Kvarner newsletter / no 15

Dance in the town's unique ambience

The old town of Kastav, surrounded by medieval walls rising 365 metres above the sea, is preparing to celebrate World Dance Day in a very appropriate way – with dance.

On the 25th and 26th of April, the town of Kastav, located only ten kilometres away from Rijeka and six from Opatija, members of several dance schools will demonstrate their skills and teach visitors some new dance steps. The venue of this event is very impressive indeed: the unique squares within the old town of Kastav. In addition to dance schools, the event will include the presentation and sale of various dance equipment, making it easier for dancers to find what they need for their performances instead of having to travel to larger cities for shopping. The culmination of this event, which will certainly attract many visitors from the nearby Kvarner destinations, will be a joint performance of all dance groups with their best dance numbers.