries, you now have one more reason to visit Lovran and the entire Opatija Riviera: the particularly sweet Lovran cherries, which local chefs use to make tasty desserts. The tenth Cherries Festival is the best invitation to visit this area! (more »)

For lovers of music, tradition and romantics

In the historic town of Kastav, this month of May is very special: it includes the feast of the town’s patron saint, Saint Helen, and also the beginning of the artistic programme within this year's 19th International Kastav Summer of Culture Festival with a series of attractive performances. However, this beautiful small town always offers plenty of wonderful new experiences, even when it seems that there is not much going on… (more »)

37th Croatia Rally
Let the racing begin!

This year, the 37th Croatia Rally has moved to Kvarner from the surroundings of Zagreb. Rally drivers from Croatia and abroad, their teams and spectators will have a terrific chance to enjoy these spectacular races, set in magnificent landscapes, and in the special atmosphere where even the fiercest competitors end up as friends. (more »)

Island of Lošinj
When business becomes pleasure

In search of new attractive destinations, many business guests choose the island of Lošinj and its centre, Mali Lošinj. This town offers convention capacities that are suitable for both smaller and larger business events, and also has plenty of opportunities to enjoy some wonderful natural surroundings, giving inspiration, restoring energy, and generating new strength and vigour. (more »)

May in Rab
Do not miss the renowned Rab Crossbowmen Knight Tournament!

Starting with the packed programme to mark the Town of Rab Festival, visitors to this town will have a great chance to experience many other attractive events in May. Among these is the famous Knight Tournament, organised by the Rab Crossbowmen’s Society, which continues attracting numerous visitors to the area. Do not miss the chance to be a part of this unique historical event! (more »)

Baška – island of Krk
5th Black Sheep – weekend of sports, culture, music and gastronomy

Don't be a sheep, come to Krk! – this is a funny invitation from the organisers of the Black Sheep, an increasingly popular weekend event that this year takes place in Baška on the island of Krk from the 14th to the 16th of May. Despite its name, this festival is anything but black! (more »)

Summer of football on the island of Lošinj
Football School Summer Camp

Because summer is the ideal time for activity holidays, young football fans are invited to spend this summer in Mali Lošinj in the company of some football professionals. From the 20th of June to the 17th of July, two hotels in Mali Lošinj will be offering accommodation within the attractive Football School Summer Camp, led by the former Croatian national team selector Zlatko Cico Kranjčar. (more »)

Just like the old days…
Imperial days in Opatija

This April when the luxury Imperial Train from Vienna landed in Opatija-Matulji railway station, time seemed suddenly to have stood still – the magnificent replica of the Imperial Train, the ceremonial welcome and visitors from Vienna brought us right back in time to the golden era when Opatija was a favourite Austrian-Hungarian resort. However, this was just a part of the appealing Imperial theme that ran right through the month, but whose spirit can be felt in Opatija throughout the year. (more »)

Brod Moravice
Exciting summer in the countryside

If you are not a particular fan of chic holiday resorts, crowded beaches, streets and restaurants – make a different choice and come to Brod Moravice, the smallest and oldest municipality in the Gorski kotar area. Your friendly hosts will do their best to make your stay here as pleasant and fulfilling as possible – a holiday where you can really recharge your batteries. (more »)

Antiques Festival in Ravna Gora
Peek into ancient chest

The 1st Antiques Festival was held at the end of April in Ravna Gora in Gorski kotar. The festival brought together many lovers of antique items and the local cultural and historical heritage. The festival is now over, but the exhibition that reveals most of the treasures that can be found in an ancient kitchen remains open until the end of May. (more »)

Rijeka Hostel
Quality confirmed by the HI-Quality Certificate

The Rijeka Hostel, located near the centre of the town in an old but completely refurbished 19th-century villa, has gained another recognition of its quality – the HI Quality Certificate, which was awarded to the hostel in April by the director of the Hostelling International federation. (more »)

Island of Krk
Ježevac Campsite now with new luxury mobile homes

The Ježevac Campsite on the island of Krk is busy preparing for the forthcoming season, when it will welcome visitors with a choice of new luxury mobile homes, new beach and children facilities, additional services such as car wash, and many other surprises. (more »)

Easter Holidays
Kvarner to welcome many visitors

During the Easter holidays, Kvarner will welcome over 14,000 visitors, who will account for over 50,000 overnight stays. Most of these visitors will stay in one of the 75 hotels that will open here for Easter, although some visitors have opted instead for private accommodation, campsites, holiday houses and marinas. This marks the official start of the busier tourist season. (more »)

Mali Lošinj Tourism Office
Creative development of the island

In order to further improve the quality of facilities and services offered, giving them an even more creative and dynamic edge, this March the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office started a varied destination development programme. This aims to make the area's famed hospitality now even more apparent… (more »)

Festival of Science in Rijeka
Science as a tourist attraction

In addition to being a city of culture, festivals and urban tourism, from the 19th to the 24th of April Rijeka will also be a city of science. During that period, Rijeka will, together with Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Starigrad and Zadar, host the national Festival of Science, which will this year be dedicated to the subject "The Earth", presenting various relevant fields of science to a wider audience. (more »)

Family Hotel Vespera, Mali Lošinj
The only Croatian hotel within the Kinderhotels group

Due to its dedicated orientation to family tourism and its comprehensive offer of services and facilities particularly adapted to children, the Family Hotel Vespera in Mali Lošinj has recently become a member of the Kinderhotels group. At the moment, the Family Hotel Vespera is the only Croatian hotel within this famous European group of hotels. (more »)

Festival Kvarner in Opatija and Lovran
A harmony of classical music and the sea

On the 6th of April, Opatija will host the first concert of the new Festival Kvarner, which will bring together the beauty of classical music and Opatija's unique atmosphere. The concert will take place in one of Europe's most beautiful seaside concert halls – the Crystal Hall of the Hotel Kvarner. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Apoxyomenos Festival

The famous statue of Apoxyomenos is today a very recognisable symbol of the island of Losinj. To mark the 11th anniversary of the statue's discovery in the seabed near the town of Mali Lošinj, the town's streets and institutions will be celebrating its "birthday" from the 24th to the 27th of April. However, this will only be the beautiful end of an interesting month, which will start with some excellent gastronomic surprises. (more »)

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
Member of the International Planetarium Society

The unique astronomy centre in Rijeka, which was opened a year ago, has already become a favourite destination for plenty of visitors from Croatia and abroad. It recently became a member of the International Planetarium Society (more »)

The tastes of Kvarner
Asparagus, olives, wine…

An indispensable part of the spring ambience on Kvarner is the recognisable taste of wild-growing asparagus, which is claimed to have a particularly good taste here in this region, and thus an even more beneficial effect on the body. It grows throughout Kvarner, but the town of Lovran and the island of Krk have prepared some special events dedicated to this wild-growing plant, which goes particularly well with a glass of home-made wine and olives. On the island of Krk, there is a path dedicated to them – the Krk Olive Oil Route... (more »)

European Destination of Excellence
Fužine – one of Croatia's five most attractive pearls

One of the most recognisable resorts in Gorski kotar, the small lakeside town of Fužine, has made it into the top five Croatian resorts to compete for the title of most attractive European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). This year's theme is Aquatic Tourism. (more »)

Which frog is the fastest?

Like every spring, Lokve – the European frog metropolis – will host Frog Night, a traditional event dedicated entirely to frogs. The highlight of the evening will be the frog jumping competition. But if you cannot make it to Lokve for this unique event, you can always come here some other time and visit the town's unique Frog Museum. (more »)

Jakov Fak wins bronze!

Mrkopalj is celebrating! Apart from being noted for its idyllic natural landscape, this area of Gorski kotar now boasts an additional attraction: a bronze medal from the Winter Olympics. The winner of this medal is the young Croatian biathlete Jakov Fak, who took third place in Vancouver in the 10-km cross-country race (more »)

Mali Lošinj, Novi Vinodolski and the Municipality of Vinodol
High recognition for responsible tourism

For the high quality of sustainable tourism projects in their areas, the tourism offices of Mali Lošinj, Novi Vinodolski and the Municipality of Vinodol all received high recognition at the Milan International Tourism Exchange – the Responsible Tourism Award. (more »)

Valamar Koralj Romantic Hotel Krk
New services and facilities for a romantic atmosphere

Thanks to the systematic improvements of its service quality, the Valamar Koralj Romantic Hotel, located in the town of Krk on the island of the same name, is considered by many to be one of the most romantic hotels on the Adriatic. Recent investments added some new services and facilities and a brand new wellness and beauty centre. (more »)

Palm Sunday on the island of Rab
Lenten oratorio "Rapska klapska muka"

On Palm Sunday, choral groups from Rab traditionally give a concert in front of the Cathedral of the Assumption in the town of Rab. This year, visitors to the town and the island will have the chance to experience the unique atmosphere of the final Lenten festivities on the 28th of March at 7,30 p.m. (more »)

Platak ski area
Big plans for the future

With new investments scheduled for the next five years, the Platak ski area should soon be upgraded to international standard. New facilities for athletes and visitors will function all year round. (more »)

Daily entertainment in the town of history and culture

To justify the town's image as a place of history and culture, the Town of Krk Tourism Office has prepared a packed calendar of events for the whole year ahead, bringing together entertainment, gastronomy, culture, history and local atmosphere to guarantee visitors a most enjoyable stay. (more »)

Easter breakfast – tradition and welcome

Spending Easter holidays in the renowned holiday resort of Baška on the island of Krk is a chance to learn more about the area's festive tradition and enjoy a variety of services and facilities. One thing is certain – if you choose to come here, it will be an interesting, pleasant and delicious Easter holiday. (more »)

Mali Lošinj in Zagreb
Invitation with good reason

A mimosa from Lošinj in bloom was a perfect scenery for the presentation of Mali Lošinj, its benefits for human health, and the 125-year-long tradition of health tourism. The message is clear – enjoy life, become healthier, and get rid of stress! (more »)

For business guests
Opatija's advantages as a convention destination

The first congress of balneologists, which took place in Opatija 125 years ago, and the fact that three years later the town was proclaimed a climatic health resort, laid the foundations for Opatija's future development as a holiday resort and convention destination. In 2010, the town continues this tradition with an extensive calendar of conventions and congresses. (more »)

New project of the Municipality of Vinodol
The Stone Stairs recreational trail for tourists

After renovation of the area's old forest paths, visitors to the Vinodol region will have the chance to enjoy a walk along the 4.5-km-long, circular Stone Stairs Trail. This route, which in the past was the only link between the forest areas and villages, passes through a magnificent landscape past numerous natural and cultural-historical monuments. (more »)

Did you know?
Brown bear and humans – respectful coexistence

In all Croatia – and this applies particularly to the forests in the mountains of Gorski kotar, Lika, Istria, the hinterland of Dalmatia, and some uninhabited forests on the Croatian Littoral and the island of Krk – there are today approximately one thousand brown bears, many more than in other European countries. (more »)

Rijeka Carnival
New meeting scheduled for the 17th of January 2011!

The 27th Rijeka International Carnival is over, and the next year's event is already planned for the period from the 17th of January to the 9th of March 2011. (more »)

Souvenir-shop at the web portal of the Rijeka Tourism Office

Since the end of January it has been possible to purchase some twenty original Rijeka souvenirs, by a simple click on the official web portal of the Rijeka Tourism Office. It is the first virtual souvenir-shop in Kvarner, offering the unavoidable Morčići, or Mori, miniatures of the City Tower and of St.Vitus (Sv. Vid) Church as well as the best selling Kvarner motives – the «zvončari» (bell-ringers) from Zamet and Halubje and from Grobnik («dondolaši»).
(more »)

The European FIS Cup on Platak
Cheer on the best Europan skiers

The traditional male slalom race Adriatic slalom will be held on the popular “Rijeka” ski centre Platak, on 7th March. It has been included for the first time in the European FIS Cup calendar, and thanks to the suitable date, attendance by most of the èlite ski circles is expected. (more »)

In the framework of the Rijeka Carnival manifestations
Kiril Džajkovski & band at the Carnival Party

As an addition to the Carnival «madness», the jubilee – tenth electronic music festival known as Carnival Party is scheduled to be held during the last three days of the famous Rijeka Carnival manifestations – that last from 17th January to 14th February. Among high-sounding names of the international electronic scene, the manifestation will host also the world famous Macedonian star Kiril Džajkovski. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Maritime greats as tourist brand

The tourist-educational project “Lošinjskim jedrima oko svijeta” (Around the world with Lošinj sails) organized by the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office will present the long shipping and shipbuilding tradition of Mali and Veli Lošinj in an interesting and unique way. Interesting stories about Lošinj seafarers will take the guests back to days of glorious shipping tradition.
(more »)

Theatre Fenice Rijeka
Maestro Paco de Lucia in Croatia

As part of his tour in Croatia, where he will be holding three concerts, Paco de Lucia, one of the most important and influent flamenco guitarists, will honour the Rijeka public with his concert. He will hold the concert accompanied by his seven-member ensemble on 10th February at the Theatre Fenice in Rijeka.
(more »)

Rijeka Cafe Jazz Tunel
Enjoy in jazz and blues in the tunnel!

The Rijeka Cafe Jazz klub Tunel, where jazz and blues music evenings are held almost on a daily basis, is known, in addition to good music and pleasant atmosphere, also for the location and the interior since it is situated in one of the old tunnels along the road.
(more »)

Mountain climbing with the rangers

An excursion to the mountain Učka, wherefrom a marvelous view extends to the entire Kvarner region and Istra and in days of fair weather even to neighbouring Italy, is an interesting trip through the richness of its landscape and its numerous attractions. Don't worry, specially trained rangers will take care of your safety… (more »)

The Lošinj Garden of Fine Scents
It all smells of lemons and oranges

The month of February will pass by in the sign of fragrances, tastes and colours of lemons and oranges in Mali Lošinj. Throughout the month tourists will be able to enjoy in fragrant specialties, purchase at the fragrances fair, participate in creative workshops and enjoy in cosmetic arrangements based on the mentioned citrus fruits. (more »)

Valentine's Day in Opatija
Romantic arrangements in the midst of Carnival festivities

This year again Opatija, considered by many the ideal destination for a romantic celebration of Valentine's Day, expects readily all lovers, those who are still to fall in love as well as those who are simply in love with life. The numerous wellness centres offer a whole series of romantic packages, and if you had enough of romanticism or if you wish to experience something new, simply get out of the hotel and enjoy the local Carnival «madness»… (more »)

Gorski kotar
Along the paths of protected landscapes

If you decide to spend your winter holidays in the snow-covered Gorski kotar combine your stay in comfortable accommodation facilities, enjoying in winter sports or other forms of recreation with another experience – exploration of natural attractions and protected landscapes. (more »)

Liburnia Riviera Hoteli
Spend your summer holidays and – save at the same time

Besides big discounts on last minute bookings of attractive winter package arrangements, Opatija hotels operating within the Group Liburnia Riviera Hoteli have launched the early bookings offer with a 30-percent discount on accommodation prices for the forthcoming season. Thus recession will no longer be an obstacle for your vacations. (more »)

The Vinodol riviera
A paradise for wine-lovers

The Vinodol riviera is known not only for the attractive tourist offer but also for the vast vineyards and top-quality wines, in which tourists can enjoy in any time of the year. (more »)

The Rijeka Carnival
Be what you are!

