Kvarner newsletter / no 2

Kvarner in year 2008
Offer for all tastes, preferences and generations

In the Kvarner region – region which is an unique mixture of littoral, islands and mountains  – there are many tourist facilities and reasons for visiting. That is why the Kvarner Tourist Board has a complex task of promoting the tourist products and services on the Croatian and foreign markets and thus of demonstrating to new and old guests dynamic life and novelties of this region, which is the most convincing tourist invitation in itself.

In the Kvarner region, nautical tourism is developing dynamically and has an important role in tourist life of the region. Also, Kvarner ranks high among congress destinations, which is verified by the fact that in this region, congress services are offered by 48 objects with over 130 halls with cca 15.000 seats.
Taking into consideration that two hospitals specialized in medical rehabilitation (in Opatija and Crikvenica) are located in the region, of which Opatija hospital is also a reference centre for medical tourism and medical programmed vacations of the Ministry of Health, numerous wellness centres and polyclinic Terme Selce, wellness and medical tourism have an important place in Kvarner tourist offer. 
Gastro offer is one of the incentives to come to Kvarner, and promotion of this service segment and coordination of professional associations are also important parts of the function of the Kvarner Tourist Board.
Thematic brochure of the Kvarner Tourist Board 'Pilgrimage of the sanctuaries' is especially interesting to religious tourists, who frequently visit this region.
Cultural tourism is a large tourist potential which is just starting to be recognized, despite the fact that there is already an expressed demand for this type of tourism. As an acknowledgement of numerous attractions and cultural monuments which are located in the Kvarner region, thematic brochure 'Faces of the cultural identity' was published. Publishing the new thematic brochures, co-financing projects and participating in the international specialized fairs will continue to enrich the tourist offer directed at touring, special form of educational tourism with the motive of getting to know the destination with organized escort.
In addition to biking, diving, with over 40 localities, registered diving centres are important parts of the sports-recreational offer of Kvarner, while biker tourists find Grobnik, an attractive dodgem track, very interesting, which is attractive due to both competitive but also recreational and educational reasons.
Combination of littoral, islands and mountains make Kvarner an ideal destination for tourists looking for adventurous sports and to discover hidden beauties. All year long, the sea, rivers and lakes offer possibilities for swimming, diving, rafting, canoeing and other sea and underwater related sports, and shores, hills and mountains are an attractive terrain for up-sailing, trekking, alpinism, hill biking, skiing, ski running, kiting, parachuting, orientation running and other activities.
National park Risnjak, Nature Park Učka and some thirty protected areas in the Kvarner region together with autochthonous food production, blue-green flags and ecologically pristine environment present a large potential for development of rural and eco tourism which is reflected in revitalization and in redistribution of the already existing traditional construction, i.e. heritage.