Kvarner newsletter / no 10

Day of Tourism in the town of Krk
Meeting of all those who contributed to the success of tourism

Once the main tourist season is over, more time is available for the analysis of what has been achieved and what still needs to be done. This is the chance for tourism professionals from the town of Krk to meet everyone directly or indirectly involved in the area's tourism and discuss what has been done well, and what requires improvement. This was the main theme of the 2nd Days of Tourism event, held in the town of Krk.

The Day of Tourism event in the town of Krk took place for the second time on the 28th of October. This year's host was the Hotels Krk Company, more precisely the Hotel Dražica, where tourism professionals met representatives of tourism offices and local authorities. The event included seven workshops in which the representatives of hotel companies, campsites, tourist agencies, private accommodation providers, restaurant owners, excursion boats owners, shop owners, as well as providers of various services and agricultural associations discussed the past tourist season and made suggestions for improvements to the local authorities.
The participants of this meeting agreed that this year's tourist season was a successful one, and that in the year 2009 a slight increase in the tourism turnover can be expected despite the problems on the global level. This will be possible, among other things, thanks to the mutual endeavours of all tourism professionals to improve the quality of the services offered and to create new attractions for the visitors.