Kvarner newsletter / no 1

Louisiana Road
A new attraction

The area around the town of Delnice, through which passes the old Louisiana Road, has recently made significant investments to improve the attractiveness of this traffic route, which used to play an important role in the history and tourism of the area.

The Louisiana Road was built at the beginning of the 19th century, between 1803 and 1809, and was named after Napoleon’s wife Marie Louise. The road used to be the best connection between Rijeka on the coast and Karlovac on the continent and was very important for a row of smaller places such as Grobničko polje, Kamenjak, Gornje Jelenje, Lokve, Delnice, Skrad, Stubica, Severin na Kupi, Netretić and Stativ. At the time of its construction, the length of the Louisiana Road was approximately 18 Austrian miles, where one mile corresponds to ca. 7.5 kilometres.

This was the shortest connection between Rijeka and Karlovac and also one of the most modern roads in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

An interesting site along the Louisiana Road that was recently renovated is the old Sobol limekiln, built in the 1930s in the Javornik area. The lime from this limekiln was used for the construction of all houses in the Delnice area.

Taking part in the renovation of the limekiln were the members of Delnice’s Tourism Office, members of the Sobol family, and other people who also contributed to the complete renovation of the area around the limekiln. This was only the first phase, which will be followed by the erection of a large interpretation board and a seating area, which will be a great contribution to the overall project “200 Years of Louisiana”.

Another interesting site along the Louisiana Road is the Vodenjak belvedere, which was renovated last year.