Kvarner newsletter / no 9

Gastronomic duel on RAI Italian National Television
Croatian culinary duo from Kastav continues the competition!

Nenad Kukurin, owner of the renowned Kukuriku Restaurant from Kastav, and the restaurant’s chef Robert Kličković gained popularity among the audience of the famous La prova del cuoco cooking show on the RAI 1 Italian National Television and were declared the best promoters of Mediterranean cuisine.

The victory of the famous Croatian culinary duo from Kastav in mid-September over the representatives from Syria marked the end of this culinary duel in Rome, announcing that it is the Croatian duo to continue the competition. It hardly needs mentioning that their success is a great contribution to the promotion of Croatia as a destination with excellent gastronomy. After working in Croatia and Italy, Nenad Kukurin opened the Kukuriku Restaurant in Kastav ten years ago, continuing the 117-year-long restaurant tradition in the fifth generation. The restaurant is located in the small town of Kastav characterised by its preserved medieval town walls, overlooking Rijeka and Opatija from a hill at an elevation of 365 metres above sea level. Kastav is today a meeting point of people who appreciate high-quality, nutritionally balanced, creatively prepared and impeccably served slow food.