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Mali Lošinj
New Year Spearfishing Cup

Every year, Mali Lošinj, the biggest settlement on the island of Lošinj, organises the traditional New Year Spearfishing Cup, which comprises two competitions: the Winter Towns Cup and the European Cup of Nations. This year it will take place from the 28th until the 30th of December.

The New Year Cup has a long tradition that is the pride of the inhabitants of Lošinj: the Winter Cup takes place for the 47th time, and the European Cup for the 37th time, with the participation of spearfishermen from some ten countries.
The connection that Mali Lošinj has with spearfishing is represented by the Monument to a Spearfisherman, a work by the academic sculptor Ante Starčević from Zagreb, who created the monument according to the original by the sculptor Vinko Matković from Rijeka.

Spearfishing, which means free diving, is an extreme sport because of the many hours of effort spent in the depths of the sea requiring extraordinary strength and representing the potential dangers that can occur under such conditions. This is the most sportingly type of fishing because the fisher selects which fish to catch.
Although it is primarily a sport, knowledge about spearfishing is usually passed only to limited groups of people. Good locations abundant in fish are well-kept secrets.

Spearfishing continues to attract more and more amateur and professional fishermen each year. The New Year Cup in Mali Lošinj, as well as some other international competitions, demonstrate the high quality of the participants and their exceptional physical and mental condition.

In addition to this Cup, the island of Lošinj hosts numerous other events throughout the year. These include the Lošinj Sailing Regatta in August, the Lošinj Riviera International Tennis Competition in summer, and a year-long event called The Scents and Tastes of Lošinj, which includes Asparagus and Cherry Days, Lavender and Strawflower Days, Fig Days, Olive Days, Lemon and Orange Days, etc.