Kvarner newsletter / no 16

9th Liburnia Jazz Festival
Superb musical experience for jazz lovers

This year’s Liburnia Jazz Festival, a real must-see event for all jazz lovers and those yet to become so, will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of July in Opatija. The first weekend in July will be marked by 22 concerts on eight stages. The organisers proudly announce performances by some of the best Croatian and international jazz musicians. This year’s main stars will be the cult American jazz band, Medeski, Martin & Wood.

This year’s Liburnia Jazz Festival will be opened with the performance of the cult American jazz trio Medeski, Martin &Wood, whose members are praised by the critics as some of the most innovative contemporary jazz musicians. In addition to being tireless innovators and extraordinary artists who easily balance between the avant-garde jazz improvisation and groove-jazz, they also form a very popular band with thousands of dedicated fans. In Opatija they will start the European promotion of their new project – the Zaebos album.
It is interesting to mention that the pianist John Medeski and the bassist Chris Wood are musicians with classical education who decided to exchange academic life for the night life of the New York jazz scene. Joined by the inventive young percussionist Billy Martin, in 1991 they formed a trio whose popularity is increasing from year to year.
Developed from the New York Downtown scene in the early 1990s, the trio continues to set up new standards in jazz music and to make albums whose music reflects what they are as individuals and as a band, experimenting with modern musical rhythms such as hip-hop, funk and soul. The members of the trio have gained the status of jazz-jam superstars, although they officially belong to jazz alternative.
The Liburnia Jazz Festival is highly respected among renowned Croatian and international jazz musicians and lovers of this kind of music. The festival is supported by the Town of Opatija, the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar, and is also included in the Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism on Kvarner as an event whose importance goes well beyond regional borders. The festival is visited by as much as 67 percent of guests who stay here during that period. 
The Liburnia Jazz Festival is sponsored by Opatija’s most eminent hotel companies, tourism boards, restaurant owners and tour operators.