Kvarner newsletter / no 12

School of dance
Let's dance the potresujka!

It is no secret that each journey can be very illuminating and considerably enrich your life. On Kvarner you have got the opportunity to attend a very specific dancing school – the Matulji School of Potresujka, a popular dance of the region which stimulates creativity because in this dance you can combine the basic steps with your own ideas. Let's dance the Matulji potresujka!

The basic steps of this popular local dance are quite simple. All you have to do is learn the specific steps – two quick, one slow – and then combine them to make your own variations. Each dancer is free to add something very own, individual to the basic steps. If you think that your "contribution" is not within the standards, you should not worry – each village has its own way of dancing the potresujka, so you can always say that you are dancing – the way your neighbours do.

The origins of this dance are not quite clear, but we know that it originally goes with Slovenian music. Today the potresujka is very popular on the whole of Opatija Riviera and some of the neighbouring regions. If you are eager to learn this dance, you should ask your hosts about the Matulji School of Potresujka which includes lessons supervised by skilled dancers. This school has already had around 300 participants and is becoming increasingly popular.