Kvarner newsletter / no 8

Summer in Novi Vinodolski
Entertainment and enjoyment for visitors

The Vinodol Summer Evenings festival takes place from the beginning of July to the end of August and includes performances of both classical and popular music, being equally appealing to visitors interested in literature, movies and folklore. The Rose of Vinodol event, based on the tradition of the local area, is scheduled for August.

Visitors to Novi Vinodolski are invited to enjoy the performances within the Vinodol Summer Evenings Festival that will last until the end of August and include concerts by renowned artists, ethnic and folklore evenings, as well as musical and stage performances. Let us mention some of the events from the calendar: July 22nd, performance by the Kirice women's singing group, KUD Dr. Antun Barac Tamburizza orchestra and the Vinodolke singing group. July 30th, musical and stage performance by the 4'33 group in the historic centre of Novi Vinodolski. August 3rd, guitar concert by Tomislav Ribičić in the Church of St. Peter and Paul. Visitors wishing to experience the authentic sounds of the local area should not miss the Festival of klape singing groups on the 23rd of August, followed by the closing ceremony of the Vinodol Summer Evenings on the next day. Entrance to all performances is free. 
The highlight of the Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola) event, which starts at the beginning of August, will be in the period between the 13th and the 16th of August. The event is based on the local oral tradition, according to which each grape harvest would end with the selection of the most beautiful and most diligent grape picker in Novi Vinodolski. Available records say that this event took place for the last time in 1880. Based on this tradition, the new Rose of Vinodol festival was created, including the contest for the most beautiful and most skilled grape picker, the wine festival, traditional workshops, fairs with indigenous local products, and attractive musical performances.   
Novi Vinodolski, a famous seaside resort, is located in the central coastal part of Kvarner, and looks back to the tradition of welcoming visitors lasting for as much as 130 years.