Based on the multicentennial carnival traditon, the Rijeka Carnival - entering the 27th year of its existence – from 17th January to 17th February 2010 announces a lot of joy, fanciful masks as well as the coming true, at least temporarily, of our dream to be what we really are – during these thirty days here, in this place. (more »)

Rijeka Modern and Contemporary Art Museum
3. Biennale Quadrilaterale

The Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Rijeka presents for the third time one of the most significant regional art manifestations – the Biennale Quadrilaterale that this year, under the title „Media art – angles and intersections“, presents the artistic creativity of the new media. (more »)

Juraj Plančić and the Holiday Table

This year too the Opatija January days will be coloured with art – In the Art Pavilion Juraj Šporer in Opatija an exhibition of selected works by Juraj Plančić was opened at the end of December, and the Museum of Tourism presents the opulence of the holiday table. (more »)

Island of Lošinj 
A safe voyage, captain!

In 2010 the story of Lošinj fragrances and flavours, guiding from month to month the guests through the recognizable world of the Lošinj flora and the related tourist products, shall be further enriched by nostalgic stories about the captains, their departures and returns home. This ode to courage, devotion and feelings interwoven with the present time will lead your way around the world under Lošinj sails. However, there's more to surprises…
(more »)

Gorski kotar
Enjoying in winter activities

For those for whom winter is the synonym for enjoying in the snow, walks in the wooded areas as well as for romantic evenings by the fire and a rich table, Gorski kotar – the wooded interior of the Kvarner region – is an increasingly appealing destination, suitable to the expectations and requirements of guests of all generations. If you come here in January, you will have the opportunity to attend or even to participate directly in sleighing and skiing competitions. (more »)

Kvarner Expo 2010 
Ever increasing offer of souvenirs

All those who wish to see or even buy Croatian autochthonous souvenirs, are invited to visit the traditional, eighth exhibition Kvarner Expo 2010, in Opatija from 1st to 3rd April 2010. The autochthonous handworks, pastry and beverages, jewelry, ornaments, clothes and other usable items will certainly be interesting for the tourists, but they will also find a place in their cupboards, shelves or at least in their memories.
(more »)

Soon closer and even more attractive

The island of Rab and the tourist facilities operating in the framework of the firm Imperial Rab announce great changes in 2010. These will make the island even more accessible and closer and the facilities' offer richer. (more »)

The Riječka beltway
Reaching the Kvarner destinations in a quicker and more comfortable way

At the very end of the last year the Rijeka beltway was opened to traffic and thus the way to the Kvarner destinations has become both quicker and more comfortable. Kvarner has never been closer! (more »)

Wellness, enjoyment and health care

No doubt that stress has a negative impact on health. There are several ways to reduce it or, even better, act preventively against it. The delight of relaxing in the wellness centres certainly is one of the most pleasant and thereby an additional reason to visit Opatija in March. In the month of open wellness doors many benefits expect you there.
(more »)

Diversity is beautiful – the new slogan for Kvarner's tourism

Diversity is beautiful! For those who haven't yet come to Kvarner, its new tourism slogan perfectly expresses why it's worth visiting this region and discover for themselves what this diversity is all about. Those who have visited Kvarner before and have explored the region's coasts, islands and wooded hinterland, are already well aware: Kvarner's diversity is so very beautiful indeed! (more »)

Holidays on Kvarner
Joyful, funny, tasty…

Kvarner's festive calendar is packed with a variety of events tailored to meet the expectations of visitors regardless of age or preference. So whichever destination in the Kvarner region you decide to visit, rest assured you will find a joyful welcome here, a wonderful festive spirit, plenty of fun and superb gastronomy… (more »)

Kortil Gallery, Rijeka
Representative exhibition of works by the father of op-art

Lovers of the abstract geometrical arts should not miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition of the Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, the founder of op-art, which runs until the 15th of January 2010 in Rijeka's Kortil Gallery in the Sušak district. The exhibition will display approximately forty pieces from between 1930 and 1975 by this superb artist. (more »)

Original products of the island of Rab
Let's go shopping – every Friday!

With the aim of promoting original local products made from honey, olives, lavender, sage and other medicinal plants, as well as several other products specific to the area, members of the Rab's Mocira association of producers of souvenirs of practical value came up with the idea of holding a market every Friday to sell their products. The initiative, known as "Always on Friday", has already generated great interest among tourists.
(more »)

Kvarner's best souvenir
Worldwide recognition of Rijeka's Morčić

Do you know what a Morčić is? It's quite possible you have already encountered it, without knowing that this figure of a Moor with white turban is Rijeka's best-known symbol and souvenir, recognised across the world for its attractiveness and historical importance. (more »)

Pizzeria Bracera in Rijeka
Enjoy both flavours and colours!

Visitors to Bracera can now enjoy a unique combination of the visual and gastronomic arts: the freshly refurbished interior of this popular pizzeria is now decorated with works by the famous painter, graphic artist, sculptor, illustrator and set designer Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić. (more »)

Opatija – Istria, July 2010
Croatian Open Hang-Gliding Championship

From the 7th to the 12th of July 2010, the sky over Učka will be filled with hang-gliders taking part in the 10th Croatian Open Hang-Gliding Championship. Apart from competitors, this championship continues to attract plenty of visitors staying in destinations around Kvarner and Istria, eager to marvel at some spectacular performances by superbly skilful hang-gliders.
(more »)

Mali Lošinj
New home for the Apoxyomenos

The Kvarner Palace on Mali Lošinj's waterfront will be the new home for the island's "most famous inhabitant" – the Apoxyomenos. A draft design of the Apoxyomenos Museum in which this antique statue will be permanently displayed, has recently been presented to the public. (more »)

Winter in Ravna Gora
Activity holidays and fun in the snow for all the family

From the numerous winter resorts of the Gorski kotar area, increasingly popular with visitors every year, we now present Ravna Gora, a small town whose surroundings offer some great opportunities for relaxation and activity holidays. (more »)

Island of Rab
Lopar potato Festival

The tasty potatoes of the Lopar area now have their own festival – Days of Potatoes – scheduled to take place in Lopar, the northernmost part of the island of Rab, next year in June. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy a range of gastronomic specialities and to discover for themselves why so many visitors who spend their holidays in the Lopar area decide to take some locally grown potatoes home with them as a tasty souvenir. (more »)

Opatija's parks
Let's walk together…

In a prestigious competition organised by the Croatian National Tourist Board, Opatija won the Blue Flower award for tidiness and maintenance. Perhaps not the only factor that contributed to winning this award, but definitely significant, are Opatija's renowned parks and gardens, which continue to enchant visitors throughout the year with their well-cared-for appearance and splendid plants from the Mediterranean and other parts of the world. (more »)

Mali Lošinj and Opatija – simply the best

The towns of Mali Lošinj (on the island of Lošinj) and Opatija won first and third places respectively in the new Way to Croatia competition organised by the magazine Simply the Best. This only confirms the well-known fact that these two Kvarner holiday resorts offer visitors superb services and facilities and some beautiful natural landscapes. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
New award for the "Island of Vitality"

Lošinj Tourism Office's 9-minute promotional film entitled "Lošinj – the Island of Vitality" wins against strong competition at the Interstas International Tourism Film Festival in Split. (more »)

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka
Exhibition Grenzenlos / Without Borders

In November, Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art hosts a great international exhibition entitled Grenzenlos/Without Borders, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and also the 20th anniversary of Vienna's KulturKontakt cultural movement, attended by many Croatian scholarship students. (more »)

Happy Dog
Rijeka's first hotel for dogs

Dog owners wishing to spend their holidays in the town of Rijeka or its surroundings, as well as Rijeka's inhabitants leaving for holidays without their dogs, now have a place where they can leave their pets and be sure they are well cared-for. In addition to accommodation, the hotel also offers a beauty salon and a pet shop. (more »)

Rijeka's Art Cinema Croatia
Full member of the Europa Cinemas network

Rijeka's popular Art Cinema Croatia, dedicated to promoting less-well-known and independent movie productions as a counterbalance to modern multiplex cinemas showing only commercial blockbusters, has recently become a full member of the Europa Cinemas network. (more »)

Harlem Gospel Choir in Rijeka
Remembering Michael Jackson

Rijeka's inhabitants and visitors to the town are invited to enjoy a very special programme on the 30th of November in the town's Dvorana mladosti Hall – a concert by the world-renowned Harlem Gospel Choir, which has already given concerts for Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Barack Obama and many other celebrated personalities. In Rijeka they will perform the "Concert of Hope", with a special part entitled "Remembering Michael Jackson". (more »)

Island of  Krk
Opening of the Baška Glagolitic Trail

The Baška Glagolitic Trail was opened in the Baška Valley on the island of Krk, today considered to be the cradle of Croatian literacy. It is a unique trail featuring large stone monuments inscribed with Glagolitic letters. This is a chance for visitors to the area to learn more about this ancient alphabet while enjoying a walk through the island's beautiful valleys and gardens. (more »)

Gorski kotar
Exciting four-wheel safari

Gorski kotar has a very original solution for all nature lovers lacking time for a whole-day trip in the open countryside or who just aren't very fond of autumn's muddy forest trails, but still want to experience the atmosphere of this season in the forest – the adventure quad safari on winding mountain trails. (more »)

Great news for boarders this winter: snowboard park!

Plenty of surprises lie in store for visitors to Rijeka's popular ski resort of Platak this winter. Snowboarders will be particularly satisfied, for Platak will now feature a large snowboard park, the first of its kind in Croatia. The park will be designed to meet the demands of even the most skilled boarders, and will also host championships in this extreme sport. (more »)

Mythological creatures continue to live, even today

Such a small place, and so many legends – this would be a good way to describe Lokve, a magical place in Gorski kotar, located beneath Mount Risnjak, surrounded by mystical forests and lakes. The area of Lokve, which is very popular among visitors for its beautiful nature and interesting legends, now has another story to tell… (more »)

3rd Croatia Carnival Snowboard Session 2010
Best European snowboarders in Rijeka

On the 30th of January 2010, Rijeka's Nina Snowboard Club is organising the 3rd Croatia Carnival Snowboard Session 2010. The show will take place on Rijeka's main promenade, the Korzo, only two hundred metres from the sea, and will include performances by some of Europe's best snowboarders. Due to its appeal, we can say for sure that this show will be viewed not only by snowboard enthusiasts, but also by several thousands spectators. (more »)

Welcome in New Year before anyone else!

Gorski kotar's popular resort of Fužine continues to attract plenty of visitors to its unique New Year's party! Do you wonder why? Because Fužine has a tradition of welcoming in the New Year before anyone else, more precisely at noon! This might come in handy for many people who are eager to finish this year characterised by recession and start a new, hopefully better one as soon as possible! (more »)

Chocolate Festival to sweeten the month of December

For the fourth year in a row, Opatija will host a unique festival dedicated to the favourite confectionery of young and old – chocolate! This year's sweet chocolate days will last from the 4th to the 6th of December, inviting visitors to enjoy it with all senses. (more »)

Entente Florale Europe 2009
A great recognition for Mali Lošinj

Against strong competition from 5,700 other towns across Europe for the Entente Florale Europe 2009, Mali Lošinj won the silver award for its tidiness, natural beauty, tourism offer, and the unique Garden of Fine Scents. (more »)

Bell-ringers' pageant in the Kastav area now listed among the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Bell-ringers ("zvončari") from the Kastav area, the indispensable masked participants of the traditional pageant and symbols of the famous Rijeka International Carnival, are one of up to seven intangible cultural assets from Croatia that have now been added to UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage. (more »)

Promotion of the new charter
New air route: Innsbruck – Mali Lošinj

The first landing of larger aircraft in Mali Lošinj airport marked the introduction of a new charter flight schedule between Innsbruck and Mali Lošinj, which will start in May 2010. (more »)

A trail for the arts
Explore the Gorski kotar sculptors' path

In addition to its wonderful nature and unique traditions, the Gorski kotar area is also known for an original attraction – the Gorski kotar sculptors' path, which invites visitors to explore the landscape from a new perspective. (more »)

Opening of the passenger terminal in the harbour gives Rijeka a new skyline

After the grand opening, Rijeka harbour can now claim to have one of the most beautiful maritime passenger terminals in the world. This has not only changed the town's skyline, but also features a restaurant offering top gastronomic fare, and bars and clubs to enrich the town's nightlife. (more »)

Enjoy a cup of a personalised espresso

Opatija's Bevanda Restaurant has raised coffee-drinking culture to another level: visitors to this renowned restaurant can now enjoy a cup of "personalised espresso", whose flavour will change according to the time of year. (more »)

A new archaeological site

An extraordinarily valuable archaeological site has been discovered almost right on the beach on the western coast of the island of Cres, which is very popular among swimmers in summer. The site includes the wreck of a Roman merchant ship more than two thousand years old, which only recently started emerging from the sandy seabed. (more »)

Rijeka – healthy town
Explore the sights of the town on attractive trails

A project to further revitalise Rijeka's existing walking trails and construct some attractive new ones has recently been started.  Rijeka, with its reputation for healthy living, aims to connect some of the town's most beautiful sights with its surrounding area. Once completed, this enjoyable walk will take four hours to explore the most important sights of the town. (more »)

Rijeka wins the international award for promoting togetherness

The town of Rijeka wins the prestigious 2009 Golden Stars Awards in the Europe for Citizens category. This award is given by the European Commission to those cities that best promote togetherness and intercultural collaboration among European countries. (more »)

The right place for a break in nature

The Čabar area, located in the northernmost part of Gorski kotar, continues to draw in plenty of nature lovers. They come here to find their oasis of calm, to discover once again the sheer joy of spending time in unspoilt nature. To best experience Čabar, the local tourism professionals have prepared a special offer for you, based on the area's rich traditions. (more »)

