Kvarner newsletter / no 17

The Eyes of Vinodol
The views from six vantage points

The Vinodol region, famous for its cultural and natural landmarks, as well as tourist attractions, now offers its visitors something very special: a tour of he area entitled The Eyes of Vinodol includes six vantage points across the Vinodol region, each one with an interesting story to tell…

In the area of the Municipality of Vinodol and the Town of Novi Vinodolski there are six vantage points: Mahavica, Pridva and Slipica in the area of the Municipality of Vinodol, and Gradina, Sviba and Kuk in the area of the Town of Novi Vinodolski. Local tourism boards have together designed a tour of these six vantage points aimed at learning more about the region and its nature, culture and other sites of interest. All vantage points are surrounded by beautiful landscape and can be easily accessed by bus or mini-bus.
During the realisation of this project, special attention was given to natural environment protection: the vantage points are designed to fold neatly into the surrounding landscape with the aim of preserving the authentic ambience. Each vantage point is equipped with appropriate signs, parking area and car turnaround area in the immediate vicinity, as well as benches and waste bins. The new vantage points, located on the overall distance of 65 kilometres between the border areas of the Municipality of Vinodol and the Town of Novi Vinodolski, will surely attract many visitors, cyclists, mountaineers, photographers and all those who want to enjoy this beautiful landscape.
This attractive tour that connects our beautiful coast and the increasingly popular hinterland can be visited individually, but is also very interesting for tourist agencies. The promotion of the "Eyes of Vinodol" programme at the beginning of June was also the chance to present new advertising materials in Croatian and English languages. The materials also include a map of the vantage points that facilitates orientation in the area, enabling visitors to enjoy these really beautiful landscapes. Approximately eighty interpretation boards were set up, informing visitors about the vantage points and the surrounding nature that is now more easily accessible to the visitors.