Kvarner newsletter / no 15

The island of Krk
What is asparagus good for?

If you are planning to visit the island of Krk this spring, let us give you one piece of advice concerning the choice of food: do not forget to order some asparagus! In fact, it has been proven that a meal with this delicious plant will also have a beneficial effect on your health.

Asparagus, a plant from the lily family, has been known for its healing properties for as many as three millennia. Research has shown that asparagus is rich in minerals and vitamins, that it stimulates mind and the growth of good bacteria. But that is not all – asparagus is also rich in folic acid, removes harmful substances from the body, regulates high blood pressure and has a strong antioxidant effect. This is why it is recommended to pregnant women. In addition, asparagus has been regarded an aphrodisiac since the 15th century. Thanks to all the mentioned properties, asparagus has been attributed the merit for many martial but also diplomatic successes of the Frankopans, the Dukes of Krk, as well as for the sensuality and fertility of their courtiers and contemporaries.
No matter if this is just a legend or the truth, the healing properties of asparagus are indisputable, and here in the local area this is even more obvious, for here this plant grows on bare karst soil with fine sea aerosol, which gives it a very special taste. Everybody who joined the "Asparagus walking tour" during Easter holidays and tasted the giant omelette made with 1002 eggs will definitely approve of that. If you were not there, we recommend you order a delicious asparagus dish in some of the Krk's restaurants. We believe that after that you too will be able to confirm the healing and other beneficial properties of asparagus from your own experience.