Kvarner newsletter / no 7

Ravna Gora
A life with nature

Ravna Gora, a very popular destination for day trippers in the heart of the wooded area of Gorski kotar, awaits visitors with beautiful nature and clean air, and the traditional event called "Fruits of the mountains" that lasts for five months each year and is closely connected to the rhythm of nature. Participants are expected to take an active part in this event, and in return benefit from the wonderful natural environment, activity holiday and gastronomic delicacies.

The Ravna Gora Fruits of the Mountains is an event organised by the Ravna Gora Tourism Office in the period between May and October. After welcome drinks, participants start their hiking tour of the surrounding hills, bike ride on well-tended paths and gather up fruits of the forest. This recreational and educational event combines the local gastronomic offering, sampling specialities made with fruits of the forests and similar. In addition to providing a delicious meal – either in nature or in one of the local eating establishments – the hosts will teach their guests about local plants, their medicinal effects etc. 
Days of Lilies and Spruce took place in May, and Days of Elder are scheduled for the 21st of June, an event that will also include the presentation of local shepherds' customs. After that come the days of strawberries, blueberries, medicinal plants and raspberries, as well as days of mushrooms and apples in the autumn.
Ravna Gora is located in the heart of Gorski kotar, on a plateau at an elevation of 700 to 900 metres in the immediate vicinity of the Rijeka- Zagreb highway. Since it is easily accessible, the area is very popular among visitors coming from both Rijeka and Zagreb, but also among tourists who stop here to take a break while on their way to the sea.