Chefs competing for the title of the best

Croatian Culinary Days, Croatia's biggest and most important culinary event, will take place in Opatija in mid-November to showcase all the diversity of Croatian gastronomy. This will be a superb chance for visitors to see the work of some of the finest Croatian chefs whose skills and recipes have gained for Croatia the reputation of a very attractive gastronomic destination. (more »)

Chestnuts, hot sweet chestnuts…

The month of October in Lovran and the whole Opatija Riviera is known for its wonderful atmosphere and unique tastes. At this time of year, the wide gastronomic offer of the region is enriched with delicacies made of sweet chestnut, popularly known as the Lovran Marron. If you haven't tried these yet, this is your chance to do so, because the new season has just begun! (more »)

Look into the stars

The Rijeka Astronomy Centre, which was opened last April, offers visitors an interesting popular-science programme that guides them through the night sky and helps them discover more about the universe. Looking into the starry sky – which is particularly romantic from the Opatija Riviera – now has a completely new dimension. (more »)

Olive harvest as tourist product

Although you may be familiar with the benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet on human health, here in Punat on the island of Krk you will have the chance to put some theory into practice. Until the end of October, visitors are being invited to participate in the olive harvest, to see how high-quality extra virgin olive oil is produced, and finally to taste some interesting, healthy dishes made with this oil. (more »)

Intense autumn of congresses

At the beginning of autumn, Opatija is always a popular venue for many congresses, whose delegates join guests who are still here enjoying their holidays. A rich congress offer, a long tradition of hospitality and professional staff are the key to Opatija's success as congress venue. (more »)

Bela nedeja – tradition lives on

In honour of the new wine, Kastav, a historical town located on a hill halfway between Rijeka and Opatija, will host the traditional Bela nedeja – a festival of wine, dance and song. (more »)

A tribute to the fishermen and the sea

This year, the renowned holiday resort of Crikvenica will host the 43rd Fishermen's Week. This is the oldest and most popular event in Crikvenica, a kind of farewell to summer and the main tourist season, but also a tribute to the area's long fishing tradition. (more »)

International meeting point of triathletes

Punat, a popular holiday resort on the island of Krk, continues to live a dynamic life marked by various tourist, entertainment and sporting events. If you are a sport enthusiast and like triathlon, you are most warmly invited to visit this resort located in the north-west of the island of Krk. (more »)

Do you dance (Viennese) waltz?

Opatija, a famous holiday resort with a tradition of welcoming visitors reaching back more than a century, will soon host the second Viennese Ball. The ball will include performances by many musicians and dancers, with the main music being provided by the Papa Bileck orchestra, renowned for successfully presenting Viennese music all across the world. What will be the venue for this event? When it comes to balls, there is no doubt: Opatija's most renowned ballroom is located in the Hotel Kvarner! (more »)

Become acquainted with the island of Krk by bike or on foot

The beginning of September in the town of Krk, on the island of the same name, was marked by the tastes of dishes made with figs offered in local restaurants. The second half of the month will be dedicated to sports and recreational events that guarantee enjoyment of nature, but do not exclude the delicious specialities of the island. (more »)

Meeting of accordion virtuosos

For seven years in a row, the lanes of Kastav have echoed with the sounds of accordions. And this month was no different – as numerous accordionists from Croatia and abroad gathered in the wonderful ambience of this small town. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Winner of the Golden Interstas

The executive directorship in collaboration with the central committee of the European Tourist Press Federation , which is based in Rome, decided to assign the international Golden Interstas award to the town of Mali Lošinj. The people of Mali Lošinj are expecting more good news this month … (more »)

Ravna Gora
Autumn in Gorski kotar

Are you good at recognising edible mushrooms? Do you enjoy their taste and would you like to participate in gathering mushrooms in the wild, preparing dishes and tasting them? Autumn in Ravna Gora is the right time to do so … (more »)

Still nice, fun and active

Numerous visitors staying on the island of Rab in September, the first month of autumn, can still enjoy swimming in the sea; however, the more agreeable air temperatures at this time of the year also offer great opportunities for hiking, cycling, or attending interesting events that will make your stay on this island even more enjoyable. (more »)

The Falkensteiner Hotel Therapia, for the "good old days"

If you want to relax and benefit from a special wellness offer, or simply enjoy Crikvenica's pleasant climate, which has been proven to have beneficial effects on human health, you are invited to visit the Falkensteiner Hotel Therapia, which combines the elegance of the past with modern comfort. (more »)

Hostel in a 120-year-old villa

For all those wishing to explore an interesting town rich in cultural sites, and at the same time enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere and rich cultural and entertainment programmes, Rijeka is definitely the ideal destination. And for the younger generation, we recommend staying in the Rijeka Youth Hostel, which is unique for one more reason – it offers affordable prices in a wonderful 19th century villa. (more »)

In the rhythm of the blues

For all fans of blues and Kastav – two things that are easily combined – we recommend visiting Kastav on the 9th and 10th of August. But if you cannot make these dates, you can still visit Kastav at some other time of the year – this wonderful old town will always enchant you! (more »)

Ravna Gora
Renowned musicians at the Chamber Music Festival

When famous musicians from various countries and even continents gather in September in Ravna Gora, a wonderful wooded area of Gorski kotar, you can rest assured that the sixth Chamber Music Festival will be transforming this area into a centre of music… (more »)

The island of Lošinj
Learn more about some luxuriant Mediterranean plants!

Summer on the island of Lošinj is always characterised by a variety of dynamic and interesting events created by the island's tourism professionals. For visitors wishing to experience the rhythms and beauty of the Mediterranean's natural environment, we recommend visiting The Lošinj Garden of Fine Scents. The month of August is dedicated to fig, oleander and loquat, and September to jujube and grapes. (more »)

Učka Nature Park
Opening of the Trebišća-Perun history and mythology trail

In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural environment and a variety of cultural, archaeological and historical sites in the immediate vicinity of the coast, as well as a variety of recreational opportunities, visitors to the Učka Nature Park can now learn more about the ancient history of the area on the Trebišća-Perun educational trail. But that is not all… (more »)

TV viewers enchanted by the beauty of Kvarner

When a travel programme on the Italian RAIDUE TV channel becomes the most viewed programme of the day, there must be a good reason for it. For all those who love Kvarner or would like to learn more about it, the good news is that a sequel to the programme is scheduled for the beginning of September on the same channel! (more »)

Summer holidays with a tennis racket and a fishing rod

If you are a fan of sports, traditional music and original Mediterranean ambience, and want to escape the crowds of major seaside resorts, we recommend a visit to Dramalj. Don't forget to take your tennis racket and a fishing rod, and also prepare yourself for some excellent gastronomic delights… (more »)

115 years of tourism

The beginning of August is always particularly ceremonial in the seaside resort of Selce, as this is when Selce celebrates its tourism anniversary. This year there's a particular reason for that: the 115th anniversary of Selce as holiday resort! (more »)

115 years of tourism

The beginning of August is always particularly ceremonial in the seaside resort of Selce, as this is when Selce celebrates its tourism anniversary. This year there's a particular reason for that: the 115th anniversary of Selce as holiday resort! (more »)

Baška on the island of Krk
When Baška's bells begin to ring…

The all-year programme to mark the Year of the Glagolitic Alphabet, entitled Sarcen glagoljaj (Speak with your heart), continues to attract plenty of visitors in August and September. The sounds of church bells, theatrical performances and various monuments in Baška remembering the great anniversary add another interesting dimension to holidays on the island of Krk. (more »)

A wide range of cultural events

The town of Rijeka, an attractive tourist destination with numerous monuments and a packed cultural programme all year round, continues to offer visitors a wide range of concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, sports competitions in August and September… A range of choices that will surely cater for all tastes! (more »)

Vrelo Cave open to children and people with disabilities

The cave of Vrelo, estimated to be approximately four million years old, is a natural attraction of the Gorski kotar region easily accessible by all visitors travelling from the interior to the sea and for those spending their holidays on the Kvarner coast. (more »)

Conference season in the Hotel Adriatic begins with Bejahad

At the end of August, Opatija's Grand Hotel Adriatic will host the Bejahad 2009 Jewish Cultural Scene. This event will mark the beginning of an intense autumn of conferences and congresses, for which Opatija is widely renowned. (more »)

Hotel Risnjak
Blue and green – an ideal combination

Blue sea and green landscapes is an ideal holiday combination, and Kvarner offers plenty of opportunities for combining these two colours. If you want to combine a few days' holiday in the green surroundings of Gorski kotar with a stay on the islands and on the coast, or if you prefer to swim in the sea by day and sleep in the highland by night, we would like to recommend a very attractive destination in Gorski kotar: Delnice. (more »)

Malinska on the island of Krk
Hotel Riu Blue Waves – a new attraction for visitors

Although only recently opened, the Hotel Riu Blue Waves is already attracting much interest from visitors to the island of Krk. After only one month of business, the hotel is now fully booked until the end of summer! (more »)

Events and attractions for a longer stay

While European and worldwide tourism figures are lower than in previous years, the results for the first six months for Kvarner give reason for relative optimism. This region is still the destination of choice for many visitors… (more »)

The Rose of Vinodol
Does a beauty contestant need to be diligent as well?

The Rose of Vinodol contest takes a very different approach to that of so many other beauty contests, which mainly consider only their contestants' physical attributes. Based on a long tradition, this is a contest which takes into account both the beauty and the diligence of its contestants. But this is not the only reason why this contest is really so exceptional… (more »)

Rab Summer Festival
(At least) two delights in one

At the beginning of August, the renowned holiday resort of Rab and the whole island of Rab will host the Rab Summer Festival. Music fans will have a great opportunity to enjoy some very interesting events during the festival. (more »)

Entente Florale Europe
Jury delighted with Mali Lošinj

The final results of the Entente Florale Europe will only be made known in September, after the international jury has visited all the candidates, but already the jury's members have made no attempt to conceal how delighted they were with the Croatian candidate, the town of Mali Lošinj. (more »)

TouRIst Bus
The best way to see the sights of the town

The easiest, most comfortable way to see the natural and cultural landmarks of the towns of Opatija and Rijeka is to buy a ticket for the hop-on-hop-off bus that will take you to precisely wherever you want to go. (more »)

The first Skydive Photo Contest

Mali Lošinj will definitely feature in the history of a new competition, the world's first Skydive Photo Contest, a contest of skydiving photographs and video, taken both in the air and from the ground. (more »)

Blue Flower 2009
The commission has decided: the best tended resorts are Opatija, Krk and Rab.

As part of the I Love Croatia project, the Kvarner County Tourism Office has assessed various holiday resorts in general, as well as individual elements of their tourism offer. The campaign is aimed at raising the overall quality of the living environment, improving tourism, and environmental protection. In the Kvarner area, the Blue Flower campaign included 14 tourism boards. A special commission has visited all the candidates and chosen the best among them. (more »)


A central ceremony to mark the first century of tourism will take place in September

The holiday resort of Malinska, located in the north-west of the island of Krk, will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary of tourism with numerous events that will create a specific atmosphere in this resort – for you can only celebrate your first century of tourism once… (more »)

Wear a souvenir!

Is there any greater souvenir than the tastes, scents or memories of a region that you consider very special? A bottle of wine, traditional embroidery, some local specialities, aromatic plants, or – why not? – a piece of clothing. The island of Krk has got another really interesting, original souvenir for you… (more »)

Fužine Express
Take a train around the lakes

Fužine Express is the name of the tourist train that takes visitors to Fužine on a trip around the attractions of this wonderful area of Gorski kotar. A circuit of the three lakes or a visit to some other sites of your choice will make your stay in this area even more attractive. (more »)

The Blue Flag
The symbol for water quality and environmental management on forty locations

Of the total of 115 beaches and approximately twenty marinas in Croatia to be awarded the Blue Flag for this year, almost forty are located in the Kvarner area. The Blue Flag is an international eco-label that stands for water quality and environmental management. (more »)

CREScendo Music Festival
Attractive musical programme

The second CREScendo Music Festival, the ideal venue for everybody wanting to enjoy beautiful music, will take place on the 26th and 27th of June in the town of Cres on the island of the same name. After last year's successful debut the CREScendo Music Festival continues this year with performances by renowned Croatian and international musicians, adding to the list of other traditional events on the island of Cres. (more »)

Jazz Boat
Listen, see, taste…

The ninth Liburnia Jazz Festival is a supreme jazz event that takes place in Opatija from the 3rd to the 5th of July. This year's festival features something very special: a Jazz Boat that will cruise around the Opatija Riviera, offering visitors a unique experience for the ears, the eyes and the palate! (more »)

Two decades of the Lubenice Musical Evenings

Lubenice Musical Evenings is a traditional festival that will take place for the 20th time this year, offering visitors to this small picturesque town on the island of Cres the chance to enjoy some excellent musical performances. (more »)

The Eyes of Vinodol
The views from six vantage points

The Vinodol region, famous for its cultural and natural landmarks, as well as tourist attractions, now offers its visitors something very special: a tour of he area entitled The Eyes of Vinodol includes six vantage points across the Vinodol region, each one with an interesting story to tell… (more »)

The island of Rab
Summer rich in cultural events

All visitors to the island of Rab will have the chance to enjoy a variety of cultural and entertainment events throughout the summer. The list is long and impressive, but it's worth highlighting here the Rab Musical Festival, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary! (more »)

The island of Lošinj
June dedicated to the scents of Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle

Visitors to Lošinj usually remember this island not only for the beauty of its natural environment, but also for the fragrance of its scents. If coming to Lošinj in June, you will be welcomed by the heady scents of Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle, and also have the chance to learn more about the use of these herbs in gastronomy, cosmetics, medicine... (more »)

Fruits of the mountains
Living in harmony with nature

If you want to escape the summer heat and crowds for a while, we recommend a visit to Gorski kotar, a region famous for its beautiful natural environment, excellent gastronomy, pleasant climate and cool nights. Here you can also taste some delicious fruits of the mountains. (more »)

Ethno Hotel Balatura
For guests who appreciate individuality

The Ethno Hotel Balatura, which celebrated its first year in business at the beginning of June, has a growing number of admirers who come there to find a kind of journey back in time, and to stimulate their own creativity. It's also the starting point for interesting tours of the Adriatic coast, the islands and the wooded Gorski kotar region. (more »)

Jadranka Hotel Company
Opening of the newly refurbished Hotel Vespera

At the beginning of June, the Minister of Tourism Mr. Damir Bajs cut the ribbon to formally open the refurbished Hotel Vespera in Mali Lošinj. This four-star hotel is aimed mainly at families with children, who can find numerous attractions and additional amenities here. (more »)

9th Liburnia Jazz Festival
Superb musical experience for jazz lovers

This year’s Liburnia Jazz Festival, a real must-see event for all jazz lovers and those yet to become so, will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of July in Opatija. The first weekend in July will be marked by 22 concerts on eight stages. The organisers proudly announce performances by some of the best Croatian and international jazz musicians. This year’s main stars will be the cult American jazz band, Medeski, Martin & Wood. (more »)

Hotel Imperial now with four stars

After its renovation, the Hotel Imperial became the first four-star hotel on the island of Rab – a fact that confirms that this island’s long tradition of tourism is never taken for granted, with superb quality and an extensive offer. This news is the best reason to pay another visit to this hotel that was built as early as 1927 … (more »)

Summer on Louisiana Road
Historic roads for a journey back in time

Fast modern motorways will bring visitors to Kvarner in no time. But this is not the only advantage of these new roads – thanks to them, there is less traffic on the old historic roads, which can now be used as tourist routes. The Summer on Louisiana Festival invites you to take a trip down this historic road and learn more about its wonderful surroundings and rich heritage. (more »)

10th Fiumanka Regatta
Sailing and much more

The meeting point of Croatian and international sailors in the period between the 11th to 13th of June is again Rijeka – for the tenth time. The traditional Fiumanka regatta is not just a sailing competition, but much more than that – a real spectacle! (more »)

European awards to campsites

When a campsite receives an award against strong international competition, it becomes obvious that it really offers superb quality. By constantly improving the quality of their services, three campsites on the island of Krk – Bor, Pila and Konobe – have received awards and praise from German, Italian and Dutch camping associations. (more »)

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
The secrets of the Universe at your disposal

The new Astronomy Centre located at Sveti Križ in Rijeka was opened in mid-April as a result of reconstruction of the existing observatory that was built eight years ago. In this way the town of Rijeka, the region of Kvarner and the whole Croatia got a new, unique facility that will surely attract all those people interested in the secrets of space at the professional or amateur level. (more »)

Visit the European “frog capital”!

