Kvarner newsletter / no 7

Island of Lošinj
The island of vitality

"Lošinj – the island of vitality"  is the marketing message that should attract even more visitors interested in healthy living and activity holidays to this Kvarner island. This message not only sounds well, but is also based on facts – Austrian authorities proclaimed Mali Lošinj, the main centre of the island, a climatic health resort as early as 1892.

The greatest merit for Mali Lošinj being proclaimed a climatic health resort certainly goes to Ambroz Haračić (Mali Lošinj, 1855 – 1916), botanist and the founder of the Society for beautification of Mali Lošinj whose members planted the first pines in the area of Čikat, today an extraordinary beautiful pine forest. Ambroz Haračić studied mathematics and natural sciences in Vienna and used to teach in Lošinj’s Nautical school. His meteorological measurements and observations on Lošinj, which he conducted over the period of 18 years, were the basis for proclaiming Mali Lošinj a climatic health resort by the Viennese authorities in 1892. This was the beginning of tourism on the island.
In May , the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office organised the event entitled Haračić’s Days to pay tribute to the important work by this botanist and to raise the awareness of the importance of nature protection in younger generations. For the Tourism Office, this event was the occasion to present a new walking paths guide entitled Scented Experiences on Five Islands.
The Mali Lošinj Tourism Office and the Garden of Fine Scents continue their collaboration on Fragrances and Tastes of Lošinj project that started last year and was very well received by the visitors of the island. This event offers the possibility to enjoy fine scents and tastes of local aromatic plants, buy hand-made fragrant products and participate in thematic workshops upon notification. Each month is dedicated to certain medicinal herbs and spices that grow on the island, such as lemon, orange, rosemary, eucalyptus, laurel or sage. The month of June is dedicated to Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle, July is dedicated to bougainvillea and mint, August to oleander and medlar, and September fig and jujube. If you decide to visit Lošinj in October, a month that is always really beautiful here, the Garden of Fine Scents will await you with the scents of myrtle, strawberry tree and pomegranate, November is dedicated to olives, and December to pine and agave.