Kvarner newsletter / no 7

Back to the past
Veprinac ethnic collection

When in Opatija, try not to miss the opportunity to take the path that leads to the medieval town of Veprinac at an elevation of 500 metres above sea-level. There you can visit the Veprinac ethno-collection which includes items that will take you back to a world and a time long forgotten.

The most important document in the collection is the copy of the Veprinac Law (the original is kept in the archive of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences) from 1507. It was written in Glagolitic letters (the old Slavic alphabet that was in use in Croatia from the 11th century until the 19th century), regulating legal issues on the administrative and punitive (civil law) levels, making it an ideal historical source for learning more about everyday life in the region of the time.
The exhibits – practical items – inform visitors about everyday life in this region a hundred and more years ago. These include a corn mill, fireplace, distaff, forestry tools, milk pails in which women used to carry milk to Opatija, woven baskets for hay, agricultural products etc. The other part of the collection is dedicated to presenting furniture. The ethnic collection is located in the Municipal house in Veprinac. From mid-June to mid-September it is open every day, while for the rest of the year it is open only at weekends.