Kvarner newsletter / no 7

Opatija in Zagreb
Opatija – Museum Town of Central Europe

Museum town – a window into the future of Opatija: this is the title of the exhibition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the Pivka – Šapjane – Rijeka railway, which marked the beginning of the more intense development of tourism in Opatija. The exhibition shall remain open until the 13th of June in Zagreb.

On the occasion of the 135th anniversary of this railway, the Croatian Railways Company and the government of the Town of Opatija organised a series of events to mark this important anniversary. Opatija started developing into a renowned holiday and health resort after 1873, when railway came to Rijeka and Matulji became the train station for visitors who were coming to Opatija from all over Europe. 
The exhibition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the railway, opened at the end of May, introduces visitors to the Opatija – Town Museum of Central Europe project, initiated by the government of the Town of Opatija a few years ago. The aim of the project is to enhance the status and present to the public Opatija’s rich cultural and historical heritage, in a way that, eventually, the whole town and its sights of interest become a kind of open-air museum. This will include appropriate renovation of the facades of hotels and villas, interiors of the cafes, hotels and other buildings, in a way that each Central European nation get its relevant facilities.
This exhibition is the first presentation of this unique, interesting project in Zagreb, introducing the inhabitants of Croatia’s capital and their friends who love Opatija to its aims and prospects.