Kvarner newsletter / no 16

9th Cherry Festival

All cherry lovers are invited to visit Lovran, a holiday resort near Opatija, at the beginning of June, for one very particular reason: Lovran's cherries are extraordinarily sweet and tasty!

In the period from the 6th to the 14th of June, Lovran and the neighbouring places will host the 9th Cherry Festival, an event dedicated to cherries that grow in Lovran and the surrounding areas. How sweet and tasty these fruits are you can see for yourself if you try some of the cherry cakes or other dishes that will be offered in Lovran’s cafes and restaurants. In the evening of the penultimate day of the festival, there will be a performance of folklore groups and a tasting of a giant cherry strudel – a cake particularly popular among the lovers of these sweet fruits.
So what is the secret of the particularly sweet, recognisable taste of Lovran cherries? The expert say that they are closest to the Lambert variety and can be recognised by their juicy, rich taste, size, colour and sweetness. Apart from cherries, the Lovran area is also famous for a particularly tasty variety of sweet chestnuts, to which a special festival is dedicated each autumn.
At the beginning of June, you can also try dishes made with Lovran cherries in various cafes and restaurants in Opatija and other places along the Riviera.