Kvarner newsletter / no 12

Novi Vinodolski
Illustrated monograph – a new view of modernity and heritage

After as much as 13 years, this April Novi Vinodolski will feature in a new coffee-table book telling the story of this holiday resort as it celebrates its 130th anniversary of tourism. The book will include 160 pages richly illustrated with around 200 photographs.

The book, scheduled to be published this spring, will cover various topics, including, tourism, culture, economy, sport, and geography.
The publishers announce that this will be an attractive book of a modern design, covering all the usual, recognisable aspects of Novi Vinodolski, but also providing some completely new insights into this charming little town.  
The book will introduce the reader to the rich heritage and the diversity of the modern life in all seasons.
Novi Vinodolski is located in the central part of the Croatian Littoral. It is the centre of the Riviera of the same name with a tradition of welcoming visitors dating back 130 years.
For the year 2009, Novi Vinodolski has prepared a packed calendar of events, including the Summer Carnival (3rd – 4th July), Days of Sports and Music (18th – 27th July), and the Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola) cultural and entertaining event inspired by the region's history (13th – 15th August).