Kvarner newsletter / no 19

Učka Nature Park
Opening of the Trebišća-Perun history and mythology trail

In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural environment and a variety of cultural, archaeological and historical sites in the immediate vicinity of the coast, as well as a variety of recreational opportunities, visitors to the Učka Nature Park can now learn more about the ancient history of the area on the Trebišća-Perun educational trail. But that is not all…

Učka Nature Park, which was proclaimed in 1999, comprises several parts of the Učka and Ćićarija massifs in the counties of Primorje-Gorski kotar and Istria. The slopes of Učka reach all the way down to the coast, adding to the attractiveness of the Kvarner region and drawing ever more visitors into the area.
A new attraction is the newly opened Trebišća-Perun history and mythology trail. The idea for this educational trail came from the recent scientific research around the peak of Perun. Thirteen interpretation boards with text and graphics, as well as fifteen monumental clay and stone tablets with verses from the Slavic folklore inform visitors about the Slavs, their way of life and customs. It appears that Mount Učka had a particular significance for the first Slavic settlers to the Kvarner area – a fact that was used to illustrate their way of life to the visitors of this trail in an interesting way. The trail is 13 kilometres long and represents an all-day (7 hours) mountaineering trip that begins and ends in Mošćenička Draga, a well-known holiday resort in the immediate vicinity of Opatija.
The Učka Nature Park offers plenty of opportunities for various outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, free climbing, hang-gliding and paragliding, backpacking, mountain biking, caving adventure, recreational horse riding, bird watching and adventure races.
The fascinating natural environment of Mount Učka is also interesting for hikers who can enjoy the area's beautiful landscapes and magnificent views of the Kvarner Bay.