Kvarner newsletter / no 9

12th Days of Olives
How is olive oil produced

Autumn on the island of Krk is dedicated to olives, especially the period between the 10th and 19th of October: it is the time when Punat hosts the 12th Days of Olives. This is the chance for olive growers to evaluate the quality of olive oil and products made of it, but also to introduce the visitors to the history of olive growing and the tools used for processing today and in the past. All visitors who want to participate in olive harvesting and olive oil production will have the chance to do so until the end of the month.

This year’s, 12th edition of the Days of Olives festival begins in the evening hours on the 10th of October with presentations and opening of the exhibition dedicated to olives. The ceremonial opening of the festival is scheduled for 10 a.m. on the 11th of October and will include the opening of two interesting exhibitions – “Tools and machines in olive growing “ and “Olive oil and indigenous products of the island of Krk”. Visitors are also invited to take a tour of the olive mill and olive harvest with professional guides. The festival will also include several lectures aimed at olive growers and all those interested in the subject, and the restaurants in Punat will offer a variety of dishes made with olives. During the festival, which also includes an interesting entertainment programme, the visitors will have the opportunity to buy olive oil and indigenous products of the island of Krk.
Perhaps the most appealing part of the festival is the participation in olive harvesting and processing, which also includes a typical peasant’s lunch and gives the visitors the opportunity to experience for themselves how much effort is needed to produce olive oil whose quality made the island of Krk and the whole of Croatia worldwide famous.
Visitors who would like to participate in olive harvesting and processing should register at the Hotel Kanajt (e-mail: info@kanajt.hr). The festival will last until the end of October.
Particularly interesting will be the selection of the most beautiful olive tree in Punat. The criteria for the evaluation, which will be carried out by a special commission, include the age of the tree, its indigenous origin and fruitfulness. The organiser of the Days of Olives festival – the Municipality of Punat Tourism Office – is awaiting registrations for this “beauty contest”.