Kvarner newsletter / no 15

Island of Rab
Interesting trekking programmes

The island of Rab, this year celebrating its 120th anniversary of tourism, offers visitors some great opportunities for activity holidays. Walking, cycling, boat rides, team sports… no matter what your personal preferences, physical condition or age, rest assured that on Rab you will certainly find something just right for you!

For the fans of trekking excursions, your host, the Lopar Tourism Office, organises interesting weekend programmes, which combine various attractions (physical activity, the possibility of learning more about some new places and areas, and tasting some original dishes of the island) into appealing package holidays.  
Lopar Educational Trails is the title of a trekking programme that includes a three-day/two-night stay on the island of Rab. The meeting of the group is scheduled for Friday, the 17th of April, in the evening, when the participants will be offered a welcome drink and learn more about the programme. On the next morning, the group starts the tour of the medium hard trail that includes many natural sites of interest such as caves, the renowned Premužić Hiking Trail, the belvedere of Zelena vrata, and more. After that follows the visit to a beekeeping trade, and a tasty meal (picnic) on the Livačina beach. The members of the group will return to their hotels in the evening hours. On Sunday the group takes a boat to the island of Goli otok and follows the medium hard trail to the peak of Glavina. The programme also includes visit to the former prison, film screening and lunch in the bay of Tetina.
Another interesting programme is On the Trail of Lopar's History, which includes a three-night/four-day stay on the island. The programme begins of the 24th of April and includes sightseeing of Lopar's archaeological sites and natural landmarks.
The Island Triptych is the title of a programme that starts on the 30th of April and includes four days/three nights on the island of Rab. After the meeting and getting together on the first day, the group starts on a nine-hour trip on the second day, which includes a boat ride to the island of Goli otok, sightseeing of the island's landmarks and the former prison, film screening, and departure for the island of Sv. Grgur. On the next day the group will visit some of the natural landmarks, such as caves, the Premužić Hiking Trail, and the belvedere of Zelena vrata. The last day is reserved for hiking again and a visit to a beekeeping farm where the visitors can buy original honey products. The excursions also include beach picnics and evening entertainment programmes.
Lopar is a part of the island of Rab and a holiday resort known for its 22 wonderful beaches, three of them being naturist beaches. Lopar is also the birthplace of stonemason Marin (4th century), the founder of the Republic of San Marino. This is why the local holiday village is called San Marino.