If you are looking for a place where you can feel the contact with unspoilt nature, you should definitely visit Gorski kotar. In this Kvarner area not far from the sea you can learn more about the interesting world of woods, mountain rivers, traditional food, and also frogs – in a different way than elsewhere. Lokve is the place where you can visit Europe’s unique Frog Museum! (more »)

Kvarner in Budapest
Only five hours by car …

The famous Nagyvasarcsarnok Central Market Hall, which is daily visited by more than twenty thousand people, was chosen as the venue for the fifth road show presentation of Kvarner in Budapest. This was a fine opportunity to remind visitors from Hungary, who are traditionally fond of Kvarner, about the natural and cultural landmarks of this region, and also of the fact that Kvarner can now be reached in only five hours' drive by modern motorway. (more »)

6th Rijeka Summer Nights

A period when the town is the focus of various cultural events
The Rijeka Summer Nights Festival will take place for the sixth time in the period from the 30th of June to the 23rd of July and includes 24 programmes at 13 different locations across the town. (more »)

Rab Summer Festival

The list of dynamic events on Rab to mark the 120th anniversary of tourism on the island has been enriched with something completely new: The Rab Summer Festival, which is scheduled to start this August… (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Hotel Vespera for big and small

After several months of renovation, the Family Hotel Vespera, upgraded by one star, will open its doors to visitors in May and offer various facilities and services for the whole family. If you are looking for a place to stay with your children, don’t look any further! (more »)

9th Cherry Festival

All cherry lovers are invited to visit Lovran, a holiday resort near Opatija, at the beginning of June, for one very particular reason: Lovran's cherries are extraordinarily sweet and tasty! (more »)

Once upon a time in 1889…

The island of Rab is celebrating its 120th anniversary of tourism throughout 2009. However, there is one very particular date to remember: the 16th of May, for this is the date when 120 years ago the Municipality Council made the decision to start developing tourism on the island. Rab is celebrating this date, which has changed the life of people living on this island, in a particularly festive way.
(more »)

9th Asparagus Festival in Lovran
Invitation to taste some unique delicacies

From the 4th to the 19th of April, the tourist resort of Lovran, located on the Opatija Riviera, will host the 9th Asparagus Festival. The culmination of this event will be a big party on the last day of the festival with a varied entertainment programme and the preparation of a giant omelette made using this healthy, wild-growing plant. (more »)

The island of Krk
What is asparagus good for?

If you are planning to visit the island of Krk this spring, let us give you one piece of advice concerning the choice of food: do not forget to order some asparagus! In fact, it has been proven that a meal with this delicious plant will also have a beneficial effect on your health. (more »)

Opening of the multipurpose hall

Do you dance on ice? Do you play hockey? Or do you prefer sports where you cannot slip, at least not literally? If you are also a fan of wonderful wooded landscapes, fresh air and healthy food, we have some advice for you: come to Delnice! But don't forget your swimsuit either: in addition to the public swimming pool in Delnice, and the River Kupa, the seaside is also very near!

(more »)

Mali Lošinj
Taste some island specialities!

If you visit the island of Lošinj by the 18th of April, the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office and the island's restaurant owners invite you to taste some local specialities at the 3rd Lošinj Cuisine Festival. But whenever you decide to visit this renowned destination, you will always have the opportunity to taste traditional specialities prepared with fresh local ingredients and spices from the Lošinj Garden of Fine Scents. (more »)

Coffee Break

The renowned holiday resort of Opatija, recognisable for its splendid architecture from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, continues to attract visitors with its fine cafés. These offer a welcome break while strolling along the famous Lungomare coastal promenade, refreshment with a cappuccino or espresso and a cake, but also a kind of a journey back in time. (more »)

Liburnia Riviera Hotels
A variety of traditional tastes

Visitors to Liburnia Riviera Hotels in Opatija can choose from a wide range of events and gastronomic delicacies in April. For the most part, this month's offer is dedicated to Easter, but good tastes and entertainment continue throughout the month of April. (more »)

Island of Rab
Interesting trekking programmes

The island of Rab, this year celebrating its 120th anniversary of tourism, offers visitors some great opportunities for activity holidays. Walking, cycling, boat rides, team sports… no matter what your personal preferences, physical condition or age, rest assured that on Rab you will certainly find something just right for you! (more »)

Dance in the town's unique ambience

The old town of Kastav, surrounded by medieval walls rising 365 metres above the sea, is preparing to celebrate World Dance Day in a very appropriate way – with dance. (more »)

The island of Krk
Olive oil – Krk's treasure and original souvenir

All fans of Mediterranean cuisine, which is recommended by the World Health Organisation as the world's healthiest, are certainly familiar with the importance and characteristics of olive oil, and well aware of the fact that Croatian olive oil is of superb quality. Olive oil from the island of Krk belongs amongst the best oils worldwide and has become a brand increasingly popular with tourists as a usable souvenir of the region. (more »)

CD ROM postcard as invitation and album

Visitors eager to learn more about the town of Kastav, to share their impressions with friends, or to keep some memories of their visit to this beautiful old town, now have a new means to do so – the Kastav CD ROM postcard. (more »)

Air traffic
Packed flight schedule

In addition to the variety of services offered, the region's mild climate and the choice of facilities and events for all tastes and generations, another important advantage of Kvarner is how easily it can be reached from right across Europe. No matter if you are planning a vacation, business meeting or short trip, this region can be easily accessed by road, ship(more) (more »)

Invitation to visitors from Slovenia

The Kvarner County Tourism Office started a series of promotional activities before Easter inviting visitors from Slovenia to spend their Easter and summer holidays in some of Kvarner's destinations. Together with the Croatian National Tourist Board's representative office in Slovenia, the Kvarner Tourism Office conducted a series of promotional activities in Slovenia including press conferences, presentations and road shows, as well as advertising widely in the print and electronic media throughout Slovenia. (more »)

Easter Break Marks a Successful Start of the Season
Better than Expected!

The Easter holidays provided Kvarner's tourist professionals with the first opportunity to gauge the tourism market demand and gave them every reason to be satisfied: the statistical data indicate a figure of almost 20 thousand visitors, 68 percent more than Easter last year. Even the most optimistic expectations were surpassed! (more »)

16th International Small Scenes Theatre Festival Rijeka
Modern performing arts without frontiers

Modern performing arts will rule the Rijeka cultural scene from the 3rd to the 11th of May. In this period, Rijeka will host the 16th International Small Scenes Theatre Festival, including performances by theatre artists from Croatia(more)   (more »)

17th FESTO
Crisis as incentive

Crisis as a Communication Incentive is the title of the 17th Festival of Market Communication - FESTO 2009, which will take place from the 21st to the 23rd of May in the renowned congress and holiday resort of Opatija. (more »)

Tourism time machine
120 years of Opatija as a climatic health resort

The beginning of March is a particularly important period for Opatija and its tourism, because it was at the beginning of March that this renowned destination was proclaimed a climatic health resort exactly 120 years ago. This is a good reason to celebrate, and also to remember all the benefits of Opatija's climate and the variety of services offered here. Today, 120 years later, Opatija continues to attract visitors wishing to enjoy a pleasant break while also improving their health and well-being. (more »)

Special offer
March – the Wellness Open Days Programme

A favourable climate, a variety of wellness facilities, wonderful ambience and health food: these are some of the most important, but definitely not the only, reasons to visit Opatija in spring. In March you have one more reason for that – the Wellness Open Days Programme, the ideal opportunity to learn more about the wellness programmes offered and allow yourself some beneficial treatments to restore your body and soul. (more »)

Kvarner Expo 09
Exhibition of original souvenirs

From the 8th to the 11th of April this year, Opatija will be hosting the 6th exhibition of original souvenirs, Kvarner Expo 2009, which will showcase souvenirs produced by manufacturers from all over Croatia. Visitors coming to Opatija or some of the surrounding destinations in the week before Easter will have a great opportunity to view and then buy original and interesting souvenirs from Kvarner and the other regions of Croatia. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Laurel, rosemary and eucalyptus for health, peace and right decisions

The scents of the month for March in Mali Lošinj, a famous holiday resort on the island of Lošinj, which is now promoted with the slogan "Lošinj – the Island of Vitality", will be rosemary, laurel and eucalyptus. The fine scents programme also includes the presentation of food, cosmetics and other goods produced from these aromatic plants. Whether you need a break before making important decisions, are in search of your own peace, or simply want to stop for a minute, the fine scents of Lošinj will help you do just that. (more »)

Jakov Fak – the world's bronze biathlete

Mrkopalj, an increasingly popular holiday resort in Gorski kotar, now has its own biathlon bronze medallist. Jakov Fak from Mrkopalj won bronze medal in the 20-km race at the World Championship in South Korea and became the first Croatian medallist in a Nordic skiing discipline. This event helped raise public interest in the biathlon, but also in the great opportunities for sports and recreation offered by the Mrkopalj area. (more »)

Medveja Campsite
New facilities and quality

The renovated Medveja Campsite will be open from mid-April, offering visitors new facilities and a better quality of services. Approximately 6 million kunas have been invested in the campsite and the apartment village. (more »)

Choose and enjoy!

When visiting Kvarner this year, you will undoubtedly face a curious dilemma: what to choose from the wide range of events and festivals taking place! Kvarner's calendar of events for the year 2009 is simply too extensive, so choosing what to visit is definitely not going to be an easy task... (more »)

Rijeka International Carnival
The masks have fallen!

This year's Rijeka International Carnival, which took place from the 17th of January to the 25th of February, attracted a record number of participants. (more »)

The central celebration to mark the 120th anniversary of tourism takes place in mid-May

The events marking the 120th anniversary of tourism on the island of Rab will last throughout the year. However, the central celebration will take place in May and includes a series of cultural performances, sporting competitions and other events.  (more »)

Gorski kotar
Enjoy the fruits of the mountains!

City life has many advantages, but it also alienates us from nature. To make up for what you've missed, we invite you to participate in a series of events entitled Fruits of the Mountains, which are organised in Gorski kotar – a continental region immediately beside the sea. The scope of this recreational-educational campaign is to invite visitors to a pleasant, interesting and eventful break in the midst of nature. (more »)

Rijeka Theatre in March
Offer that caters for all tastes

The Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre, one of Croatia's four national theatres, continues to attract Rijeka's inhabitants and visitors with interesting programmes. The fine building of the Rijeka Theatre was built back in 1885 and is the oldest theatre in Rijeka. Each year, the programme is enriched with interesting new plays combining a variety of artistic approaches. (more »)

Kvarner in 2009
Even more extensive offer

Kvarner has been preparing for visitors in 2009 with numerous investments aimed at improving the quality of services and facilities to make your stay here even more delightful. Our brief tour of the region will reveal only some of the news about how new dimensions are being added to the hospitality and recognisability of the Kvarner region. (more »)

26th International Carnival in Rijeka
Fun and laughter guaranteed!

