Kvarner newsletter / no 2

Skiing with a sea view

In Croatia, there is a total of 37 kilometres of developed ski tracks and the biggest family ski course Platak with cca 10 kilometres of tracks is located in the immediate vicinity of town of Rijeka.
In addition to offering various recreational options throughout the year, another feature that makes Platak an unique ski course is that you can enjoy the sea view from the top of its cable car at the altitude of  1 363 meters.

Platak was built in the middle of the 20th century, and in the 1980tees it became very popular, living its “golden years”. 1990tees put Platak to sleep, but in the last few years, significant efforts were made for its modernization and comeback. Outdated equipment was replaced, investments are made into artificial snow machine, new snow-ploughs were bought, cable cars are being renovated, tracks have been renovated, parking lot has been developed and expanded and catering objects have been completely renovated. Platak has a ski running track, there are ski and snowboarding schools and night skiing has recently been included in the offer.
In addition to ski equipment, plain and motor sledge are also available for rent. With one two-seater and three ski lifts taking the skiers to seven ski tracks, Platak is an ideal ski course for families and those trying to avoid big and crowded ski resorts, who end up escaping to smaller skiing oasis.
During rest of the year, Platak is offering a different kind of recreation. When the snow melts, it is transformed into an attractive picnic place for hikers, mountaineers and those in love with nature and mountains. Macadam paths on Platak are ideal for hill cycling or hiking, and located only a few hours by foot along developed and decorated mountaineering paths are mountain tops Snježnik and Risnjak with beautiful views. Mountaineering homes Sušak and Platak are open all year long.