Kvarner newsletter / no 8

"Treasure Hunt" – a new attraction for visitors

This year, visitors to the town of Krk on the island of Krk can enjoy traditional events based on the island's history, but also some new attractions that make staying on this island even more appealing.

The legend of the pirates from Plavnik, a small island near Krk, inspired a new boat excursion entitled "Treasure Hunt", which will surely bring lots of excitements to the visitors of the town of Krk.
The base of the story is the tradition of the Krk Fair that dates back to 1524, and which has been going on – with occasional interruptions – ever since. Just like almost five centuries ago, the fair today takes place in the town on Krk on the feast of St Lawrence, offering visitors a wide range of products. The only difference is that throughout the history, the merchandise came from all over the world, and today only indigenous products are sold here, which are particularly interesting to the visitors.

The legend of the pirates also dates back to the times when Krk was the destination of merchants from all continents. In 1524, there was a violent robbery on the sea off Krk, in which "the pirates from Plavnik" intercepted a merchant galley carrying a rich cargo in the strait between the two islands. The smoke of the burnt ship alarmed the duke's guards who sank the pirate ship, and the only surviving pirate rescued himself by swimming to the island of Plavnik where he buried valuables from the robbed ship. All trace of the pirate was lost, and years later he came looking for guides who would take him to the island of Plavnik. His intention was however hindered by an unsuccessful chase for him, whose only result was a mysterious map with the instructions for finding the buried treasure. In spite of the rich award announced by the duke, the treasure was never found and the treasure hunt continues up to the present day.

The staging of the legend, from the naval battle in the Krk harbour to the pirate attack, is a two-day overture to the all-day excursion to the island of Plavnik, whose participants become pirate scarves and maps with the marked location of the treasure. And even if they don't find the treasure, the participants can be sure to have a great time.
During the Krk Fair in the period between the 8th and 10th of August, all interested visitors can buy an original souvenir – the Legend of the Krk Fair by Tonči Žužić in English and Croatian. 

The Treasure Hunt excursion was designed by the Town of Krk Tourism Office and the Association of Krk Tourist. It will be organised weekly, but also according to the needs of individual groups.