When the newly elected Carnival Queen, 22-year-old Tea Kik, took over the golden cloak, the ring, the necklace with a Morčić pendant and, most importantly, the keys to the city of Rijeka – masks took power in this Kvarner town for the 26th time. For the people of Rijeka and their guests, this is the most cheerful time of the year, which will last until the 22nd of February – the highlight of the Rijeka International Carnival. (more »)

Look into the stars
Lošinj celebrates the International Year of Astronomy

This year Mali Lošinj will be celebrating the International Year of Astronomy, declared by UNESCO and the International Astronomical Union, in collaboration with the Leo Brenner Astronomical Society. There are many reasons for this celebration, which is also an opportunity to once again look into the wondrous starry sky over this beautiful archipelago. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Spearfishing World Cup scheduled for the year 2010

In 2010, Mali Lošinj will host the World Spearfishing Championship. This was decided by the International Underwater Federation (CMAS), which gave a "green light" to the joint candidature of two clubs from the island of Lošinj: the Udica Sports and Fishing Association from Mali Lošinj and the Škarpina Sports Society from Nerezine. The decision of the CMAS is a great recognition and a result of the long tradition of local spearfishing competitions. (more »)

Archaeology and tourism
History for tourism present

Archaeology and tourism can make a unique and highly appreciated combination. This is confirmed by the book entitled Archaeology and Tourism, which gives an account of their mutual relationship in Croatia. About one hundred pages of this interesting and illuminating guide are dedicated to the rich archaeological heritage of the Kvarner region. (more »)

Island of Rab
120 years of tourism

In 2009, the town of Rab on the island of the same name celebrates a very particular anniversary – 120 years of tourism, which officially started on a precise date: the 16th of May 1889. This date will be the central celebration of a series of events lasting throughout the year. Now you have an additional reason to visit this beautiful Kvarner island! (more »)

Brod Moravice
New attraction for cyclists

The beginning of spring always stimulates us to explore the countryside, engage in some recreational activities and enjoy the fresh air. Gorski kotar is the ideal region for this, and its smallest but also oldest municipality now has a special reason to invite you: the completion of its cycling and hiking tracks project. (more »)

Eco-Centre Caput Insulae Beli, island of Cres
Where man and nature live in harmony

The island of Cres is a particularly interesting destination for all devotees of eco-tourism, especially those interested in the mysterious world of Eurasian griffon vultures. The island's Eco-Centre Caput Insulae Beli takes care of these birds, providing shelter for the ones endangered, making sure they can return safely to the wild after they recover. This shelter for griffon vultures, a kind of bird hospital, is now being extended, which will facilitate the birds' recovery, ease the workload of the Croatian experts and volunteers from all over the world, and make this island centre even more interesting to nature lovers. (more »)

Recognitions for Kvarner campsites

The high-quality standard of services and amenities in Mali Lošinj's Poljana Campsite was recognised by the German automobile club ADAC, and its sports and entertainment programmes were highly ranked by the Dutch Camping-Guide issued by ANWB. In addition, the Dutch publisher awarded special recognitions for the year 2009 to as many as three other Kvarner campsites: Konobe, Pila and Kovačine. (more »)

Numerous interesting events

The town of Krk on the island of the same name has been preparing for visitors with a series of traditional and new events that have one common goal: to make the visitors' stay as pleasant and interesting as possible by combining natural assets and the rich cultural heritage, which is an inexhaustible source of stories, legends and artistic visions. (more »)

Kvarner in 2009
Priorities: quality and variety of services

Visitors that have been faithful to Kvarner for years – and there are many – will definitely notice quality improvements and further development of tourist services here in 2009. After all, these are the main goals of the region's tourism policy for the year 2009, which should make Kvarner the ideal venue for all those seeking wellbeing. (more »)

Tourist products
For all tastes and generations

There are but a few destinations where visitors can swim in the sea, sunbathe or try some water sports and then enjoy the forest shade – all in one day! But Kvarner is one of them: in Gorski kotar, its wooded hinterland, with some luck you can even spot a deer! If you travel for business, organise congresses, love unspoiled nature, enjoy skiing, swimming, hiking or exploring cultural sites – Kvarner is the right place for you! (more »)

School of dance
Let's dance the potresujka!

It is no secret that each journey can be very illuminating and considerably enrich your life. On Kvarner you have got the opportunity to attend a very specific dancing school – the Matulji School of Potresujka, a popular dance of the region which stimulates creativity because in this dance you can combine the basic steps with your own ideas. Let's dance the Matulji potresujka! (more »)

The Carnival
Join the masked party!

If you decide to visit Kvarner in January or February, you will have the chance to learn more about some of the local carnival customs, but also to join carnival parades that continue to attract more visitors to the area each year. A good time is guaranteed! (more »)

Meet Morčić
Morčić – the official mascot of the Carnival

When you see black figures with white turbans in Rijeka's carnival parade – and surely you will – you should know that this is Morčić, the official mascot of the Carnival, but also one of the most recognisable symbols of Rijeka. If you decide to buy this figure as a part of jewellery, you should also know that it brings luck! (more »)

Gorski kotar
Join the snow fun!

Winter is for many people the opportunity to enjoy snow and nature, which is particularly wonderful at this time of the year. If you are looking for an ideal family ski area, if you are a fan of tobogganing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing, or if you just want to enjoy a walk in the fresh air, Gorski kotar is the place to visit! (more »)

Ravna Gora
A wide range of services

At the end of 2008, Ravna Gora, a holiday resort in the central part of Gorski kotar, has got the new Goranka sports and business centre that will extend the range of services offered in this increasingly popular resort, a favourite destination of cyclists, hikers, nature lovers, but also fans of classical music. (more »)

2009 – Year of the Glagolitic alphabet

"Speak with your heart" is the title of the project that will take place in 2009 in Baška, a renowned tourist destination on the island of Krk. The year 2009 will be dedicated to Glagolica (Glagolitsa), the old Croatian alphabet, through an all-year series of cultural, entertainment, sports and other events in the area of Baška. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
All sites of interest on your navigation device!

From the beginning of this year, your journey to Mali Lošinj, a renowned tourist destination on the island of Lošinj, as well as exploration of its cultural, historical and natural sites of interest, will be even easier and simpler. This is because all of Mali Lošinj's "secrets" will be available on your navigation device or on the display of your mobile phone. (more »)

Congress tourism in Opatija
Tradition and the latest technology for business guests

Opatija is one of the most widely known Croatian congress tourism destinations whose venues host an increasing number of congresses each year. Numerous congress halls, equipped to the latest standards, expert members of staff, a beautiful town offering a wide range of services and amenities, and geographical closeness as well as excellent road connections have been key to the success of Opatija as a congress venue. (more »)

Novi Vinodolski
Illustrated monograph – a new view of modernity and heritage

After as much as 13 years, this April Novi Vinodolski will feature in a new coffee-table book telling the story of this holiday resort as it celebrates its 130th anniversary of tourism. The book will include 160 pages richly illustrated with around 200 photographs. (more »)

Milenij Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta
A gastronomic tour of Croatia

There are two ways to learn more about the gastronomic specialities of Croatia's regions. The first is to travel to each region and try the local specialities on the spot. But if you don't have enough time for that, or are just too impatient, we recommend the second option – a stay in the Milenij Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta, where the best of each of Croatia's regional cuisines will "come" to you. (more »)

Bevanda Restaurant Style
Book as a tribute to a man, a town and a restaurant

It would not be possible to tell the story of Opatija, its tourism and gastronomy, without mentioning the Bevanda Restaurant. Since 1971, when the restaurant first opened its door, these two stories have been mutually interwoven. (more »)

Ideal ski area for families and recreational skiers

The Platak ski area, unique for its location and the fact that from the top of the ski lift (1363 m) skiers can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, starts the new season with an improved artificial snow system, renovated baby lift, snowmobile opportunities, and a packed calendar of events. Some great skiing is expected on Platak this season!
(more »)

Croatian Island Products
Tradition and originality for a new quality

In addition to nice memories, visitors to Kvarner can take some quality products of the region home with them. Most of these products you can try for yourself during your stay on Kvarner, but here we would like to point out those products bearing the new Croatian Island Product label. This label is issued by the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure to indicate the products' quality and originality. (more »)

Kvarner County Tourism Office
55 hotels open for holidays

During the coming Christmas and New Year holidays, 55 hotels will be open in the Kvarner region. In addition to domestic visitors, most guests are expected from Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Austria. (more »)

Choco Bar on the Korzo town promenade

After Zagreb and Opatija, Rijeka is the third town in Croatia to receive a Choco Bar by Kraš, the leading Croatian manufacturer of confectionery products. The new venue provides an extensive range of top-quality hand-made sweet delicacies for even the most discriminating tastes. (more »)

Municipality of Lokve Tourism Office
New promotional DVD

The new DVD issued by the Municipality of Lokve Tourism Office is aimed at presenting all the amenities of the Lokve region, known for its wonderful landscape offering ideal opportunities for an eventful, action-packed holiday. (more »)

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Rijeka
17th International Drawings Exhibition

This year's International Drawings Exhibition, which will remain open in Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts until the 17th of February 2009, includes animated cartoons by both renowned and less well known talented artists. The exhibition is a combination of a gallery display and a multiplex cinema. (more »)

Rijeka and Opatija
New welcome card!

For quite a while, the Kvarner towns of Rijeka and Opatija have been linked by the attractive hop on-hop off tourist bus, which will in future have a stop near the Rijeka Tower Centre. However, Rijeka and Opatija will soon have a common welcome card, which will make the stay in these two destinations even more interesting, pleasant and – cheaper. (more »)

International Carnival in Rijeka
Be what you want to be, visit Rijeka Carnival!

For the 26th time, from the 23rd of January to the 22nd of February, Rijeka will host its renowned International Carnival, which has been listed among the most important carnival events worldwide. Therefore it is no wonder that the Carnival, a period so utterly different from other times of the year, is locally known also as "the fifth season". (more »)

Back to the time of knights, Glagolitic priests and jesters

In honour of St. Stephen, the patron saint of the Great Town Gate, from the 26th to the 31st of December, the town of Krk will host the Festival of knights, Glagolitic priests and court jesters. However, the end of the festival does not mean the end of the celebrations, which will continue as the New Year's Eve party with loads of dancing, wine and toasts! (more »)

Liburnia Riviera Hotels
December – the month of delightful tastes and a festive atmosphere

During the month of December, the hotels in Opatija and the nearby Lovran will be offering chocolate specialities, various entertainment programmes, and a variety of wellness services in a festive atmosphere. Not to mention New Year's Eve… (more »)

Liburnia Riviera Hotels
Awarded advertising materials

The Liburnia Riviera Hotels Company won an award for the best tourism advertising material in 2008. The first prize was awarded for the catalogue and poster advertising the Five Elements wellness centre in the Hotel Ambasador. (more »)

Gorski kotar
Gorski Fair – a festival of traditional products of the region

The tourism offer of Gorski kotar, the wooded interior of Kvarner, will be presented at the 4th Gorski Fair in Skrad. Just like in previous years, it will be a festival of all the entrepreneurial endeavours that are ever more reflected in the tourism offer of the region. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Candidature for Entente Florale Europe

Mali Lošinj, a renowned holiday resort on the island of Lošinj, is the official candidate for Entente Florale Europe, a prestigious international award that promotes a greener and more pleasant environment in holiday resorts. The winners of the competition will be announced in September 2009, but already this candidature – which means the fulfilment of certain strict criteria – is something Mali Lošinj can be very proud of. (more »)

Novi Spa Hotels & Resort
Europe's largest wellness

The Novi Spa Hotels & Resort holiday village now includes a newly opened wellness centre, the largest in Europe, offering its guests a wealth of true wellness enjoyments in the festive period. (more »)

Start the New Year – in a pool!

If you are interested in a totally different New Year's Eve party, as an introduction to a very different 2009, how about starting it in a bathrobe with a glass of sparkling wine, or maybe in a pool? So, if there is some secret connection between how the new year starts and how it continues, a very pleasant 2009 is guaranteed! (more »)

Tourism becomes a centenarian!

For Malinska, a renowned holiday resort on the island of Krk, the start of the New Year 2009 is particularly important: it will celebrate the 100th anniversary of tourism in the area! (more »)

Tourism for the young
Growing demand for hostels

Croatia has responded to its growing number of young visitors by opening up some new hostels and modernising the existing ones – among these, two new hostels in Rijeka and Veli Lošinj. The first year showed that Kvarner is a favourite destination among young visitors. (more »)

Hyperbaric chamber – a valuable contribution to health tourism

After as many as four years of extraordinarily demanding preparations, the Thalassotherapia Crikvenica, a special clinic for rehabilitation, recently acquired the region's first hyperbaric medicine polyclinic. This happened in the same year that this health institution celebrates its 60th anniversary, now offering the people of Kvarner and their guests new hyperbaric and aesthetic treatments. (more »)

Wellness services

A long tradition of hospitality, an extensive high-quality offer, and professional personnel – these are some of the reasons that make Kvarner such a highly developed wellness destination. If you want to stay in shape, prevent illness or improve your health, and also to look and feel better, Kvarner is the place for you! (more »)

Mali Lošinj
International award for the media promotion of the destination

At the awards ceremony in mid-October in Split, the Town of Mali Lošinj Tourism Office was awarded the Golden Interstas for a special contribution to tourism – an international award for media promotion of the destination. The Tourism Office earned this prize with its stand dedicated to the "The Scents and Tastes of Lošinj" theme. (more »)

Gorski kotar
Increased number of tourists and day-trippers

Gorski kotar, a mountainous area in the west of Croatia, is becoming an increasingly interesting tourist destination. So it's no wonder that the number of visitors to this region has been growing at an annual rate of 10%, underlining how Gorski kotar offers its visitors beautiful nature and clean air, great possibilities for excursions, sports and recreation, and a gastronomic offer based on the local cuisine's specialities. (more »)

Celebrate the New Year 2009 twice!

Fužine, a well-known resort in Gorski kotar, at the end of the year offers its guests not only beautiful nature and winter atmosphere, but also a very special tradition: this will be the tenth year in a row that the people of Fužine and their guests will be celebrating New Year's Eve twice: at noon and at midnight! (more »)

Rijeka-Budapest in less than 5 hours

Completion of the Zagreb-Rijeka motorway means that these two cities are now only one hour and fifteen minutes apart. The road also brings Gorski kotar closer to the sea, and what this means for Kvarner in terms of accessibility is perfectly illustrated by the following example: Budapest and Rijeka are now less than five hours away by car! (more »)

Days of Croatian Tourism
Opatija host to 1200 tourism professionals

Opatija, Kvarner's renowned holiday and congress resort, between the 22nd and the 24th of October played host to the Days of Croatian Tourism event. This event brings together many representatives of state and tourism institutions that employ ca. 1200 tourism professionals. This was the occasion to award the most successful individuals, companies and destinations – about 15 of them are from Kvarner. (more »)

Awards to the best
Numerous awards for Kvarner

During the Days of Croatian Tourism event in Opatija, prizes were awarded to the best individuals, companies and destinations. First prizes in the respective categories went to Veli Lošinj and Lovran. Many awards for quality will remain in Kvarner, the region that hosted this year's event. (more »)

Day of Tourism in the town of Krk
Meeting of all those who contributed to the success of tourism

Once the main tourist season is over, more time is available for the analysis of what has been achieved and what still needs to be done. This is the chance for tourism professionals from the town of Krk to meet everyone directly or indirectly involved in the area's tourism and discuss what has been done well, and what requires improvement. This was the main theme of the 2nd Days of Tourism event, held in the town of Krk. (more »)

A packed calendar of events
The festive atmosphere

Although one can say that every time of the year is beautiful in its own way, December and January on Kvarner – be it the islands, the coast, or the highlands – are particularly special because of the unique combination of beautiful landscape, quality of services offered, festive atmosphere, and joyful carnival events. (more »)

The Golden Chef
Who is the best cook?

