Kvarner newsletter / no 16

Rijeka Astronomy Centre
The secrets of the Universe at your disposal

The new Astronomy Centre located at Sveti Križ in Rijeka was opened in mid-April as a result of reconstruction of the existing observatory that was built eight years ago. In this way the town of Rijeka, the region of Kvarner and the whole Croatia got a new, unique facility that will surely attract all those people interested in the secrets of space at the professional or amateur level.

After a 12.5 million kuna renovation, the Rijeka Astronomy Centre now has a great educational, scientific and tourist importance for the town of Rijeka and the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar.
The new planetarium with an 8-metre dome, a 52-seat auditorium and sophisticated space simulation system will certainly attract not only the inhabitants of Rijeka and the local region, but also numerous tourists. Because the new planetarium will be connected to other parts of the Centre and the observatory, it will be possible to enjoy simulated and real pictures of our surrounding universe almost simultaneously.
The Astronomy Centre also includes rooms for educational programmes (multifunctional lecture room, planetarium hall for digital universe projections, exhibition rooms) and scientific programmes (observatory with telescope, computer workshop, rooms for scientific conferences). Visitors also have at their disposal a bar and a terrace offering attractive views of the Bay of Rijeka and its mountainous hinterland. The Astronomy Centre will occasionally host exhibitions, scientific conferences, seminars and similar events.