Kvarner newsletter / no 17

The island of Lošinj
June dedicated to the scents of Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle

Visitors to Lošinj usually remember this island not only for the beauty of its natural environment, but also for the fragrance of its scents. If coming to Lošinj in June, you will be welcomed by the heady scents of Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle, and also have the chance to learn more about the use of these herbs in gastronomy, cosmetics, medicine...

Each month on the island of Lošinj is dedicated to some fragrant plants and products made of them. January and February are dedicated to lemon and orange, March to rosemary, eucalyptus and laurel, and June is the month of Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle. Let us learn something more about these plants!
Spanish broom, which can grow either as a shrub or as a small tree, can be recognised by its yellow, fragrant flowers one to two centimetres in diameter. This plant, rich in essential oils, was once used for making ropes.
Lavender is a well-known Mediterranean plant that can be recognised by its purple flowers. It has a soothing effect, which is why it is used for digestion problems. Equally useful is a lavender bath that will improve the overall condition of people suffering from low pressure. Lavender is also used as insecticide, not only in the closets, but it can also protect roses from parasites. Lavender was used by the ancient Romans.
Immortelle grows on dry karst soils and rocky pastures and can reach a height of 60 centimetres. It has a beneficial effect in case of gall bladder and gall duct inflammations, as well as for all other glands in the digestive system, especially pancreas. In the folk medicine it is also used for treating skin diseases, problems of autonomic nervous system, asthma and head cold.
During the month of June, hotels, restaurants and beauty salons in Lošinj will offer special products made of these plants, such as salad with lavender flowers, lavender sweets and honey, massage with lavender oil, lavender wine and much more.
Your hosts on the island of Lošinj will do their best to make you familiar with these plants through a varied gastronomic, cosmetic and health offer. However, you should bear in mind that when on Lošinj, you can always feel the beneficial effects of the local climate and the island's fragrant plants. Simply put, breathe deeply and enjoy!
July will be dedicated to bougainvillaea and mint, and August to fig, oleander and medlar. The fragrant programme continues in September with the scents of jujube and grapes. October is dedicated to myrtle, strawberry tree and pomegranate, November to olives, and December to pine, agave and juniper tree.
Let us also mention that Mali Lošinj is a candidate for the Entente Florale Europe 2009, one of the most renowned international awards that stands for attractiveness, high-quality offer and environmental management.