Kvarner newsletter / no 1

Inauguration of the Museum of Croatian Tourism

Thanks to its long history of tourism, the town of Opatija, which was the first town on the Adriatic coast to gain the status of a holiday resort and to be declared a health resort by a special decree in 1889, was chosen to host the Museum of Croatian Tourism.

Owing to the fact that Opatija has the longest tradition in Croatia of welcoming tourists, dating back to 1844, the town of Opatija and the Republic of Croatia opened in Opatija a new institution – the Museum of Croatian Tourism. The Museum is in charge of the Villa Angiolina and the Juraj Šporer Arts Pavilion, which host permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The first floor of the Villa Angiolina hosts a permanent exhibition including two sections. The first section is dedicated to Opatija as the cradle of Croatian tourism, and the second provides a survey of Croatian tourism. The materials include historical documents, old photographs, postcards and various items. The exhibition also introduces visitors to personalities who have played significant roles in the history of tourism in Opatija.

The section situated on the staircase tells the story of the Villa Angiolina itself, which was the first villa in Opatija; and the ground floor will be used for same purposes as before. The Juraj Šporer Arts Pavilion will host various exhibitions, the first one being on the history of Opatija’s swimming baths, including the presentation of a book covering the same topic.

The Museum will collect data about all relevant items and potential exhibits with the aim of establishing a system for the evaluation of museum materials and to build up a database.
The Museum is also the reference centre for the storage of tourism-related materials.