From the 16th to the 21st of November, Opatija's Hotel Ambasador will host the Days of Croatian Cookery event and the 5th National Cooking Competition. About eighty of Croatia's best cooks will compete in nine categories for the title of National Champion 2008. (more »)

Crikvenica's Amphora – a pearl of Europe's cultural and historical heritage

On the 23rd and 24th of October, Crikvenica hosted the International Colloquium of Archaeology entitled "Roman ceramic and glass workshops", introducing the Crikvenica Amphora, which is rather unique in the European context. This event served as another reminder of the valuable archaeological sites in the area of Crikvenica, which in the future should be more intensely included in the area's tourism offer. (more »)

6th Sergio Poklepović Memorial
Bridge players from Slovenia and Croatia victorious

From the 24th to 26th of October, Opatija hosted the 6th Sergio Poklepović Memorial bridge tournament, which brought together about 150 bridge players – with more than two thirds coming from abroad. (more »)

ITF '2008 CRO
Special recognition for the film "Penkala's Children – Welcome to Kvarner"

At the 11th International Tourism Film Festival, ITF '2008 CRO, the film "Penkala's Children – Welcome to Kvarner" was awarded special recognition for picture, camera and montage quality. The story of Slavoljub Penkala, the man who invented the fountain pen, and whose house is located in Opatija, thus became a strong promotional message. (more »)

Slatina Campsite
Awards for innovative ideas in environmental protection

At a specialised fair in Lyon, the Jadranka Kampovi Company from Mali Lošinj won the SITEO award for the innovative environmental protection ideas used in its Slatina Campsite in Martinšćica on the island of Cres. This award is particularly important, since it is the first time a Croatian campsite has gained French recognition. (more »)

The scents and fragrances of Lošinj
The fine scents of the island 

Each month on the island of Lošinj is dedicated to a medicinal or spice herb. Mali Lošinj’s Garden of Fine Scents and the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office have dedicated the month of September to fig and jujube, and the fragrances of October will be myrtle and strawberry tree – interesting Mediterranean plants with a variety of possible uses. (more »)


Rijeka has recently built its own swimming pool complex in the district of Kantrida – the first large sports venue built in this Kvarner town for over 30 years. The distinctive feature of this centre, which should become the key meeting point for sports professionals and enthusiasts from Rijeka and its surroundings, is the fact that this was the first aquatic centre in Croatia financed using municipal bonds. (more »)

Entente Florale Europe   
Novi Vinodolski wins the silver award

The renowned holiday resort of Novi Vinodolski is winner of the silver Entente Florale Europe 2008 award in the villages category. Novi Vinodolski was awarded this highly respected European award for the overall horticultural displays, respect for tradition, and its successful ecological school. (more »)

Novi Spa Hotels & Resort
Attractive venue for congress guests

Kvarner and Croatia have recently got a new luxury tourist resort offering superb services and the latest modern congress facilities. The Novi Spa Hotels & Resorts in Novi Vinodolski is the biggest congress venue in Croatia, which also includes a sophisticated wellness centre, unique in Europe for its dimensions and the services offered. (more »)

Towards the tourism summit
Opatija host to the Days of Croatian Tourism

On the 23rd and 24th of October, Opatija will host the Days of Croatian Tourism, the annual meeting of tourism professionals with an awards ceremony for the best tourist destinations, best companies and individuals in the coastal and continental parts of Croatia. This event gives tourism professionals the chance to meet representatives of the Croatian government, analyse this year’s season and make plans for the coming year. (more »)

Gastronomic duel on RAI Italian National Television
Croatian culinary duo from Kastav continues the competition!

Nenad Kukurin, owner of the renowned Kukuriku Restaurant from Kastav, and the restaurant’s chef Robert Kličković gained popularity among the audience of the famous La prova del cuoco cooking show on the RAI 1 Italian National Television and were declared the best promoters of Mediterranean cuisine. (more »)

Veli Lošinj wins the Blue Flower Award

Each year, the Croatian National Tourist Board selects the best tourism destinations, towns, parks, gardens, and more. A special commission awards the Blue Flower prize to the best places in the coastal parts of Croatia, while the Green Flower prize is awarded to the best places in the continental parts of Croatia. Kvarner destinations won several blue and green flowers again this year. (more »)

Rijeka – Opatija
New timetable for the TouRIst Bus

The beginning of autumn is also the beginning of the new, winter timetable of the TouRIst Bus that connects Rijeka and Opatija, enabling passengers to see the sights of this interesting area on a hop-on, hop-off basis. (more »)

Vrbnička žlahtina - a wine for a real enjoyment

The picturesque village of Vrbnik on the island of Krk, perched on a 48-metre-high cliff above the sea, is known for its beauty and Glagolitic cultural heritage. But there is another reason why connoisseurs love Vrbnik – it is the hometown of the excellent and widely appreciated white wine, Vrbnička žlahtina! (more »)

35th sweet chestnuts festival – Marunada
Gastronomic delights and much more …

Lovran, a renowned holiday resort only five kilometres from Opatija, this year hosts the 35th Marunada, a traditional festival dedicated to the sweet chestnuts in which this region abounds. However, Marunada is much more – it includes a number of concerts, exhibitions, dance events and sports competitions. (more »)

Tour of the island on World Walking Day

To mark the occasion of World Walking Day, the Town of Krk Tourism Office is organising a tour of the island's sights on the 4th of October. One of the goals of this event is to make the representatives of tourist agencies more aware of the numerous hiking possibilities and programmes offered by the island, which in the near future may be combined with hiking tours on other Kvarner islands. (more »)

New stars in the Croatian Walk of Fame

The Croatian Walk of Fame, located along Opatija’s coastal promenade in Slatina, has recently received two new marble stars – one for the famous football coach Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, and the other dedicated posthumously to the renowned Croatian composer Zdenko Runjić. The Croatian Walk of Fame now contains thirty stars. (more »)

Eventful autumn of culture

The beginning of October is also the start of the new season at the Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre, named after the famous Croatian composer (1832-1914). Two weeks later, the presentation of a new theatre curtain will mark the beginning of the event entitled Zajc’s Days. Local people and visitors to Rijeka can look forward to enjoying a really eventful autumn of cultural and sporting events. (more »)

Bundevijada Pumpkin Festival – a celebration of old customs and traditional food

Bundevijada, a traditional festival dedicated to the local cuisine and customs of Gorski kotar, will take place on the 11th and 12th October in Vrbovsko. This festival includes many different events, but it is primarily dedicated to pumpkins (bundeva in Croatian – hence the name) as food and medicine. (more »)

12th Days of Olives
How is olive oil produced

Autumn on the island of Krk is dedicated to olives, especially the period between the 10th and 19th of October: it is the time when Punat hosts the 12th Days of Olives. This is the chance for olive growers to evaluate the quality of olive oil and products made of it, but also to introduce the visitors to the history of olive growing and the tools used for processing today and in the past. All visitors who want to participate in olive harvesting and olive oil production will have the chance to do so until the end of the month. (more »)

Summer in Novi Vinodolski
Entertainment and enjoyment for visitors

The Vinodol Summer Evenings festival takes place from the beginning of July to the end of August and includes performances of both classical and popular music, being equally appealing to visitors interested in literature, movies and folklore. The Rose of Vinodol event, based on the tradition of the local area, is scheduled for August. (more »)

Sculptures exhibited in the cave of Vrelo

To experience a sculpture exhibition in an unusual ambience, we recommend visiting the increasingly popular tourist destination of Fužine in the area of Gorski kotar, located at an elevation of 730 metres, and offering lots of fun and good refreshment in the summer months only half an hour's drive from the coast. (more »)

City light posters with information for visitors

Visitors to Rijeka can now learn more about the town's historical sites and attractions in a new way – reading the detailed information displayed on illuminated city posters in five languages. (more »)

New facilities on Slatina Beach

Slatina Beach, located in the centre of the famous seaside resort of Opatija, now offers its visitors new facilities, making the beach more attractive to those seeking more than just sun and the sea, and turning it into a venue for a variety of interesting events for all generations. (more »)

33rd Osor Musical Evenings
Musical performances in a unique ambience

The small town of Osor on the island of Cres traditionally hosts the Osor Musical Evenings festival. Taking place from the 12th of July to the 20th of August, this festival includes concerts by renowned ensembles and soloists from Croatia and abroad, with particular emphasis on Croatian musical heritage. (more »)

"Treasure Hunt" – a new attraction for visitors

This year, visitors to the town of Krk on the island of Krk can enjoy traditional events based on the island's history, but also some new attractions that make staying on this island even more appealing. (more »)

A nostalgic journey back in time

Opatijski suveniri, a popular musical band, will be playing on the terrace of the Hotel Kvarner in Opatija from the beginning of July to the end of August. Their return to this terrace reawakens nostalgic memories in many of Opatija's visitors. (more »)

Tourism company award goes to the Jadranka Company from Mali Lošinj

The Jadranka Company from Mali Lošinj is the latest winner of the Anton Štifanić Award for tourism companies. This award is traditionally presented by the Croatian National Tourist Board for contributions to improving the quality of tourism. (more »)

Blue Flag on Kvarner
Certificate for environmental awareness, water quality, safety and services

Visitors to Kvarner need no reassurance about the area's environmental awareness and the high level of beach equipment, because proof is visible wherever one goes. But for those who prefer formal certificates, we are pleased to confirm that ca. forty locations on Kvarner have been awarded the international Blue Flag. (more »)

Ten years of loyalty to the Blue Flag Award

The Blue Flag, international symbol for cleanliness, environmental awareness, safety and services, has been flying over Crikvenica Town Beach for ten years.
(more »)

Cycling on Kvarner
Discover the region in a different way

The bicycle, this increasingly popular means of getting about for environmentally aware travellers, is the ideal vehicle to learn more about Kvarner and a perfect recreational opportunity. The region awaits you with ca. twenty excellent and interesting cycling paths. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Opening of the renovated Hotel Aurora

The Hotel Aurora, a part of the Jadranka Hotels Company from Mali Lošinj, following renovation now has four stars and new facilities. This marks the beginning of renovation of all the company's hotels, making the offer of this company much more appealing and prolonging the length of stays on this island and in Mali Lošinj, the renowned climatic health resort.  (more »)

The islet of Košljun – a treasury of culture

When on Kvarner, try not to miss visiting the small island of Košljun, renowned for its Franciscan monastery, museum with ethnographic collection and library with as many as 30 thousand valuable books. (more »)

Island of Susak
Nostalgia and beauty – magnet for visitors

The last Sunday in July is the day when Susak's emigrants traditionally gather on their native island. This year the island will host the event for the 23rd time. (more »)

The first Champagne&Caviar Bar on the Adriatic

Opatija's renowned Bevanda Restaurant has recently opened the first Champagne&Caviar Bar on the Adriatic, offering its visitors, in addition to its excellent menu, new gastronomic delights. (more »)

Rijeka Summer Nights
A festival for all generations and musical tastes

Rijeka Summer Nights, a summer music and stage festival, will take place from the 27th of June to the 25th of July. Just like the last three years, the festival will offer a rich programme of musical and stage performances for all tastes and generations. (more »)

Baška on the island of Krk
From your room straight to the sea

Baška, a renowned tourist destination on the island of Krk, now has a new high-class hotel – the four- and five-star Hotel Atrium Residence Baška, which enhances the local hotel offer with a new property that continues the area's long tradition of tourism. (more »)

Beaches ready fort the start of the bathing season

The Town of Rijeka will invest 2.7 million kuna in its beaches, proving that this town is now an attractive tourist destination offering a unique combination of a busy urban centre and a more laid-back coastal resort where visitors can relax on the beach and swim in the sea. (more »)

Back to the past
Veprinac ethnic collection

When in Opatija, try not to miss the opportunity to take the path that leads to the medieval town of Veprinac at an elevation of 500 metres above sea-level. There you can visit the Veprinac ethno-collection which includes items that will take you back to a world and a time long forgotten. (more »)

Invitation to sample a 10-meter cherry strudel

If you are keen on cherries, we have great news for you: between the 7th and the 15th of June, restaurants in Lovran will offer cakes made of delicious, highly appraised Lovran cherries. (more »)

A packed calendar of events

Tourist season in Opatija lasts all year long, and a packed calendar of events guarantees that in the following months, visitors to this town will easily find something to make their stay in this renowned holiday resort even more pleasant and eventful. Mid-June is the right time for a journey back in time... (more »)

Liburnia Jazz Festival
Opatija in the rhythm of jazz music

Since 2001, Opatija has played host to the Liburnia Jazz Festival, rated among jazz fans as the biggest jazz festival not only in Croatia, but also in the region because of its unique concept, number of concerts and visitors. This year's festival will include something very special, a performance by one of the best (more)   (more »)

9th Fiumanka
International sailing competition

Sailing competitions, numerous accompanying events, a good organisation by the hosts and the wonderful Kvarner landscape – these are the ingredients for Fiumanka, a sailing event that continues attracting more and more visitors to Kvarner each year. This year’s, ninth edition will be no exception and starts on the 13th of June. (more »)

Island of Lošinj
The island of vitality

"Lošinj – the island of vitality"  is the marketing message that should attract even more visitors interested in healthy living and activity holidays to this Kvarner island. This message not only sounds well, but is also based on facts – Austrian authorities proclaimed Mali Lošinj, the main centre of the island, a climatic health resort as early as 1892. (more »)

Novi Vinodolski
Novi Resort – a luxurious tourist city

The first visitors shall arrive to the Novi Resort holiday village in Novi Vinodolski by mid-June, which is when the new, luxury wellness centre will be opened – the biggest of its kind in Europe. (more »)

Ravna Gora
A life with nature

Ravna Gora, a very popular destination for day trippers in the heart of the wooded area of Gorski kotar, awaits visitors with beautiful nature and clean air, and the traditional event called "Fruits of the mountains" that lasts for five months each year and is closely connected to the rhythm of nature. Participants are expected to take an active part in this event, and in return benefit from the wonderful natural environment, activity holiday and gastronomic delicacies. (more »)

Opatija in Zagreb
Opatija – Museum Town of Central Europe

Museum town – a window into the future of Opatija: this is the title of the exhibition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the Pivka – Šapjane – Rijeka railway, which marked the beginning of the more intense development of tourism in Opatija. The exhibition shall remain open until the 13th of June in Zagreb. (more »)

Summer celebrating the 100th anniversary of welcoming visitors

Punat on the island of Krk is a holiday resort with a long tradition, particularly popular among yachtsmen, but also among many other visitors who come here for the clean sea, high-quality services and interesting excursions. (more »)

Golden Pen Awards
Foreign journalists on Kvarner

At the beginning of June, Kvarner played host to 35 journalists from all over the world who, according to the opinion of the Croatian National Tourist Board's jury, gave the most professional and high quality account on Croatian tourism in printed and electronic media to their respective readers, listeners and viewers. (more »)

