Kvarner newsletter / no 9

Towards the tourism summit
Opatija host to the Days of Croatian Tourism

On the 23rd and 24th of October, Opatija will host the Days of Croatian Tourism, the annual meeting of tourism professionals with an awards ceremony for the best tourist destinations, best companies and individuals in the coastal and continental parts of Croatia. This event gives tourism professionals the chance to meet representatives of the Croatian government, analyse this year’s season and make plans for the coming year.

Starting from this year, the final evening of the two events presented by the Croatian National Tourist Board in collaboration with local tourism boards (“Blue and Green Flower”), and the event presented by the Croatian Chamber of Economy in collaboration with the Croatian Radio and Television (“Tourism Flower – Quality for Croatia“) will take place at the same time. The event is organised by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Croatian National Tourist Board, the Croatian Chamber of Economy, and the Croatian Radio and Television, and includes meeting of several associations of tourism professionals, an international meeting of European auto clubs, and much more. The highlight of the Days of Croatian Tourism will be the Croatian Tourist Forum and a meeting of the Croatian tourism professionals with the representatives of the Croatian Government. The final evening of these two events and the awards ceremony for the best individuals and tourism destinations will be broadcasted live by the Croatian National Television (HTV) on the 24th of October.