Kvarner newsletter / no 17

Fruits of the mountains
Living in harmony with nature

If you want to escape the summer heat and crowds for a while, we recommend a visit to Gorski kotar, a region famous for its beautiful natural environment, excellent gastronomy, pleasant climate and cool nights. Here you can also taste some delicious fruits of the mountains.

The Fruits of the Mountains is a series of recreational and educational events on weekends in several places in Gorski kotar. The events in June are: Days of Trout in Tići near Moravice, Day of Strawberries in Fužine (20th of June), Day of Elder along the Louisiana and Carolina Roads in Ravna Gora (21st of June), Day of Medicinal Herbs along the Louisiana Road in Lokve (27th of June). In July and August there will be Days of Lavender in Fužine (11th of July), Day of Blueberries in Begovo Razdolje (18th of July), Pilgrimage to the God's Spring (26th of July), Days of Raspberries in Ravna Gora (8th of August)... which brings us to the interesting autumn programme dedicated to mushrooms, potatoes, plums, pumpkins and apples.
The Fruits of the Mountains programme also includes interesting excursions where visitors have the chance to enjoy beautiful nature, gather fruits of the mountains, and learn about their characteristics and way of use. If we add to this delicious meals and recreation in fresh air, it becomes clear that all day-trippers, as well as visitors who decide to stay in the region for a longer period of time, will enjoy their holidays in a completely different way.