Kvarner newsletter / no 1

Winter tourist attractions
Time for snow!

Kvarner is a unique region where guests can enjoy a wondrous combination of sea and mountains. Only half an hour’s drive from the coast, a real mountain idyll awaits you, offering lots of potential for snow-filled fun and sports.

The area of Gorski kotar includes as many as five attractive winter centres offering skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports facilities. Guests are also invited to enjoy rich gastronomic offerings, take long strolls in the countryside, or explore the appealing cultural and historical heritage of the region.

The first snow in Gorski kotar usually falls already in the autumn and lasts until spring, which provides local inhabitants and their guests with plenty of potential to engage in some winter sports activities. Five winter sports centres, each offering something special, are particularly attractive winter destinations and are visited by many sports enthusiasts and others looking for exciting recreational opportunities, especially at weekends.

Skiing is possible on the pistes around Begovo Razdolje, which is located 1078 metres above sea level. A 400m-long ski lift goes up the peak of Klobučarev vrh (1215 m), and there is also a children’s ski lift. The area offers the potential for skiing, snowboarding, sleigh rides and cross-country skiing. Guests can also make use of a ski school, rent necessary equipment, or engage in sports programmes. In the immediate vicinity of the skiing area are three eating establishments providing refreshments for skiers and other guests to the area.

The area of Čelimbaša, located near Mrkopalj at a height of 1074 metres above sea level, offers three pistes of a total length of approximately three kilometres, reached by a 720m-long ski lift. The area also hosts cross-country skiing pistes and the Zagmajna biathlon centre with four kilometres of well-tended pistes.

Tršće Ski Centre has two well-tended ski pistes for Alpine skiing (800 and 1200 metres in length), two pistes for Nordic skiing (3 and 5 km), a ski lift and an eating establishment ("Brvnara") with a restaurant offering places for up to 90 guests. There is also a children’s ski lift, and the Tršće Ski Club organises ski school for beginners.

Platak Ski Centre is regarded as the most popular ski area for residents in the nearby Rijeka. The area is located 1,111 metres above sea level and includes nine kilometres of ski pistes, five ski lifts with a capacity of 2,000 people per hour, a two-person chairlift that can carry roughly 900 people per hour, and a children’s ski lift. The area is equipped with artificial snow machines, which guarantees snow for skiing even if there is no natural snow. The activities offered include a ski and snowboard school, sleigh rental, skiing and snowboarding equipment and snowmobile rental, a night and day “safari” in the woods, Nordic skiing, and walking on a well-tended 10 km hiking path.
However, the biggest ski area in the region is the Bjelolasica Croatian Olympic Centre, located beneath the highest mountain peak in Gorski kotar, on the south-east foot of Mount Bjelolasica (1534 metres above sea level). It is also the largest winter sports centre in Croatia. The difference in altitude of 800 metres and a total piste length of 6 km guarantee great fun. All pistes are connected by a ski lift system consisting of three double-chair and three surface lifts. However, all this is just one small part of the extensive attractions on offer in the Bjelolasica Centre, because in addition to these winter sports facilities, the centre also offers accommodation and many other sports grounds.