Kvarner newsletter / no 13

Archaeology and tourism
History for tourism present

Archaeology and tourism can make a unique and highly appreciated combination. This is confirmed by the book entitled Archaeology and Tourism, which gives an account of their mutual relationship in Croatia. About one hundred pages of this interesting and illuminating guide are dedicated to the rich archaeological heritage of the Kvarner region.

The book was presented at the exhibition entitled Archaeology and Tourism in Croatia; the promotion took place within this year's Night of Museums in the Museum of Archaeology in Zagreb. This was the opportunity to learn more about two important sites: Mirina (Fulfinum) near Omišalj on the island of Krk, and the most important archaeological site that is being currently researched – the Ad Turres Roman ceramic workshop in Crikvenica. The chapter about revived history gives an account of the Rapska fjera medieval summer festival on the island of Rab as an extraordinarily successful combination of historical themes and interest of modern visitors, and The Days of Ad Turres, a new historical-tourist event which brings visitors back to the times of the Roman Ad Turres settlement through interesting stage performances and gastronomy.
A special place in the book is dedicated to Baška on the island of Krk: it is presented on about 68 pages as a destination successfully dedicated primarily to its rich cultural heritage.
This book is a useful guide of archaeological sites and parks, but also an illuminating and attracting text offering the reader, among other things, an overview of some of the most famous and most interesting events based on archaeological findings and historical facts.
The book is divided into six thematic chapters that include works by prominent Croatian archaeologists and art historians, but also journalists and tourism professionals.