Kvarner newsletter / no 1

Crikvenica’s private accommodation catalogue

The Association of Private Accommodation Renters of Crikvenica has recently published the first directory of private accommodation covering the entire Crikvenica area, which should help guests find the private accommodation that best suits their needs.

The catalogue consists of roughly 50 pages listing a total of 78 private-accommodation providers. In addition to a list of properties, which includes descriptions and photographs, the directory also provides detailed information about general offer and accommodation standards.

The richly illustrated catalogue also contains a comprehensive list of useful information, addresses and telephone numbers, a list of all tourist agencies and tourism boards in the area, and an overview of Crikvenica’s history. 

The brochure was published with the aim of promoting tourism and private-accommodation facilities in Crikvenica and will be distributed at numerous national and international tourist fairs as well as local info-points.

Though the directory is comprehensive, it does not include all private-accommodation providers in the Crikvenica area. Their total number is roughly 1600, but not all are members of the above-mentioned Association and have therefore not been included in the catalogue.

In addition to the catalogue, the Association of Private Accommodation Renters of Crikvenica has a website at www.app-crikvenica.com, which is an important tool because many guests prefer to find accommodation via the Internet.
It is also panned to build up a virtual database of all private-accommodation providers in Crikvenica with the aim of providing guests who plan on visiting Crikvenica a complete insight into the area’s accommodation facilities.