Kvarner newsletter / no 18

The Rose of Vinodol
Does a beauty contestant need to be diligent as well?

The Rose of Vinodol contest takes a very different approach to that of so many other beauty contests, which mainly consider only their contestants' physical attributes. Based on a long tradition, this is a contest which takes into account both the beauty and the diligence of its contestants. But this is not the only reason why this contest is really so exceptional…

This year's Rose of Vinodol contest will take place on the 7th and 8th of August. The event begins in the historic place of Grižane – four kilometres from the seaside resort of Crikvenica - with the announcement that the grape harvest is about to begin. This is followed by folklore programme, traditional games and workshops, and a public festival, which is always very interesting for the visitors, because it includes not only entertainment, but also the opportunity to taste some local products. On the second day, there will be a fair presenting wines of the region, hand-made products, traditional dishes, games and workshops, and the indispensable public festival. This will also be the opportunity to present all Rose of Vinodol beauty contestants – at the end of the contest, one of them will be crowned with vine, proving that she is the most beautiful and diligent among them.
The tradition of the Rose of Vinodol contest is several centuries old and dates back to the times when this area was ruled by the noble Frankopan family. The story says that at the end of each wine harvest, people would chose the most beautiful and diligent women who took part in the harvest. She would be given a crown made of vine – a symbol that has always had a particular significance in this wine growing area – and lead the procession back to the town. This story – which was last recorded in 1880 – was the basis for the modern version of the contest, which is also a very attractive event for visitors who can enjoy entertainment programmes, learn more about the musical tradition of the area, taste some ecological products, or take part in various workshops where they can learn how to make some traditional products or prepare original dishes of the region. One should not forget a rich gastronomic offer of traditional dishes and excellent wines, which adds to the attractiveness of the Rose of Vinodol event. Enjoy yourself – and cheers!