Kvarner newsletter / no 1

Riviera of Crikvenica and Vinodol
A blue and green holiday region

The authorities of tourism boards and municipalities in the areas of the town of Novi Vinodolski and Crikvenica have recently accepted a proposal to change the name of the Riviera of Crikvenica and Vinodol to Vinodol – a Green and Blue Riviera, which will also be the slogan for its promotion.

The new name of the Riviera, which stretches from Jadranovo to Sibinj on the coast and along the Vinodol Valley on the mainland presents an appealing picture of the region in respect to its tourist traditions and natural environment. The Riviera Novi Vinodolski represents a combination of sea and forests, which was the reason for using the two colours – blue and green – in its new name. Nature has bestowed this region with a beneficial climate, numerous beaches connected by paths and promenades, pleasant wooded surroundings and fresh air from the mountainous hinterland. In addition to its wondrous nature, the Riviera boasts an attractive historical and cultural heritage. Novi Vinodolski, the biggest settlement on the Riviera, is home to the oldest Croatian legal document – the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakonik) and also to the Mažuranić family, which gave, over the period of two centuries, many important writers and even governors (“ban”).

This area also includes the Crikvenica Riviera, which for two centuries has been known as the place of splendid villas and hotels for aristocratic guests. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Crikvenica continues to attract visitors with a touch of exclusivity reminiscent of times when the town was visited by crowned heads, archdukes and baronesses. Still, Crikvenica, just as Novi Vinodolski and other resorts on the Riviera, equally attracts visitors with fantastic beaches, crystal-clear sea, lush vegetation and fresh air.