Kvarner newsletter / no 19

Hostel in a 120-year-old villa

For all those wishing to explore an interesting town rich in cultural sites, and at the same time enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere and rich cultural and entertainment programmes, Rijeka is definitely the ideal destination. And for the younger generation, we recommend staying in the Rijeka Youth Hostel, which is unique for one more reason – it offers affordable prices in a wonderful 19th century villa.

The Rijeka Youth Hostel is located in an 1889 villa that has recently been refurbished as a modern high-standard hostel with 61 beds. Apart from its wonderful architecture, this hostel, located in the part of Rijeka called Pećine, offers magnificent views of the Kvarner sea. The hostel is open all year round and has already earned a special status among young people from Croatia and abroad, therefore we recommend booking your stay in advance, especially if you travel as a group. In addition to other advantages, the hostel offers wireless Internet access. Young people aged between 14 and 30 can make use of the hi.euro card to obtain discounts when booking a hostel accommodation or buying travel tickets or entrance tickets for various town amenities.
Rijeka is a town with a rich history whose old town and numerous monuments continue to attract plenty of visitors. Thanks to a wide range of modern urban clubs, Rijeka is very popular among young people. Rijeka can be easily reached by car, ship, railway or plane, and is therefore an ideal starting point for those who want to explore the Kvarner region, the Croatian coast, or other Croatian regions.
The Rijeka Youth Hostel is a member of the Croatian Youth Hostel Association. In the Kvarner region there is another newly refurbished hostel in Veli Lošinj on the island of Lošinj. This hostel, which disposes of approximately fifty beds and is open seasonally, is also located in a 120-year-old villa and represents an ideal destination for young people who want to experience this beautiful Kvarner island – renowned for its unspoilt nature, dolphins (that you can even adopt!), and attractive tourism offer – in August or September.