Kvarner newsletter / no 9

Vrbnička žlahtina - a wine for a real enjoyment

The picturesque village of Vrbnik on the island of Krk, perched on a 48-metre-high cliff above the sea, is known for its beauty and Glagolitic cultural heritage. But there is another reason why connoisseurs love Vrbnik – it is the hometown of the excellent and widely appreciated white wine, Vrbnička žlahtina!

The renowned Vrbnička žlahtina wine is made of the indigenous žlahtina grape that grows in the plain of Vrbničko polje, a wine region with the protected geographical status. Depending on the harvest, the yearly produce amounts to 700 to 900 thousand bottles of this indigenous dry white wine with controlled term of origin. 
Connoisseurs describe this wine as an elegant, high-quality white wine revealing a unique aroma and freshness, with all fruit fragrances and harmonic characteristics of the grape being skilfully preserved. This is the reason why the Croatian Chamber of Economy decided to award Vrbnička žlahtina the prestigious Croatian Creation label, stating that this wine “reflects the traditional Croatian culture of wine growing, wine making and the traditional way of living in the rural areas on Kvarner islands, where survival and sustainable development depend on diligent cultivation of agricultural goods and their processing into products of a higher added value.”
The wine tastes best if served chilled at a temperature of 8 to 12 degrees with Mediterranean food. When on Krk, do not miss to taste some indigenous dishes of the island, such as fish and seafood prepared with the island's high-quality olive oil, home-made pasta, lamb, sheep's milk cheese and pršut dry-cured ham. Vrbnička žlahtina is also an excellent souvenir that will remind you of Vrbnik and the Golden Island of Krk, as it was called in the antiquity due to the abundance of seafood and agrarian products. See you soon on Krk!