Kvarner newsletter / no 16

Visit the European “frog capital”!

If you are looking for a place where you can feel the contact with unspoilt nature, you should definitely visit Gorski kotar. In this Kvarner area not far from the sea you can learn more about the interesting world of woods, mountain rivers, traditional food, and also frogs – in a different way than elsewhere. Lokve is the place where you can visit Europe’s unique Frog Museum!

Lokve – a kind of European “frog capital” – is located in the western part of Gorski kotar, surrounded by several attractive locations: the Lokve Lake, the Lokvarka Cave, and Golubinjak Forest Park. Particularly beautiful is the artificial Lokve Lake, which was made after the construction of a dam in 1954, which continues to attract numerous fans of angling and various water sports.
However, Lokve is most widely known for frogs and the traditional frog competition – at the beginning of May, Lokve hosted the 33rd international Frog Night and the 16th Children’s Frog Night. Before these two events, an action of cleaning frog habitats was organised with the aim of contributing to the preservation of an indigenous frog species (Rana dalmatina). The central event of the Frog Night, a three-round frog jumping competition, includes attractive prizes, entertainment programme and gastronomic offer and continues to attract more and more visitors to Lokve every year. The purpose of the Children’s Frog Night is to foster the interest for frogs and to raise the awareness about the need to protect this animal species. This is why every frog jumping competition has a happy ending regardless the result – the frogs are always returned to their natural habitat.
Although this competition is held only once a year, Lokve is constantly connected to frogs through a unique museum in which visitors can learn more about the life of frogs, the history of the local events dedicated to frogs, and also read literature and view pictures of these interesting amphibians. In addition to a vivarium, in which visitors can see frogs of the region in an environment that imitates their natural habitat, the museum also displays stuffed frogs, pictures of exotic frog species from all over the world, stuffed frogs that won the jumping competition, frog-related souvenirs from the whole world, documentaries and much more. The displays of the Frog Museum have been arranged in a way to make the presentation of the world of frogs easily understandable to both children and adults. Visitors who, after learning more about the interesting world of frogs, would like to taste some frog specialities, can do so in some of the Lokve’s restaurants. Visitors can also learn more about the rich tradition of this town in the collection of local items.