Kvarner newsletter / no 11

International Carnival in Rijeka
Be what you want to be, visit Rijeka Carnival!

For the 26th time, from the 23rd of January to the 22nd of February, Rijeka will host its renowned International Carnival, which has been listed among the most important carnival events worldwide. Therefore it is no wonder that the Carnival, a period so utterly different from other times of the year, is locally known also as "the fifth season".

The 26th International Carnival in Rijeka starts on the 23rd of January with the contest for the Queen of the Carnival of Rijeka and handing over the town key. For the next thirty days, Rijeka and the whole Kvarner region will host cheerful Carnival parties, including the Children's Carnival Parade on the 14th of February. The highlight of the Rijeka Carnival is the International Carnival Parade, starting at noon on the 22nd of February in the centre of Rijeka. Statistic data show that the International Carnival Parade includes more than 10,000 participants and more than 150,000 spectators on the streets of Rijeka. Let us remind you that Sunday Times listed the International Carnival in Rijeka as one of the most attractive events worldwide.
Different than any other time of the year, the carnival period is locally also known as “the fifth season”. The motto of the imaginative carnival parades, which culminate in the second half of February, is “Be what you want to be – visit the Rijeka Carnival”.