Kvarner newsletter / no 8

A nostalgic journey back in time

Opatijski suveniri, a popular musical band, will be playing on the terrace of the Hotel Kvarner in Opatija from the beginning of July to the end of August. Their return to this terrace reawakens nostalgic memories in many of Opatija's visitors.

The musical programme of the Opatijski suveniri band, whose work is closely related to this town, is a contribution to reviving Opatija as a romantic destination for all generations of visitors.

This band is also known for playing with Ivo Robić, a renowned Croatian singer internationally known as Mr. Morgen, who used to sing on this terrace for the visitors of Hotel Kvarner and the whole Riviera. Since Mr. Morgen is not with us any more, it's the Opatijski suveniri band that will bring the well-known melodies back to Opatija. Visitors who would like to enjoy their music not only during the holiday in Opatija, but also back home, are invited to buy their CD that will refresh their memories of the romantic stay in Opatija until they come here again.