Kvarner newsletter / no 9

35th sweet chestnuts festival – Marunada
Gastronomic delights and much more …

Lovran, a renowned holiday resort only five kilometres from Opatija, this year hosts the 35th Marunada, a traditional festival dedicated to the sweet chestnuts in which this region abounds. However, Marunada is much more – it includes a number of concerts, exhibitions, dance events and sports competitions.

The 35th Marunada will take place from the 8th to 26th October and is organised by the Lovran Tourism Office. One of the first events scheduled for this year's edition of Marunada is the opening of the exhibition entitled “35 Years of Marunada”. Other events include programmes for children, concerts, sports competitions, trade fair and much more. When it comes to sports, particularly worth mentioning are the 6th Učka Mountain Trek 2008 race, and the Marunada 2008 boccie tournament.
For all lovers of the particularly tasty sweet chestnuts from the Lovran area, the highlight of the event will definitely be the abundance of dishes made with these sweet fruits: roasted chestnuts, chestnut sweets and cakes, traditional dishes, chestnut honey, and much more. Sweet chestnuts from the Lovran area are particularly large and sweet. They thrive only here in Liburnia, on the slopes of Mount Učka, and are therefore in great demand. This chestnut species, which grows in the villages in the hinterland of Lovran, is the result of cross breeding between indigenous chestnuts and seedlings that were brought by Lovran seafarers from the Far East, probably from Japan.
Sweet chestnuts have a great influence on the local gastronomy. They are used for preparing various dishes, from soups, sauces and side dishes to cakes and other sweets that are each year presented to the guests of Lovran, Opatija and the whole Kvarner region.
Opatija's hotels have prepared special accommodation, gastronomy and wellness packages as a special offer for all the visitors coming here to taste sweet chestnuts and to attend the traditional chestnut festival.