Kvarner newsletter / no 10

Slatina Campsite
Awards for innovative ideas in environmental protection

At a specialised fair in Lyon, the Jadranka Kampovi Company from Mali Lošinj won the SITEO award for the innovative environmental protection ideas used in its Slatina Campsite in Martinšćica on the island of Cres. This award is particularly important, since it is the first time a Croatian campsite has gained French recognition.

The Slatina Campsite, which can accommodate up to 1500 visitors, started in 2007 the Camping Cum Cane Project aimed at creating a more tolerant atmosphere between dog owners and those who do now have a dog. Special facilities include dog showers, walking paths, and dog toilets. All registered dogs must wear an identification tag, and dog owners are required to observe the rules concerning hygiene in the campsite. 

This year the Slatina Campsite introduced the ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environmental protection standard. Successful implementation and the quality of services offered in Slatina Campsite were crucial for awarding this recognition. 
The campsite covers an area of 15 hectares on a location one kilometre from Martinšćica and 27 kilometres form the island's main centre, Cres. A part of this modern equipped campsite and sanitary areas has been adapted to suit the needs of people with disabilities. The campsite includes several eating establishments and sports and recreational facilities, shops, gas filling stations and laundries. Since recently, the campsite also includes sanitary areas for children, baby changing stations, a family bedroom that can be rented, an ironing area, and much more. Not to forget boot moorings and boat ramps.