Kvarner newsletter / no 18

Wear a souvenir!

Is there any greater souvenir than the tastes, scents or memories of a region that you consider very special? A bottle of wine, traditional embroidery, some local specialities, aromatic plants, or – why not? – a piece of clothing. The island of Krk has got another really interesting, original souvenir for you…

A distinctive feature of the "Etno Krk" women's clothes, which is a new souvenir of the town of Krk, is the fact that it was inspired by renaissance clothes of the Frankopan family, the former dukes of Krk, combined with elements of traditional costumes. All pieces of clothing – corsets, shirts, trousers, brassieres and other accessories – are made of natural materials such as linen, cotton or silk and available in white and beige colours. This clothing is very light and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for both ceremonial and casual occasions and can be bought or ordered on the central town square. If you are looking for a lasting souvenir that you can wear with pleasure, don't look any further. When wearing this clothes back in your home town, not only can you be sure that people will notice you, but also that the memories of your holiday will become even closer and more vivid… until your next visit to Kvarner.