Kvarner newsletter / no 17

Fužine Express
Take a train around the lakes

Fužine Express is the name of the tourist train that takes visitors to Fužine on a trip around the attractions of this wonderful area of Gorski kotar. A circuit of the three lakes or a visit to some other sites of your choice will make your stay in this area even more attractive.

The central tour of the tourist train passes along the three lakes, starting from the centre of Fužine towards Lake Bajer and continues along its banks to Lake Lepenice. After that the train takes visitors to the attractive cave of Vrelo and along the banks of Lake Bajer to Fužine and further to Lake Potkoš and the plain of Ličko polje and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snow.
But this is not the only tour of the tourist train – visitors will have the chance to choose from a variety of destinations for the Fužine Express, whose maximal speed is 25 kilometres per hour. The train can accommodate up to 40 adults or 50 children. The passenger carriages are closed and glazed: in the summer the windows are open, and in winter the train is heated. In summertime, the train operates until 10 p.m. The responsible people from Fužine are already announcing their next step: buying an excursion boat that will cruise on Bajer Lake.
Fužine is located in the south-western part of Gorski kotar at an elevation of 730 metres and is particularly famous for its New Year's party at noon. It is only half an hour's drive from the seacoast on the Zagreb-Rijeka motorway, which is the reason why many visitors who want to spend days on the sea decide to stay in Fužine where they can sleep comfortably thanks to the fresh mountain air.
In this area with high precipitation, three artificial lakes were constructed. The oldest among them, Lake Bajer, dates back to the mid-20th century and is suitable for boating, canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing. The biggest lake, Lepenica, was built in 1988 and provides good swimming in summer. In 1989, Lake Lepenica hosted the World Championship in underwater orientation, and in 2007 the World Cup. Both lakes abound in fish, which makes Fužine attractive to anglers.
Another attraction of this region is the cave of Vrelo, whose age is estimated at 3.5-4 million years. The cave is 300 long, extraordinarily beautiful and rich in cave formations. It has been opened to public in 1998. It is interesting to mention that this cave can be easily accessed without having to climb any stairs, which makes it the only cave in Europe that is open to children, elderly people and even people in wheelchairs.