Kvarner newsletter / no 15

The island of Krk
Olive oil – Krk's treasure and original souvenir

All fans of Mediterranean cuisine, which is recommended by the World Health Organisation as the world's healthiest, are certainly familiar with the importance and characteristics of olive oil, and well aware of the fact that Croatian olive oil is of superb quality. Olive oil from the island of Krk belongs amongst the best oils worldwide and has become a brand increasingly popular with tourists as a usable souvenir of the region.

Tourism professionals on the island of Krk have been making great efforts for several years now to include original products of the island into their offer. By deciding to produce smaller amounts of high-quality oil, olive growers from Krk have created the basis for making this oil and various produces based on it a recognisable brand. A result of this strategy is the Krk Treasure marketing label, which indicates original products from the island of Krk, including olive oil of the highest quality. Another initiative is the marking of the Olive Oil Road entitled "On the Trail of the Golden Drops of Krk Treasure". This project was started by the Drobnica Association, the Town of Krk, the Krk Tourism Office, the Primorje-Gorski kotar County Administration for Tourism, Business and Agriculture, the Academy of Fine Arts Rijeka, and numerous volunteers. The Olive Oil Road, which will be even more attractive in future, has both educational and marketing functions. It aims to highlight some of the distinctive features of indigenous olive species and the centuries-long tradition of olive growing on Krk. The Olive Oil Road will also include a mini oil works and a tasting room. Particularly interesting are the ancient olive-groves, whose harmonic combination of stones, green oases, grey dry-stone walls, ancient olive trees and the sea neatly folds into the surrounding landscape. Interpretation boards and a special booklet will provide information about several points of interest along the Olive Oil Road. You are also invited to visit the modern olive works, the oil tasting room, the souvenir shop offering various olive oil products, and to taste some dishes made with olive oil in local restaurants.