3rd Summer at the Trsat Castle
Three months of a packed musical programmes and stage performances

In the period from the 21st of June to the 13th of September, the Rijeka's beautiful late antiquity Trsat Castle will host the cultural and entertainment event entitled "Summer at the Castle", regarded by many as one of the most varied cultural events in Croatia. (more »)

Island of Rab
Rapska fjera – back to the past

The island of Rab, located in the Kvarner Gulf beneath Mount Velebit, is known for the hospitality of its inhabitants, high-quality tourist services and an event that revives old local customs in a very special way. (more »)

Jabuka ethno-eco festival
Croatian heritage made closer to the visitors

The festival promotes the modern interpretation of traditional music, but it also introduces visitors to products made of natural materials and in traditional way, as well as products based on Croatian heritage. (more »)

In the footsteps of the past
Nostalgic historic roads

If you want to leave fast highways, whose main task is to bring you to the destination as soon as possible, and choose more quiet roads that turn the journey into pleasure, then visit the Summer on Louisiana and Carolina festival in the period from the 20th to 29th of June: this event will bring you back in time. (more »)

Hotel Kvarner
Croatia's oldest hotel joins the Marriott hotel chain

After its renovation starting this autumn, the Hotel Kvarner, one of the leading symbols of Opatija’s tourism, will join the Marriott hotel chain, thus ensuring a prosperous future for this hotel with a glamorous 120-year tradition. (more »)

Hotel Marina
New services after the renovation

Hotel Marina in Mošćenička Draga is about to open its door soon. After the renovation, it will await visitors with numerous new facilities and with a higher quality standard, aiming at attracting old and new guests equally. (more »)

Buy Croatia
Around one hundred travel agency and tour operator representatives to visit Kvarner

In the second half of May, Kvarner will be visited by around one hundred representatives of renowned travel companies from Europe and the USA. In addition to touring the region, they will participate in two business workshops in Opatija, one with a general tourist theme, the other specialising in the congress and incentives industries. (more »)

The place of quality tourism

Out of Fužine's total working population of 400 people, 150 are employed in tourism. However, this number could further increase, because a boutique five-star hotel with 30 to 40 beds is soon to be built above Lake Bajer. (more »)

The History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral
Apoxyomenos in Rijeka

After Zagreb, Florence and Osijek, the status of the Greek athlete Apoxyomenos will be exhibited in the History and Maritime Museum in Rijeka until the 25th of June, after which the statue goes to Split. (more »)

25th Dance Week Festival
Performances of the world renowned dancers

This year's, 25th edition of the Dance Week Festival, which is organised in Zagreb and Rijeka in the period between the 26th of May and the 3rd of June, will include performances by 13 choreographers and dance groups from 12 countries. (more »)

6th Sport Fest
A presentation of attractive sports

This year for the first time Rijeka will host the 6th Sport Fest which was previously held in Crikvenica and which includes several sporting and entertainment events. (more »)

Restaurant Plavi podrum
In the company of the best restaurants of the world

The oldest restaurant on Opatija's Riviera, the Plavi podrum in Volosko, has been listed among the top one hundred restaurants worldwide. The list was recently published in the Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden, London. (more »)

3rd International diving eco action

More than two hundred divers from Croatia and abroad are going to participate in the International diving eco action that is scheduled for the 17th of May in the town of Krk. Therefore, this action is not only important in terms of ecology, but it is also a promotional event. (more »)

5th Rijeka Summer Nights
A spectacular performance of Tosca

The 5th Rijeka Summer Nights Festival is scheduled for between the 27th of June and the 25th of July and will include a very attractive programme, whose highlight will be a performance of the opera Tosca at three locations around the town. (more »)

8th Liburnia Jazz Festival
The sound of jazz in Opatija

This year's, 8th edition of the Liburnia Jazz Festival in Opatija will include around twenty concerts on eight stages in the town and the promotion of the new album by Eliane Elias, one of the world's greatest jazz piano players. (more »)

Novi Vinodolski
Among the 12 most beautiful European villages

As a candidate for the prestigious Entente Florale Europe award, Novi Vinodolski has intensified efforts to make its public areas as beautiful as possible before the awards ceremony takes place on the 19th of September in Split. (more »)

A favourite place for numerous tourists

As a famous Marian sanctuary, Trsat is the destination of many pilgrims from all over the world, but also a very attractive venue for many cultural events. (more »)

Crossbowmen defending the town

Inhabitants of Rab and their guests will anew have the chance to enjoy the attractive cultural event, the famous crossbowmen tournament on the occasion of the Day of Rab on the 10th of May. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Dog beaches

Visitors to the island of Lošinj and some of the neighbouring islands can now take their dogs with them to eight beaches that were specially equipped to meet the needs of pets and their owners. (more »)

EBRD invests in the renovation of hotels in Lošinj

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is taking part in a project to renew and modernise the hotels and villas of the Jadranka Hotels Company from Mali Lošinj, thus gaining a ca. 30 percent share in the company.
(more »)

Welcome to Kvarner
Information for an eventful stay

When arriving in the Kvarner area, your hosts at the information points will provide information about where to find quality accommodation or spend an interesting holiday in the region, thus helping you to feel comfortable and experience this area that is so abundant in sites of interest. You can begin your search at any of the Kvarner Info points, whose number will be increased by the new one scheduled to open at the beginning of April in Gorski kotar. (more »)

Tradition in the service of tourism

The resorts in the Kvarner area celebrate many important anniversaries in 2008, attesting to the region's long tradition of tourism and providing the basis for high-quality tourist services and facilities. (more »)

I Love Kvarner
Care for the environment

By supporting the national initiative “Volim Hrvatsku” (I Love Croatia), managed by the Croatian Tourism Board, the Kvarner County Tourism Board will start 150 ecological actions in the period from March until September with the aim of creating preconditions for an even more enjoyable stay for guests, educating children from the earliest age, and improving the ecological awareness of local people and their guests. (more »)

Kvarner Expo 08
Heritage as the basis for souvenirs

The range of original souvenirs offered in the Kvarner region and all over Croatia is constantly improving. This is attested by the variety of souvenirs on the shelves of the shops in tourist destinations, but it became even more obvious on the 5th exhibition of souvenirs Kvarner Expo 2008 that took place in Opatija between the 19th and the 22nd of March. (more »)

Frog jumping competition

The traditional frog jumping competition takes place in Lokve in Gorski kotar for the 32nd time this year. During the “Frog Week”, guests are invited to sample various frog specialities and visit the unique Frog Museum. (more »)

International Amateur Theatre Festival

Kastav, the venue of so many attractive and well-attended cultural events, such as the Kastav Summer of Culture (Kastafsko kulturno leto) or the Guitar Festival, will host the festival of theatre amateurs from Croatia and abroad at the end of May. (more »)

A guide with a unique photo album

Mafini – Album “Island of Rab 2008” is a guide with unique personal photo album in which tourists can insert their own photographs to remind them of their holiday on this island and to share their experience with their friends
(more »)

Croatian Walk of Fame in Opatija
Marble stars for great Croatian writers

In addition to a row of great names of Croatian science, literature, arts and sports in the Croatian Walk of Fame in Opatija, two new marble stars will be awarded to the great Croatian female writers Vesna Parun and Ivana Brlić Mažuranić in mid-April
(more »)

Wellness centres in Opatija
From Japanese baths to crystal ball massage

Hotels in Opatija continue opening new wellness & spa centres, which offer their guests numerous possibilities for relaxing and enjoyment. The choice of the treatment depend on their current mood and individual preferences  (more »)

RAF 2008
Adrenaline sports competitions

This year’s Rijeka Adventure Festival – RAF 2008 – includes a series of attractive cultural, entertainment and sports events. Particularly interesting will probably be the 150-kilometre long Ki Challenge 2008 international adventure race. (more »)

Festival of Science 2008
Water – the most actual topic today

The 6th Festival of Science, dedicated to the topic of water, will discuss actual problems of the modern world not only in a scientific, but also in a popular way in several Croatian towns (more »)

Rijeka and Opatija
Sightseeing by double-decker bus

From mid-April, tourists will again have the opportunity to see the sights of Rijeka and Opatija by double-decker bus, with information about the area’s history, landmarks and attractions offered in ten languages. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Fragrant experiences on five islands

The aim of the new brochure entitled “Fragrant experiences on five islands”, which will be issued in April by the Mali Lošinj Tourist Office, is to promote walking and bike trails on the islands of Cres, Lošinj, Susak, Unije and Ilovik (more »)

7th ecological, ethnic and wine festival in Krk
Promotion of original Croatian products

The 7th Ecological, Ethnic and Wine Festival, organised by the town of Krk in the period between the 22nd and the 25th of May, presents original Croatian souvenirs with practical value from five Croatian counties (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Coming soon: re-opening of the renovated Hotel Aurora

From this season, the island of Lošinj will boast another freshly refurbished hotel. The Jadranka Hotel Company has invested 130 million kunas in the renovation of the Hotel Aurora, which should soon be completed. This has been the greatest investment in this hotel since its construction in 1977. (more »)

Hotels in Opatija
March – The Wellness Open Days Programme

While Coffee Days are announced for the beginning of April, March is the month of wellness. Starting from the 4th of March, the date when Opatija was proclaimed a climatic health resort by emperor's decree 109 years ago, hotels in Opatija offer their wellness services as part of the Wellness Open Days Programme that will last until the end of the month. (more »)

April events in Opatija and Lovran
Coffee Break Festival and Asparagus Festival

In addition to the Wellness Open Days Programme, Days of Cherries, Festival of Chocolate and other traditional events, this year Opatija's Hotel Ambasador hosts for the first time the new event called the Coffee Break Festival on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of April. The Asparagus Festival begins on the same weekend in Lovran. (more »)

Projects for the development of tourism

By entering the programmes for EU pre-accessing funds, the town of Delnice began its transformation from a centre of the timber industry into an attractive tourist destination. The EU has granted more than two million euros to the town, funds that have already realised several projects in a period of five years, with many more yet to come. (more »)

Municipality of Lokve
Renovation of the campsite, construction of the hotel and the commercial zone

The municipality of Lokve has issued detailed urban development plans covering many projects, the largest being the Špićunak campsite, the Mrzla vodica catering and tourist establishment, and the Homer commercial zone. (more »)

Municipality of Čavle
Renovation of the Platak ski area

The new project foresees the renovation of the Platak Alpine hut, which should provide more beds, and the construction of new amenities in this area. (more »)

Municipality of Jelenje
The best presentation of the Municipality

Promotional film “Municipality of Jelenje – a pleasant surprise” wins the quality award on the 10th International Tourist Film Festival. (more »)

Municipality of Fužine
From pilgrimages to sports and recreation

The small town of Fužine is located in the south-western part of Gorski kotar at 730 metres above sea level. Surrounded by picturesque hills with centuries-old coniferous woods and beautiful lakes, it is a well-known tourist destination with the tradition of welcoming guests dating back to 1874, when first visitors arrived to the area with special trains from Sušak, Rijeka and other surrounding places. (more »)

Island of Cres
Days of sheep breeding and olive growing

After investing in activities and services aimed at improving tourist infrastructure in the last few years (accommodation facilities and town streets, preserving the ambience), this year the town of Cres has invested in the creation of new amenities and projects that should add further to the good image of this tourist destination. (more »)

Baška – the island of Krk
One hundred years of the Vela plaža Beach

The small town of Baška celebrates an interesting anniversary – one hundred years of its oldest swimming baths, the Vela plaža Beach (more »)

Punat – the island of Krk
A hundred events for its 100th birthday

On the occasion of a great anniversary, the celebration of 100 years of tourism in Punat, the whole of 2008 will be marked by festive events in this small town located in the southern part of the island of Krk. (more »)

Svežanj Cove, candidate for the Blue Flag

The cove of Svežanj in Kostrena, located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Rijeka, should this summer be awarded the Blue Flag. However, its candidature for this prestigious award requires a series of interventions in the environment, which means improving the conditions on this part of the coastline by the beginning of the season. (more »)

Gorski kotar
Presentation of the new guide for tourists

Over the last fifteen years, destinations in Gorski kotar have been adding new attractions, programmes and services to their offer and can now compete with famous health resorts along the coast. Reason enough for the third, revised edition of the Gorski kotar Tourist Guide. (more »)

Ježevac campsite – island of Krk
Mobile homes coming soon

The management of the Zlatni otok Company from Krk, now a part of the Valamar Group, one of the leading hotel and tourist companies in Croatia, continues with capital investments in renovation and upgrading of the existing tourist facilities and capacities. (more »)

Strategic goals for tourism in the Municipality of Vinodol
New amenities for more visitors

According to the new strategic goals for the development of tourism in the Municipality of Vinodol, two basic types of tourism will be encouraged in this area – rural tourism and excursions, offering new attractions and amenities for visitors. (more »)

Goranovo proljeće, a traditional spring event

In memory of the great Croatian poet Ivan Goran Kovačić, his birthplace Lukovdol, located in the north-eastern part of Gorski kotar, traditionally celebrates the event called Goranovo proljeće (Goran’s Spring). (more »)

Indigenous local dishes with certificate

Crikvenica should soon become the first Croatian town to have certificated catering establishments where guests can sample traditional dishes of the region. (more »)

Hotels Baška
New elite apartments await visitors

On the location of the former hotels Velebit and Baška in Baška on the island of Krk, a new holiday complex Residence Baška is being built, whose four-star and five-star apartments and rooms will be ready to welcome visitors by the start of this season. (more »)

Kvarner worldwide
Successful presentation of the Kvarner region to the markets of Russia and Ukraine

Kvarner and its 16 leading tourism companies were presented at a three-day event in mid-January in Russia's capital. The presentation was organised by the Kvarner County Tourism Office in cooperation with the Representative Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Moscow. (more »)

Tourism to 2015 
How to reach the goal?

