Kvarner newsletter / no 15

Mali Lošinj
Taste some island specialities!

If you visit the island of Lošinj by the 18th of April, the Mali Lošinj Tourism Office and the island's restaurant owners invite you to taste some local specialities at the 3rd Lošinj Cuisine Festival. But whenever you decide to visit this renowned destination, you will always have the opportunity to taste traditional specialities prepared with fresh local ingredients and spices from the Lošinj Garden of Fine Scents.

Approximately fifteen restaurants and bars from Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj take part in this year's, third edition of this gastronomic event, during which the visitors will have the chance to taste various traditional dishes of the region. The choice is really abundant: fish and shellfish, asparagus, pasta and vegetables, lamb and much more. Let us mention some of the dishes on offer: scallops and scampi buzara style, Kvarner scampi boiled in olive oil and wine with polenta and asparagus, octopus carpaccio with oregano, lasagne, asparagus risotto or pizza, lasagne with local vegetables, leg of lamb in fragrant Lošinj herbs, Lošinj calamari (squid) brodetto (type of rich soup) with laurel, angler fish with rosemary and fennel sauce, and much more. Enjoy!