Kvarner newsletter / no 6

5th Rijeka Summer Nights
A spectacular performance of Tosca

The 5th Rijeka Summer Nights Festival is scheduled for between the 27th of June and the 25th of July and will include a very attractive programme, whose highlight will be a performance of the opera Tosca at three locations around the town.

A series of attractive events at various locations around the town will characterise this year’s Rijeka Summer Nights festival, which starts on the 27th of June with the open-air performance “Liberation of the violins” by the Trans Express company from France on the Rijeka waterfront (Gat Karoline Riječke). Rijeka Summer Nights have been recognised by audiences as an attractive festival of culture, and this year’s festival will be particularly interesting because of variety of musical and stage performances, whose highlight will be a spectacular performance of the opera Tosca at three distinct locations around the town. The first act of the opera will take place in the Capuchin Church, the second in the History and Maritime Museum, and the third in Trsat Castle. Until now, Tosca has only been performed like this in Rome, so this will be the Croatian premiere.

The Rijeka Summer Nights will last for approximately one month and will include 27 events with performances by artists from Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Slovenia and Croatia. For the first time this year, some of the events will take place at several new locations, like the Governor's Palace or the Torpedo Factory hall, featuring a spectacular musical and stage performance by the band Laibach.