Kvarner newsletter / no 7

Beaches ready fort the start of the bathing season

The Town of Rijeka will invest 2.7 million kuna in its beaches, proving that this town is now an attractive tourist destination offering a unique combination of a busy urban centre and a more laid-back coastal resort where visitors can relax on the beach and swim in the sea.

The beaches in Rijeka area – approximately twenty of them – are ready for the beginning of the new bathing season, which starts on the 1st of June and will last officially until the 15th of September. Out of the total amount of 2.7 million kuna, one half was spent for cleaning the beaches and buying beach equipment. The rest of the money was invested in the maintenance of the coastal area, which included tending of walking paths, stairs and fences along the coastline.
Particular attention was given to the maintenance of the beach for people with disabilities in the cove of Kostanj, where this year four keepers will be engaged. In addition, a swing for children with disabilities was set up in the immediate vicinity of the beach.
   The town government takes particular care of the cleaning the beach areas during the bathing season and the regular monitoring of the seawater quality on 21 measuring points. With great success, we can say, because the last year's measurements of seawater quality showed that the beaches were suitable for swimming, which is rather rare in towns of that size. As a result of the collaboration between the Town of Rijeka and private companies and contractors, the beaches will include a range of sports and recreational facilities and catering services throughout the bathing season.