Kvarner newsletter / no 9

The scents and fragrances of Lošinj
The fine scents of the island 

Each month on the island of Lošinj is dedicated to a medicinal or spice herb. Mali Lošinj’s Garden of Fine Scents and the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office have dedicated the month of September to fig and jujube, and the fragrances of October will be myrtle and strawberry tree – interesting Mediterranean plants with a variety of possible uses.

Myrtle (Latin name Myrtus communis) is an evergreen shrub whose leaves abound in essential oil. The berries, which ripen in October, are used in the Garden of Fine Scents to produce two interesting liqueurs, the light Good Dolphin, and the dark Apoxyomenos. Strawberry Tree (Latin name Arbutus unedo) is an evergreen small tree with orange-red drupes, which are used to make delicious jams rich in vitamin C. 
In the month of September, which was dedicated to fig and jujube, the island’s restaurants prepared tasty sweets and liqueurs of these fruits.
Each month, Fragrant events put emphasis on education and gastronomy, but also on culture, lectures and workshops.
Lošinj’s fragrance of November is olive, and December will be dedicated to pine and agave –quite appropriate for a month of festivities.
These events attract numerous visitors to Lošinj, the island renowned for the beneficial effects of its climate to human health in all seasons. Other interesting events and high-quality accommodation add to the overall attractiveness of this Kvarner island.