Kvarner newsletter / no 10

Celebrate the New Year 2009 twice!

Fužine, a well-known resort in Gorski kotar, at the end of the year offers its guests not only beautiful nature and winter atmosphere, but also a very special tradition: this will be the tenth year in a row that the people of Fužine and their guests will be celebrating New Year's Eve twice: at noon and at midnight!

This interesting tradition attracted 3 thousand visitors to Fužine last year, who say farewell to the old year 2007 twice – first at noon, with a glass of champagne in the open-air, and then at midnight, on traditional celebrations in hotels and restaurants, with much fun and many culinary surprises. This "early" celebration is particularly favourable for families with small children that would otherwise probably be deprived of the chance to say farewell to the old year at midnight.
Fužine is located at an elevation of 730 metres above sea level in the south-western part of Gorski kotar and can be reached from the coast in less than half an hour's drive. Accommodation is provided in the four-star Hotel Bitoraj, renowned for its high-quality rooms and services, and a number of rooms, apartments, guesthouses and holiday houses.