The Strategic Marketing Tourism Plan for the Kvarner region for the period 2008–2015, which is the operational part of the overall General Plan of the Development of Kvarner Tourism 2005–2015, demands the fulfilment of the key roles undertaken by everyone involved in the development of Kvarner's regional tourism. (more »)

Tourism in 2008
Invitation to visit Kvarner all year round

Tourism in Kvarner – characterised by a variety of diverse tourist attractions and services on the coast, on the islands and in the highlands – will continue enriching what it offers in 2008, improving the quality of tourist services, intensifying marketing activities in existing markets and opening up new markets. (more »)

Crikvenica Anniversary
120 years of tourism

Crikvenica, a renowned holiday resort in Kvarner, this year celebrates an important anniversary – 120 years of tourism in the town and its surroundings – through a series of festive events and entertainment programmes. (more »)

The Independent recommends
An invitation to visit the island of Cres

In the selection of best worldwide destinations for the year 2008, a renowned British newspaper, The Independent, recommended those of its readers travelling to the Mediterranean not to miss the island of Cres, where they can combine a holiday in a warm and beautiful place with helping to save the endangered Eurasian griffon vulture and preserve a vulnerable forest. (more »)

Island of Krk 
The revitalisation of Krk’s natural phenomena continues

In 2008, the revitalisation of the island’s numerous natural and cultural phenomena in the area of the town of Krk continues. Action will be financed through the “ecological fee”, which has recently been introduced in the town. (more »)

Mošćenička Draga
The new season starts with a renovated Hotel Marina

Hotel Marina in Mošćenička Draga, a seaside town located at the foot of the Učka Nature Park, will enter the season completely renovated and offering new attractions. (more »)

Novi Vinodolski 
720th anniversary of the Vinodol Law

The celebration of the Day of Novi Vinodolski at the beginning of January also marked the 720th anniversary of the Vinodol Law – the oldest text of the Croatian medieval common law, whose individual parts have been integrated since 1990 in the Constitution of the modern Republic of Croatia. (more »)

Municipality of Lokve  
An attractive tourist programme throughout the year

The Municipality of Lokve’s Tourism Office has recently presented a very interesting programme of events and new projects for this year that will add to the appeal of the region. (more »)

Rijeka Carnival
Be what you want from the 25th of January until the 3rd of February!

This year, the Rijeka Carnival celebrates its 25th anniversary. The biggest party in this part of Europe, where everyone can be what he or she wants to be, started on January the 17th and will last until the 3rd of February. From year to year, the programme is becoming more and more packed and spectacular, attracting ever more visitors from Croatia and abroad. The Rijeka Carnival has long since crossed local and national borders and become an internationally recognised event. (more »)

Carnival events in Kvarner
Days of carnival

At this time of year, Kvarner is host to many carnival parties and parades. Before the start of Lent, a puppet, locally called the pust, is found "guilty" for all the things that have gone wrong in the last year and, as per tradition, will be set fire to in numerous towns and villages in Kvarner. (more »)

Ravna Gora
Coming soon: winter sports centre and hotel

After opening Fancy Club, a modern cafe in Ravna Gora in the region of Gorski kotar, and in which guests can taste delicious cakes, ice cream and top-quality Istrian wines in a pleasant atmosphere, a businessman from Rijeka, Giorgio Cerin, plans to build Finnish wooden houses, Honka, in a part of Ravna Gora known as Suhi vrt. The houses will be available for rent from this summer. (more »)

Vunarice from Gorski kotar
A unique tradition of the Mrkopalj area

Vunarice from Gorski kotar is an association of women who create original, traditional wool souvenirs of Gorski kotar. Their clothes, fashion details and pictures are much sought after. Guests staying at the Hotel Jastreb in Begovo Razdolje over the holidays had the chance to learn more about their creations. (more »)

Opatija for lovers and all those who have been or will be in love

Opatija has a reputation for being a town of love and romanticism in which lovers can spend unforgettable moments. Traditionally, the hotels in Opatija offer programmes for St Valentine's Day specially designed for all those in love. (more »)

Restaurant Bevanda Opatija  
A selection of wines from all over the world

Wine connoisseurs have a new place where they can treat themselves: the renowned restaurant Bevanda in Opatija now offers some of the world's finest wines. (more »)

New facilities for sports and recreation

A new multi-purpose sports hall was recently opened near the centre of Delnice. This new facility will certainly add to the appeal of this town, which has over the last ten years gained the status of a destination for visitors interested in sports, recreation and a more active holiday. (more »)

Hotel Kvarner – Opatija  
A packed programme in the famous Crystal Hall

This year, the renowned Crystal Hall at Hotel Kvarner again hosts a number of exciting events and traditional programmes. After its renovation, which will last until the middle of next year, Kvarner will reopen as an addition to the top-quality five-star hotels in Opatija. (more »)

Učka Nature Park
A combination of nature, heritage, sports and adventure

Although the whole area of Kvarner abounds in beautiful nature and preserved landscapes, one of its most impressive gems is without a doubt Učka Nature Park.
Located on one of the most northern points of the Mediterranean, up to 1,401 metres above sea level, Učka Nature Park visually dominates Istra and Kvarner. (more »)

Hotel Mozart Opatija
Wellness centre 'Cosmetic Studio Mozart' opened

After hotel Mozart was purchased a year ago at a public auction by Abi Shalabi, the owner of company Eles, who is the father-in-law of the world known tennis player Ivan Ljubičić, one of the most beautiful hotels in Opatija was renovated and opened for guests. Modern wellness centre was recently opened with the hotel, which in addition to Finnish and Turkish, has Japanese sauna, the only one in Croatia, a jacuzzi and cosmetics studio. (more »)

Large investments in facilities, quality and new objects

In 2007, Kvarner was visited by a total of 2,2 million guests and had a total of 11,2 million overnights, and it is expected that the same figures will be maintained in  2008. In 2008, guests will be welcomed with many new facilities, newly renovated and new accommodation objects which will be an additional reason for tourist’s satisfaction.
(more »)

Skiing with a sea view

In Croatia, there is a total of 37 kilometres of developed ski tracks and the biggest family ski course Platak with cca 10 kilometres of tracks is located in the immediate vicinity of town of Rijeka.
In addition to offering various recreational options throughout the year, another feature that makes Platak an unique ski course is that you can enjoy the sea view from the top of its cable car at the altitude of  1 363 meters. (more »)

Rab Trekking
Dynamic terrain and natural beauty

At the beginning of December, the last ninth race of the Croatian trekking league, cca 35 kilometres long hill race which gathered racers from Germany, Slovenia and all parts of Croatia was held on Rab. Trekking is a combination of mountaineering, hiking and (mountaineering) running in which by reading the geographic maps, control points are being discovered in shortest possible time, and the island of Rab, the most diverse Croatian island which every few kilometres offers a completely different and new terrain, proved to be a perfect location for this race. (more »)

Kvarner in year 2008
Offer for all tastes, preferences and generations

In the Kvarner region – region which is an unique mixture of littoral, islands and mountains  – there are many tourist facilities and reasons for visiting. That is why the Kvarner Tourist Board has a complex task of promoting the tourist products and services on the Croatian and foreign markets and thus of demonstrating to new and old guests dynamic life and novelties of this region, which is the most convincing tourist invitation in itself. (more »)

Festivals, manifestations, performances
Many events in 2008

Alike in previous years, many programs and events are prepared for guests and locals in the Kvarner region in 2008.
In addition to well know carnival manifestations which take place in the entire Kvarner region during January and beginning of February, Kvarner and its regional centres are organizing  numerous attractive manifestations in which everyone will find something to their liking. (more »)

Christmas and New Year
Rich program for domestic and foreign guests

According to the data by the Kvarner Tourist Board, cca 12.000 guests have recognized this region as desirable holiday destination, who will spend their Christmas and New Year holidays in cca 60 hotels and in private accommodation throughout the County.
During this holiday period, there are many entertaining programs on Kvarner, numerous manifestations, concerts and public celebrations.
In addition to organized New Year celebrations in hotel and catering objects, New Year will be celebrated at seven town squares – in Opatija, Rijeka, Krk, Omišalj, Rab, Mali Lošinj and Fužine. (more »)

Novi Vinodolski
130th year of organized tourism

In addition to rich cultural and entertaining programs which are held in town, in 2008 famous Kvarner summer resort Novi Vinodolski will celebrate its big anniversary – 130 years of tourism. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
Aromatic welcome all year long

Thematic days which are organized within the project Island’s aromas and tastes will again attract numerous visitors to Lošinj’s Aromatic garden. Days of lemons and oranges will be organized in January and February, and number of other aromatic events are expected during the year. (more »)

Adventurous weekend outdoors
The attractive wilderness of Zeleni vir (Green vortex)

In the immediate vicinity of a well known little town in Gorski Kotar named Skrad, there is vacation area Zeleni vir which for years has been visited by numerous nature lovers, but also by sworn adventurers who can enjoy the challenges of the wilderness in this otherwise tame landscape. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? (more »)

Town of chocolate and sweet surprises

On the first weekend in December, the second in a row Chocolate Festival was held in Opatija, organized by the chocolate factory Kraš, Town of Opatija and Opatija Tourist Board. This unique three day manifestation has offered numerous attractive events which have attracted many guests and lovers of this irresistible treat. (more »)

Gastro-weekend of Gorski Kotar
Preserving the traditional folding fan of gastronomy

For the third year in a row, the Tourist Board of the Town of Delnice has organized
gastro-weekend of Gorski Kotar, a two-day manifestation which through promotion of the table culture in Gorski Kotar, presents tradition of former cuisine and ways of preparing autochthonous ingredients. (more »)

Hotel Draga di Lovrana
Luxury between the mountain and the sea

A few kilometres from Lovran, on a cliff above Lovranska Draga, there is a one hundred years old building of mystical and unusual history. Some 80 years ago, the house was destroyed in fire, but two years ago owners Sanja and Christian Nikolac have reconstructed it and transformed it into a modern posh Hotel Draga di Lovrana. The building’s exterior depicts past times when the jet-set of the imperial and royal monarchy, among other Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph used to reside here. (more »)

Hotel Villa Astra Lovran
Over 100 years of class and comfort

In the second half of the 19th century, when Austrian-Hungarian aristocracy has discovered the beauty and blessings of the Kvarner bay, construction has begun of  luxury villas and hotels. Not long after that, Lovran and Opatija became known for winter health resorts of the royal families.
That is how luxurious Villa Astra was built, which today is a hotel with Small Elegant Hotels certificate. (more »)

Destination for all seasons

Located only an hour and a half drive from Zagreb and cca 45 minutes from Rijeka, mountain Bjelolasica with the renovated Croatian Olympic Centre, provides the guests with numerous facilities for active holidays and recreation, and also with area around the centre where a pleasant combination of Mediterranean and continental climate represents an ideal place for relaxation of body and soul. (more »)

Mountaineering home “Petehovac” open

On the top Petehovac above town of Delnice, the opening ceremony of the mountaineering home located in the centre of ski-recreational centre was held mid December. (more »)

Get the party started
New Year celebrations in Kvarner’s town squares an hotels

Kvarner has a long tradition of organising open-air New Year parties in all the major towns of the region. Guests will have the opportunity of welcoming in 2008 at open-air parties in Rijeka, Opatija, Mali Lošinj, Krk, Rab… (more »)

Rijeka Carnival
The biggest party in this part of Europe!

The 25th Rijeka Carnival, now recognised as the biggest party in this part of Europe, will take place from the 17th of January until the 3rd of February 2008. As always, we expect numerous guests from all over the world and, of course, a great time here in Rijeka! (more »)

Winter tourist attractions
Time for snow!

Kvarner is a unique region where guests can enjoy a wondrous combination of sea and mountains. Only half an hour’s drive from the coast, a real mountain idyll awaits you, offering lots of potential for snow-filled fun and sports. (more »)

Investments in high-quality properties

The old properties on the main beach of Baška on the island of Krk are to be pulled down and replaced by modern, high-quality accommodation facilities. (more »)

Crikvenica’s private accommodation catalogue

The Association of Private Accommodation Renters of Crikvenica has recently published the first directory of private accommodation covering the entire Crikvenica area, which should help guests find the private accommodation that best suits their needs. (more »)

Riviera of Crikvenica and Vinodol
A blue and green holiday region

The authorities of tourism boards and municipalities in the areas of the town of Novi Vinodolski and Crikvenica have recently accepted a proposal to change the name of the Riviera of Crikvenica and Vinodol to Vinodol – a Green and Blue Riviera, which will also be the slogan for its promotion. (more »)

Protected natural heritage
Kvarner’s beautiful nature

The Kvarner region, officially called the County of Primorje and Gorski kotar, is located in the western part of the Republic of Croatia. Its varied landscape comprises three large geographical areas – the highlands, the shores and the islands – each with its own special characteristics and points of interest.
The natural heritage of this region is characterised by the great variations in its landscape features and a rich biological diversity. (more »)

Gorski kotar
Opening soon in Mrkopalj: elite apartments with additional facilities

In the spring of 2008 begins the construction of six luxurious apartments providing top-quality accommodation and additional facilities in Mrkopalj in Gorski kotar.
This area – more precisely Brestova Draga and Stari Laz in the municipality of Mrkopalj – has been chosen because of its beautiful natural resources, clean air, and excellent traffic position: it can be easily accessed from both the coast and Zagreb Airport. (more »)

Mali Lošinj
New Year Spearfishing Cup

Every year, Mali Lošinj, the biggest settlement on the island of Lošinj, organises the traditional New Year Spearfishing Cup, which comprises two competitions: the Winter Towns Cup and the European Cup of Nations. This year it will take place from the 28th until the 30th of December. (more »)

Inauguration of the Museum of Croatian Tourism

Thanks to its long history of tourism, the town of Opatija, which was the first town on the Adriatic coast to gain the status of a holiday resort and to be declared a health resort by a special decree in 1889, was chosen to host the Museum of Croatian Tourism. (more »)

Wellness in Opatija
Another high-class wellness centre opened in Opatija

Opatija’s Grand Hotel Adriatic took a big step forward in the development of an authentic wellness concept by opening the Phytoaroma & Wellness Centre covering an area of 600 square metres and including 13 massage rooms and 5 bathing rooms. The Wellness Centre is located on the top floor of the Grand Hotel Adriatic and boasts a large sunbathing terrace offering exceptional views of Kvarner Bay. (more »)

Entente Florale Europe 2008
Novi Vinodolski joins the club of Europe’s most beautiful towns

The renowned Kvarner holiday resort Novi Vinodolski has been officially nominated for the prestigious Entente Florale Europe 2008 award… (more »)

New tourist attraction in Rijeka
The new Museum of Computers and Calculators

A new tourist attraction has recently been opened in Rijeka – the Museum of Computers and Calculators. This is a unique project and the first of its kind in Europe, offering an insight into the technological revolution and development of computers from their beginning to the present day. (more »)

Louisiana Road
A new attraction

The area around the town of Delnice, through which passes the old Louisiana Road, has recently made significant investments to improve the attractiveness of this traffic route, which used to play an important role in the history and tourism of the area. (more »)

In the footsteps of the miners of Tršće

The small holiday resort in Gorski kotar – Tršće – located some 15 kilometres from Čabar, now hosts a tourist-educational trail called “In the footsteps of the miners of Tršće“. (more »)