Kvarner newsletter / no 9

Bundevijada Pumpkin Festival – a celebration of old customs and traditional food

Bundevijada, a traditional festival dedicated to the local cuisine and customs of Gorski kotar, will take place on the 11th and 12th October in Vrbovsko. This festival includes many different events, but it is primarily dedicated to pumpkins (bundeva in Croatian – hence the name) as food and medicine.

The central event of the Bundevijada Festival is the exhibition of autumn fruits, most prominent among them being, of course, the “main character” of this festival – the pumpkin. But the nicely decorated stalls will also offer honey, cheese, various liqueurs, souvenirs and other products. Visitors will probably be most interested in visiting the Gorski kotar House (Goranska kuća), a house equipped with authentic furniture displaying the way people used to live, work and eat in Gorski kotar. This is also the occasion to remember some of the traditional customs of the region connected with some typical products, such as maize, plumage and wool. This journey back in time will of course be accompanied by the traditional gastronomic specialities of the region.
The Bundevijada Festival also has an educational purpose and includes lectures on producing healthy food, tourism-related activities and more.
The second day of the Bundevijada Festival includes the exhibition and the presentation of honey and honey-based products.  
All these events are accompanied by a variety of cultural and entertainment programmes.
Vrbovsko is located at the eastern border of Gorski kotar, halfway between Rijeka and Zagreb.