Kvarner newsletter / no 12

Bevanda Restaurant Style
Book as a tribute to a man, a town and a restaurant

It would not be possible to tell the story of Opatija, its tourism and gastronomy, without mentioning the Bevanda Restaurant. Since 1971, when the restaurant first opened its door, these two stories have been mutually interwoven.

Influenced by the new gastronomic habits and interior decoration trends, the restaurant has been continuously changing, but the course of time has been stopped in a recently published, richly illustrated Bevanda Restaurant Style book, which tells the story of this famous restaurant in words, photographs and house specialities. The first chapters of the book are dedicated to the history and the present of Opatija, and to the exceptional synergy of a holiday resort that continues to inspire and a restaurant whose quality has always made a great contribution to Opatija's reputation.
It should be mentioned that the publisher of the book, Zoran Maržić, present owner of the Bevanda Restaurant, wanted to pay tribute to the founder of the restaurant who died a short time ago, Branko Bevanda. He was a former motorcycling ace and had put his knowledge, skill and vision into this restaurant.
Bevanda Restaurant offers creative cuisine based on Mediterranean dishes and is the first restaurant on the Adriatic coast with a Champagne&Caviar Bar and an extraordinarily rich wine list. The restaurant is located directly on the seafront offering 60 places indoors and 100 places on the terrace.